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  3. Best archer in the series (gameplay standpoint)

User Info: CloudSith5060

3 years ago#11
Isn't it weird to have a husbando who's prettier than you?

User Info: soma2035

3 years ago#12
I'm assuming Snipers count, since you listed Louise.

RD Shinon.

- Most archers in the series end up as inferior mages. Not RD Shinon, since he happens to be in a game where mages get heavily gimped by atrocious stat caps (don't Archsages have the same Spd cap as Marshalls or something ridiculous like that?)

- RD Shinon is one of the few archers to have 1-2 access. His 1-2 isn't amazing for general use since Crossbows ignore Str, but the ridiculous Mt makes them amazing when it gets effective weapon type bonus.

- RD Shinon is absurdly sturdy. He's the dodgetank Rebecca becomes and doesn't need to get babied to get there, plus he has absurdly high defense.
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User Info: MissCarriage

3 years ago#13
Snipers do count, yes.

CloudSith5060 posted...
Isn't it weird to have a husbando who's prettier than you?

... <3
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User Info: kirby7374

3 years ago#14
For each game (starting with Blazing Sword): Rebecca (since according to the rules I can't choose Rath), Neimi, Rolf (for both games), Gordon, Noire, and since I haven't played Fates yet, I'll just have to go with Zero for now.

Of all of them, my favorite is Rolf. No matter how many times I play those two games, he is always in my top five (most victories tallied at the end). I'm also willing to say he is the best unit in Radiant Dawn overall. Almost every time I play that game, he is my top unit and if not he's second only to Boyd. Once I give him the double bow he is unstoppable. Put him in the room with the Black Knight's army (at the end of RD) and he kills roughly 10+ units per turn and taking little to no damage. I know almost everybody likes Shinon, but I honestly thinks that Rolf is better in the long run.

User Info: Mavitar

3 years ago#15
Faval because Holy Weapon.

Misha-Heart posted...
A lot of people might say Takumi, but he falls behind in an efficient run.

Cool meme.
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User Info: The Fir Coat

The Fir Coat
3 years ago#16
FE12 Ryan probably, he's actually really strong and Snipin's a good job, mate in FE12 since there are 12 move Wyverns on the prowl and he can OHKO them on the PP or the EP with proper positioning which other units can't do since they won't attack Wyrmslayer guys at 1 range. He also has the best availability in FE12 aside from Jesus and since L' gives enemies the first attack attacking from 2 range is actually pretty valuable especially early on.
Also he has good growths (HERESY, I know) and gets those 100% hit rates with his 80% Skill growth and bows having 90%+ hit.
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User Info: Apocrypha

3 years ago#17
MissCarriage posted...
I can't wait until you all play Fates and change your minds. <3

Nope~ Takumi's good, but he falls to the likes of RD Shinon, Faval, and the 3-13 Archer.

User Info: Flare_Sorrow

3 years ago#18
RD Shinon, no debate.
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User Info: darkknight39

3 years ago#19
3-13 Archer
Fun fact in my current playthrough of RD a certain archer in 2-E managed to get around 20-25 crits and didn't take a single hit

User Info: untrustful

3 years ago#20
Season 2.
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