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  3. I think norh noble is my favorite class for corrin

User Info: Kyurem123

5 months ago#1
I like magic corrin because it is one of the few units that can function as a hybrid unit.

But what I like Norh noble corrin is his versatility he can function as a magical physical attacker and even as a tank.

I do not even see useless dragonstone in early game if you choose magic boon you can oneshot many enemies and dragonstone plus and the defense bonuses of the yato can be a good tank that also as draconic hex can weaken the enemies.

in my opinion it is more fun to keep corrin as norh noble for its versatility than to be a super offensive unit

User Info: AzureFEF

5 months ago#2

User Info: GraphG

5 months ago#3
I think the given unique classes for typical lords is cool, but I tend to find them lacking. Like in awakening I love tactician and grandmaster, but I feel like I need to class them out to pick up skills. Plus other classes seem like they could be better.
Corrins given classes seem boring to me (I always class them to something else and tend not to go back), but more useful than given classes in awakening.
I love GC especially PSO
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User Info: Thorscape

5 months ago#4
Corrin's best class is ninja. Magic and physical offence with high evade and accuracy. Kana's best class is arguably Nhor Noble though as (s)he starts with decent levels in Dragonstone as opposed to Corrin.

User Info: Arbalist

5 months ago#5
I think Wife Material is the best class for Corrin👍
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User Info: Crazyalien18

5 months ago#6
I do like Nohr Noble's aesthetic quite a bit, though I'm more conflicted on the armor design. Still, though, from an appearances perspective I would leave Corrin in Nohr Noble basically every time.

However, from a gameplay perspective its only advantages over Malig Knight are Dragonstone access, no bow weakness, and 1 point of speed. Considering Malig Knight Corrin can 1 round over 1-2 range with flight and good bulk, these advantages are generally trivial.

User Info: Bandore

5 months ago#7
It’s what I usually stick with as well for Corrin.
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User Info: ForsakenDarknes

2 months ago#8
In my most recent Revelations run, I had my F!Corrin as the Nohr Noble. I also did Mag+/Str- to dedicate her as a mage. Her current stats at level 25 are HP 48, Str 29, Mag 37, Skl 22, Spd 35, Lck 26, Def 28, and Res 27. Combine all that with the Fimbulvetr +7 tome I have her using, and I was nearly 2-shotting Anankos in the final mission.
The skills also play a role as well. Currently, my Corrin has Tomefaire, Malefic Aura, Lifetaker, Renewal and Grisly Wound. I showed that to a friend of mine once, and he just gave me a flat look, saying that he refuses to fight me in FE Fates if I use that character.
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  3. I think norh noble is my favorite class for corrin
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