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  3. Hana is a distant member of the Hoshido Royal Family

User Info: Akainu

3 years ago#1
OMG Incest OMG

User Info: Charged151

3 years ago#2
Akainu posted...
OMG Incest OMG

If we believe that all organisms evolved from one common ancestor, then technically we are cousins with every organism that has ever lived (or closer). So thus, we eat our cousins every time we eat something organic...and marry a cousin (or closer...) every time someone marries...

Think about that...
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User Info: Misha-Heart

3 years ago#3
Then where's the Dragon's Vein?
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User Info: astrophys

3 years ago#4
Granted, genetically speaking we are all created, although generally for the purposes of "incest" at some point people stop considering the extremely distant relationships (particularly when they've grown so far apart that the specific relationship is no longer known).

Everyone is, strictly speaking, blood related, but at some point their last common ancestor gets so remote in the past that they have little more genetic similarity than any other random pair of people in the population…. this is what we really mean when we say the phrase "not blood related".

User Info: McLahey

3 years ago#5
Misha-Heart posted...
Then where's the Dragon's Vein?

In her leg in about 20 years
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User Info: Lylat_Cruiser

3 years ago#6
Her lineage is very distant to the royal family if I recall. A noble family but not royal family.
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User Info: Hana

3 years ago#7

She comes from a family of nobility that has protected the Hoshidan royal family for generations.

Don't know where you got that information...
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User Info: HayashiTakara

3 years ago#8
most people are from the same distant ancestors of one another. If someone has the same last name as you, you share a common ancestry.
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User Info: Yuriahime

3 years ago#9
Distant relatives mean they aren't technically related in main bloodline but one of their ancestors are from of the royal family generations passed. We are all different ancestory that linked to one person who that started our family line so many of us are distant ancestors. Hana's case could be that her foremothers married into her father's Line could have been an arranged marriage if they had it back in the day but it's not possible that she is actually their blood related cousin but their distant cousin. I really don't know much about it but she would have possessed the family skill if she was really related
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User Info: Mavitar

3 years ago#10
If we all stem from a common ancestor, which would result in incest, that explains why we're all so f***ed up.
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