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User Info: FreyzIngardt

1 month ago#1
I've learned a few things over the years and boy howdy I feel like I should share it with the masses.

1: Never trust forts.
2: Never trust stairs.
3: Never trust map edges.
4: Never attack first.
5: If you CAN be critically hit, you probably will.
6: Remember: Personal experience never matters. Unless it's a meme.
7: "Confirmation bias" is always the proper argument if somebody says that something "happens too often" or "Doesn't happen enough".
8: No matter how difficult or insane or even blatantly unfair something is, it will ALWAYS be "easy" for somebody.
9: Nobody who calls incredibly difficult things "easy" will EVER tell you what their definition of "easy" is. At best, they'll say "Jugdral was harder".
10: Dancers save lives.
11: Being horse-mounted automatically raises your tier ranking by about 3 steps.
12: Even when a game typically flat-out ignores hit rates, Dodge-focused characters are always the best.
13: Having enough HP to survive a single encounter is always good s***, even if it's literally in no way sustainable throughout a map and the unit will probably die in their next encounter anyway.
14: Whether a certain kind of psycho is "justified" or not depends purely on how many people consider it waifu material.
15: Unrealistic outfits for wartime are only ever an issue if t*** are involved. Even then, see #14.
16: Being violently emotionally unstable is EVIL AND UNFORGIVABLE, but wanting to destroy the world is totally forgivable and understandable.
17: Men must be either Traps, Bishie, or MANLY AS ALL HELL. There is absolutely no in-between allowed.
18: Lolis are totally marriageable waifu material. Unless they show off a lot of skin. Then they're icky and gross.
19: Actually, just in general nobody should EVER show any skin. Ever. It's completely unacceptable unless you're a Fighter or a Knight. They get a free pass with their assless chaps despite all complaints of skin showing being "impractical" in other cases.
20: My opinion totally matters. So does yours.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Molivious

1 month ago#2
I still frequent gamefaqs, so I have learned nothing.

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#3
This sounds very salty
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: goodJT

1 month ago#4
WOMANpukumaru posted...
This sounds very salty

AKA Tykronos/Ryltex,The Glass Wraith of Gamefaqs. it's now a thing.

User Info: FreyzIngardt

1 month ago#5
No additions? None at all? Or did I cover everything?

User Info: Crazyalien18

1 month ago#6
I disagree with 19 a bit. The knight design having that weird butt window on only female models is incredibly jarring and unnatural, same with this occurring, exclusively on female models, on mounted units. There isn't a single male model in the game that shows off their butt, or even their abs outside of arguably Berserker. Female berserker shows thighs, but honestly male berserker shows off a fair amount as well, and they're supposed to go for pure offense over any form of defense.

Honestly, I'm the complete opposite on 18. Nyx and Nowi are a bit odd, but at least some kind of argument can be made for why those are okay. Elise is a child in every sense.

Horses automatically raise riders 3 tiers, and guns automatically grant winning matchups in long-range knifefights.

As it happens, Berserkers are practically the only class where abs are involved at all. Practical or impractical, it's just a fantasy game, but it's much easier to believe that everyone goes through life-or-death situations in casual wear than it is to believe that most women just walk around as exhibitionists in that situation while all the men are just perfectly covered instead. There's an awful lot of T&A, and almost no abs.

I don't really get 16.

The rest all hold fine, not sure about additions.
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