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User Info: DoctorKoolMan

4 years ago#11
evenflow80 posted...
eauthor posted...
You could always just not dupe? If you don't do something I don't really see how it affects your gameplay, unless you play online and simply can't stand other people having good guns or something.

That's what I don't get either. It's not like duping is this obtrusive bug or anything ; you really have to go out of your way to do it.

So.... just don't go out of your way to dupe?

it doesnt matter if I dont dupe, the whole trade economy goes down the toilet when duping/modding is introduced

i dont care that it happened to this game so much as others, getting legendary gear was a joke in this game. terrible drops rates would have you kill the same boss (usually near instantly due to OP gear) somewhere from 1 to 1000 times just to get the chance that it has the parts you want

i preferred bl1 loot system tbh, but bl2 gameplay. Wish bl3 would play like 2 but do something different with the loot

wow i got off topic
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User Info: jessejarrar

4 years ago#12
The problem with duping is that it basically makes the game difficulty and loot system non existent.

I'd love to have enough legit friends to play with, but when someone is not online, having someone join and one shot everything kinda kills the purpose of me playing.

User Info: Beasthunt

4 years ago#13
I put over 200 hours in BL2 on PC and not once was a duped item forced into my inventory. Nor am I so socially lonely that I find it an absolute must to have another person around me at all times. I prefer the solidarity. Do you have people bully you and force you to use a duped item?

Strange world we live in.
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User Info: jessejarrar

4 years ago#14
Read the posts. I don't use duped items. I'm annoyed by the fact that every game I join happens to be a guy one shotting raid bosses.

It ruins the difficulty in the game. Read, my friend, read before you flame.

User Info: Pensato

4 years ago#15
Mattthehuman posted...
They might patch it with this collection, but I'm not sure.

They're not, because it can't be without major change to game mechanics.

User Info: treemanx

4 years ago#16
For a "loot" based game, they need to stop nerfing drop chances on legendaries, and stop turning the red chests into white ones. Let the loot drop where it may, it won't stop the duping, but it will lessen it if we can actually find good stuff from time to time.
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User Info: Ph00p

4 years ago#17
The issues is that they're going to allow you to import your save from the PS3, so aside from the easy duping all the horrible things that ruined that game will ruin this. The "play with friends" is a cute counter but it's not valid, we're not all young and have a group of childless friends that can drop everything at the drop of a hat to play the game, some of us want a great experience just from joining some random people that might have fun, these hacks ruin any chance of that. They shouldn't have allowed the hackfest PS3 saves to be transfered over that would have at least stopped some of the annoying cheating that happens.

User Info: thierminator

4 years ago#18
I only played solo in the borderlands games. Dont like to play with randoms. My friends dont like the cartoony look. I love the cell shaded graphics
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User Info: fatjoe400

4 years ago#19
This really isn't the type of game series (yet) were you can enjoy jumping into a random room questing with people.Can try to blame it all on duping but at some point you have to look at the games as a whole. Most of the best gear in the game is gotten from farming and just plain dumb luck. Basically the perfect recipe for a toxic environment of greed and envy. Can only see duping hurting those that want to be special snowflakes or don't want to bother finding people to actually play with.
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4 years ago#20
It's not the duping of legit items that's the problem. It's the modded stuff, not legit to the game, and a couple of glitches (I consider Shamfleeting a glitch).
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