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  3. Ready for the grind again, looking for friends.

User Info: mde42

4 years ago#1
Ready to get back on the borderlands grind. I'll be starting over since my original save is 360. Anyone looking for some friends to play this? I'll be a main Salvadore for bl2 and Athena for ps. psn is mde42. Hope to meet some of you soon.

User Info: ashbergh

4 years ago#2
Add me. Psn in the Sig. I'm starting with the prequel.
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PSN ashbergh.

User Info: Orange_Teacher

4 years ago#3
Nice to be friend with you guys, my psn: orange_teacher :-)

User Info: areSANTOS

4 years ago#4
Add me. Will be playing bl2 first. Psn in my sig.

User Info: thesacrament666

4 years ago#5
If anybody wants to add me my psn is SteveOKenevil

User Info: Jrpgx

4 years ago#6
Feel free too add me Clipki11a84

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#7

mained on 360, so only doing a small ps3 transfer of a bl2 maya.
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User Info: PrezzyOxide

4 years ago#8
Any and all can add me, I'm at work for another 10 hours so I will accept them when I get home and add any that haven't added me. I am also starting fresh as I made the unknown mistake of playing the Borderlands franchise on the 360 and not my PS3.

PSN: Prezzy-Oxide

(GT: Prezzee)(PSN: Prezzy-Oxide)(3DS-FC: 1263-6307-7578)
"This is good, isn't it?" - Big Boss.

User Info: DarthUchiha91

4 years ago#9
PSN: MrAsthmatic91

I'm starting completely fresh. the first borderlands was the only one I played, so I'm doing BL2 first.

Thinking of maining Maya, or Zero. Haven't decided yet.
Snitches get stitches. They also get immunity from prosecution and go home for Christmas.

User Info: alirock110

4 years ago#10
Would prefer to run the prequel 1st but I'm down for whatever. I'm not against duping weapons but I think any heads or skins that are dropped should be duped so the whole group can benefit.
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  3. Ready for the grind again, looking for friends.
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