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User Info: ArcanistFlapper

1 month ago#1

Consider straight up heartsealing at the early game of BR, and using til the endgame

User Info: Molivious

1 month ago#2
Saizo, easily.

User Info: 67chrome

1 month ago#3
Saizo has the MAG necessary to do solid work with the Levin Sword, surpassing Odin in Mag for this regard.

Siazo also has solid STR and DEF at the expense of SPD, which allows him to cover the stat weaknesses of the class while the class takes care of his stat bane.

User Info: Volcanon2

1 month ago#4
Saizo has the better relevant stats for a samurai out of those.

User Info: 4cdc4

1 month ago#5
Kaze has Skl and Spd to spare but precious little Str and Def, making any melee class potentially problematic. He can do it, but he may not do it as well as others.

Subaki can be a good Master of Arms if you like, but his poor Spd and middling Str make him a questionable candidate for even getting into the starting lineup.

As for Saizo, given the choice between the Levin Sword and Felicia's Plate, I'd have him throw the Plate and retain Crit, Proc, and some Avo. But among this cast of characters, he's the best option. It won't fix his shaky Spd, but the rest of his stats should be fine and, if worse comes to worst, you can flip him back into Master Ninja and let Vantage help him survive.

User Info: Crazyalien18

1 month ago#6
I'd just keep Subaki a Peg Knight. Early flight is still amazing, and worth more than any statistical advantage Samurai gives.

Saizo would still be the best option, though Ninja is still generally easier for him.

User Info: Dekadense

1 month ago#7
None, all of these are in better classes. Samurai sucks ingame.

User Info: Mavitar

1 month ago#8
I wouldn't really make any of them a Samurai unless you just want the skills.

But to answer the question? ehhh, I guess Saizo.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

1 month ago#9
Dekadense posted...
None, all of these are in better classes. Samurai sucks ingame.

Samurai is actually good actually, more than usual compared to other myrmidons. And Subaki's class is actually inferior for his case, since it holds back his SPD a bit, as well having worse bases.
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Crazyalien18

1 month ago#10
Peg Knight does have worse bases, that is true, but again, the movement beats that, as does not having to burn a Heart Seal. BR enemies are really not that strong, and D rank lances means Peg Knight hits harder anyway.
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