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So what is this boards opinion of Revelations

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User Info: FreeFalco

2 years ago#1
In terms of comparison to Birthright/Conquest and just as for how much you like or disliked it? I know there are conflicting thoughts about it such as

LimboStudios posted...
I just don't eat whatever s*** Nintendo shoves in my mouth

LimboStudios posted...
I'm one of the people who complains the most about censorship and actually tried to warn people againist buying Revelation

LimboStudios posted...
I bought Conquest and eventually bought Revelation

which really makes me wonder how most people here feel about it

User Info: RandoGamerKid

2 years ago#2
Rev is my fav path hands down.

When I want to challenge myself, I go for Conquest.

Birth is just gross,.
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User Info: FreeFalco

2 years ago#3

User Info: EternalHound

2 years ago#4
Havent finished it yet honestly, I play these games for the characters not the s*** tier stories (stfu ik the characters are s*** tier too) If i want Conquest characters I'll play that if I want Birthright characters I'll play that. If I want fuuga I guess I'll play Revelations but as of now I dont care.
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User Info: lildragon0

2 years ago#5
I'm a min-maxer so I like it
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User Info: BaraPanda

2 years ago#6
Unbalanced as hell, but so far I'm having fun. I do feel guilty about replaying vanguard dawn so much though. I only play it because it's fun, but now my units are over leveled because of it.
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User Info: DNHD

2 years ago#7
Getting all of the children after having gotten them all beforehand in my Birthright/Conquest playthroughs made me want to slam my face into a wall. Repeatedly. Otherwise, I thought it was alright.
If you have to ask "Am I the only one who thinks/likes _____?" chances are you're probably not.
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User Info: SirPliskin

2 years ago#8
I erased my file when I was on Chapter 14.

It's going to be a while before I want to try it again.
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User Info: kyuby1

2 years ago#9
Rev is basically for Min max and PvP purposes , as it gives you all of the main characters and pairings possible , the story isn't bad either , but it isn't as good as conquest though

I enjoyed it and I can see myself playing it countless times with different strategies
Meh , EZ My castle win with aptitude

User Info: Misha-Heart

2 years ago#10
kyuby1 posted...
the story isn't bad either

No, no, no. It's entirely contrived, rushed, dumb and eventually becomes empty at one point.
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