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  3. What character are you leveling first and why?

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#1
If you aren't transfering your save that is.

Personally im torn between Sally and Maya.
Sally because it's the char i played the least, and because he kicks butt from a dps point of view, and Maya because shes my current favorite char.

I mained Zero for a long time back at release, but as fun as melee is, i end up missing guns too much - allthough a sniper build can be fun as long as you aren't trying to do the hardest stuff.

How about you guys?
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User Info: TheShadowGod

4 years ago#2
I never played the prequel but I'm going to go through with Wilhelm first. For BL2 I will continue on my 52 Axton. I have 72 Krieg as my main, 57 Zero, Mya and Sal are in the 40's. I basically plan on leveling everyone in BL2 to max to be quite honest. I never played as Gaige either so I'm also looking forward to that.

User Info: 4squarefighter

4 years ago#3
For Pre-Sequel, probably Jack. He looks interesting. For BL2, I'd like to max my Krieg. Got to OP7 before my best friend's PS3 mic died, and then PS4 came out and we stopped playing BL2.
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User Info: SamcroReaper

4 years ago#4
I have no save to transfer because I played on 360. But I played BL2 with Maya, who I loved. This time around I think I'll give Gaige a shot. Never played TPS, so not sure yet what character there will appeal to me. Usually I pick the Siren, but there isn't one in that game.

User Info: Orange_Teacher

4 years ago#5
Ps4 is my very first console. Hope that I can make friend with someone who will also begin the game at level 1 like me to do co-op. I will start BL2 first with Krieg because I heard that he (with melee) does not need really cool weapons when solo.

PSN: orange_teacher

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#6
I had everything maxed on the 360 as well, so will be starting over - but tbh i welcome it and look forward to leveling and grinding gear again.

And yea, Krieg works well with very little gear. but all characters can get you to max level and gear farming with pretty much no gear farming at all.
I'm getting too old for this sheet
~ "I don't need luck, I have ammo" ~ Grunt, ME3

User Info: popnkorn

4 years ago#7
probably maya got overpower 8 gaige and a 58 zero on the pc and my maya is around 54 having the most fun with her tbh

for pre sequel ill probably go with jack got athena to 34 and although she's fun jack looks funner
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User Info: oEASYLIFEo

4 years ago#8
BL 2 - Maya
TPS - Nisha

Both are sexy, fun to play as and my fave characters from each game on PC.
Will only play Maya on BL 2 but on TPS i'll also level an Athena (played her before) and the Baroness as I have not played as her yet.

User Info: Skeith117

4 years ago#9
All my characters are maxed so ill run a second maya fresh.
Even though im still OP thanks to my over kill BA rank
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User Info: DoctorKoolMan

4 years ago#10
Maya cause transfered and cause shes the best

and ill probably just roll a die for TPS... none of them stand out to me, although i havent done too much looking into the two dlc characters
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