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User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#1
~Hoshido~ (Mikoto, Hinoka & Takumi)
--Chevalierian Rebels (Crimson)
--Fox Spirit Clan (Nishiki)
--Flame Tribe (Rinkah)
--Principality of Izumo (Izana)
--Saizou Clan (Kagerou)
--Wind Clan (Fuuga, Tsukuyomi)

~Nohr~ (Garon, Shenmei, Iago, Xander & Leo)
--Ice Tribe (Clear, Felicia & Flora)
--Principality of Chevalier
--Principality of Fuuma (Kotarou)
--Remenants of Kouga (Asyura)
--Saizou Clan Traitors (Kaze)
--The Free Lands (Banba, Gazzak, Hormone, William)
--The Garou (Flannel)
--Whisper - Intelligence Network (Funk, Vasuhara & Zero)


--The Explorers Guild (Draj)

User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#2
----Faction Details

~Hoshido & Allies~

--The most prosperous Nation upon the Continent and thus the envy of many. While peaceful in nature the
reality is that Hoshido, for the sake of preserving its dominance and safety, had enacted many unfair trade
agreements with the its much less prosperous neighbors whom they considering uncivilized and a possible
threat if they ever gained real stability. This policy would eventually lead into the current conflict.

Cevalierian Rebels
--Rebels who broke away from their Government due to disagreements over siding with Nohr in its war
against Hoshido. Initially hesitant to ally with Hoshido they eventually had no choice when the Lord
of Chevalier allowed Nohrian troops to enter their territory to help quash the Rebellion. Now the
Rebellion could fall within months, if not sooner, even with the infamous Crimson leading them if
Hoshidian Aid doesn't arrive soon.

Fox Spirit Clan
--Natives of Hoshido they prospered greatly thanks to the policies of the Hoshidian Royalty. Natural
enemies of the Garou, due to an ancient conflict none can recall any longer, the Fox Spirit Clan were
quick to provide aid to the Hoshidian Royalty when word arises that the Garou marched with Nohr.

Flame Tribe
--A warlike Clan that was pivotal in rescuing Hoshido when Nohr initially invaded. While the
Flame Tribe only did so because they desired a good fight their actions nonetheless were well-rewarded
with Hoshido even going so far as to suggest a marriage alliance between Rinkah, daughter of the
Flame Tribe Chieftain, and Takumi, youngest of the Hoshidian Royalty. Initially Rinkah rebelled but
after meeting Takumi and seeing his serious attitude as well as his skill in archery she eventually
relented and the two were wed thus making the Flame Tribe the most valued and trusted ally of Hoshido.

Principality of Izumo
--A highly spiritual Country who, due to their "Visions", sided with Hoshido whom they believe is destined
to prevail in the current ongoing conflict. This has caused Hoshido to regard them with suspicion as
who's to say their "Visions" may not chance and lead them to siding with Nohr?

Saizou Clan
--The most prominent Ninja Clan in Hoshido, however their glory days have long since passed. This is
due to the man named Kotarou, who never forgave the Saizou Clan for murdering his parents and bringing
chaos to his Nation which Hoshido had seen as a threat at the time, who spent great expense and resources
to lead a covert invasion into Hoshido. This was only successful thanks to Kotarou enlisting the aid of
"Whisper". Once within Hoshido, Kotarou lead his forces into Saizou Clan territory and attacked without
warning. The Saizou Clan, arrogant in believing that none could approach without their knowledge, were
caught off guard and slaughtered save for those few that ran or those that had been traveling with Kaze
at the time of the attack. Zero then forged evidence that placed blame of the slaughter upon Hoshido, much
to Kotarou's glee, and then bribed and/or tortured the Villagers of the surrounding villages to sell the
story. Thus Kaze, in a fit of rage over the near total destruction of his clan, betrayed Hoshido and took
what "loyal" remnants left of the Clan to aid Nohr. Those who didn't follow Kaze remained with Hoshido are
lead by Kagerou, former lover of the late Grandmaster Saizou, and consider Kaze and the remnants as

User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#3
Wind Clan
--Preferring to remain out of conflict the Wind Clan would join Hoshido when a Nohrian force, lead by Vashala
attacked them after initially believing them to be of the Flame Tribe. When Vashala realized his
mistake it was too late. Upon his return to Nohr, after suffering great losses in his retreat, he was
nearly sentenced to death for his misstep. However, his life was spared when Shenmei reminded Garon
of his many years of valor. Thus Vashala was instead stripped of his rank instead, though this did
nothing to quell the rage of the Wind Clan.

User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#4

Nohr & Allies

--Nohr makes their home in an unforgiving land where food, water and open land isn't plentiful. Instead
their harsh homeland seems to be geared towards only war as it contains many minerals, metals, powerful
trees and other resources which contribute to war. So it was only natural that to survive Nohr had no
choice but to breed a culture of conflict and taking from other Nations to sustain themselves. However,
they didn't become a true warmongering Nation until Hoshido, fearing Nohr's warmongering ways, started
enacting harsher and more unfair trade agreements with Nohr and other dangerous yet less prosperous nations.
This caused many to call for war but Shenmei, favored wife of Garon, convinced Garon to try for peace.
However, that all changed following the assassination of the Fuuma leadership, the near destruction of
Kouga and the pressing for war by the Ice Tribe which convinced Garon, years earlier, to prepare for war
against Hoshido with his true goal being to take some of Hoshido's plentiful land as their own so his
people no longer needed war to survive.

Ice Tribe
--The Ice Tribe can proudly say that none other shares the same dedication towards aiding Nohr than
they. For the Ice Tribe has been allied with Nohr since they first made contact due to a mutual struggle
to survive harsh terrains. Since living in their frozen homeland is quite harsh, as food is scarce and
the Tribe is poor, the Ice Tribe would come to hate Hoshido whom they consider thieves because of
their highly unfair trade agreements. Thus it comes to no surprise that when the Ice Tribe, years earlier,
proposed to Garon, King of Nohr, that for their nation' to prosper that they must force Hoshido into
negotiations for fairer trade agreements that Garon trusted their advice and secretly prepared for war.

Principality of Chevalier
--A Country which values honor and tradition as well as excess. Founded many years past by former Knights
of Nohr, who no longer served a purpose as Nohr at the time no longer was in open conflict with anyone,
that had sought to make a home for themselves. Traveling through the Principality of Izumo their Leader was
told of a vision of a Country they were destined to found - all they needed to do was head East towards
the Coast. Upon arrival they discovered vast untapped Natural Resources and then utilized their reputation
as Knights of Nohr as well as promises of riches to cause mass migrations towards what would eventually
become the Principality of Chevalier. While wealthy and known for their military might the Principality
of Chevalier, despite having favorable trade agreements with Hoshido, chose to side with Nohr instead
of remaining Neutral. This has caused a Rebellion which forced the Principality of Chevalier to enlist
the aid of Nohr and Whisper to try and quash the rebellion before Hoshido can capitalize upon it.

User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#5
Principality of Fuuma
--Once a prosperous Nation the Principality of Fuuma, thanks to the discovery of a new type of Metal
superior to any other in the land, was targeted by Hoshido, which felt threatened by the prospect
of this discovery, who ordered the Saizou Clan to assassinate the now overly ambitious Lord of Fuuma.
However, the Saizou were still relatively unknown for their bloodlust at the time and to Hoshido's
horror they learned that the Saizou Clan not only killed most of the Royal Family but much of the nobility
as well as forcing the few survivors to sign a trade agreement which funneled most of the new Metal to
the Saizou Clan. This caused much controversy in Hoshido and their ultimate decision not to punish the
Saizou Clan lead the Principality of Fuuma to form a deep hatred for Hoshido and the Saizou Clan. It
wouldn't be many years later that the now adult Kotarou would gain vengeance against the Saizou Clan.
Afterward Kotarou ended the trade agreement with the now weakened Saizou Clan and openly declared an
alliance with Nohr for the sole purpose of punishing Hoshido.

Remnants of Kouga
--The Kouga were a proud and educated Nation which followed only the most noble of beliefs and preferred
diplomacy over war. Being a Nation which could provide for itself, and was considered a Nation of equal
trade standing with Hoshido and Chevalier, the Kouga couldn't understand the bloodlust that drives the
less prosperous countries. However, it wasn't until they refused to aid the Fuuma in their plan to slaughter
the Saizou Clan that their fortunes changed. Upon his victorious return Kotarou, whose Nation was prosperous
once more due to pilfering much of the Saizou treasury and selling Saizou secrets, worked with the Whisper
to spread lies and to commit atrocities upon the Flame Tribe all under the guise that it was the Kouga's
doing. The Flame Tribe, quick to anger and to fight, were furious and invaded Kouga. What occurred after
was a slaughter and had Nohr not sent their forces to push the Flame Tribe back into Hoshidian Territory
than the Kouga would have been wiped. Grateful for Nohr's aid and finally understanding what it was like to
have almost nothing the Remnants of Kouga swore eternal loyalty to Nohr.

Saizou Clan Traitors
--Traitors of the Saizou Clan who betrayed Hoshido after they were tricked into believing that Hoshido,
at long last, had slaughtered the Saizou Clan for their actions years ago against the Principality of
Fumma. After all, Hoshido were always wary of the Saizou after that event and turned a blind eye when
Fuuma warriors "snuck" into Hoshido to attack the Saizou. Thus it wasn't hard to sell the lie to
Kaze who now leads his Ninja kin under Nohr's banner. However, there is much tension between the Fuuma
and Saizou and if it wasn't for Xander's charisma and natural leadership than they would be killing
each other already.

The Free Lands
--The Free Lands is made up of territory not owned by any of the larger Nations but is instead
populated by many tribes, nomads, pirates and bandits. It is here where only the strong survive upon
the open plains, massive seas and endless deserts. Since the Free Landers believe so much in strength,
as well as taking what they want by force, it was easy for Iago to convince them to join the war against
Hoshido with the promises of riches. Though it did help that the Free Landers already respected Nohr and
the Ice Tribe while considering Hoshido the land of spoiled and lazy. The only issue Nohr has with the
Free Lands is their brutality towards commoners, their habit of torching bountiful land, infighting and
their cowardice in the face of greater foes such as the Flame Tribe.

User Info: SazukeEX

3 years ago#6
The Garou
--A very savage race which thrives upon conflict and testing their mettle against powerful opponents. Yet
strangely enough despite their violent nature they don't partake in the slaughter of those that cannot
fight. Some may see this as kindness but in reality it is because the Garou see it as a stain upon their
own personal honor to kill those unworthy of facing them. However, when they do find powerful opponents,
such as the Fox Spirit Tribe, they are relentless and excessively brutal. No one recalls how this all
began between the two races other than that is how things have always been. So when the Garou heard
that Nohr was invading Hoshido, where the Fox Spirit Clan resided, they happily joined the Nohrian
forces without Garon's consent or knowledge until he was informed that the Garou were fighting
alongside his soldiers.

--An intelligence gathering Network which works in the shadows. Former rivals of the Saizou Clan, until
they were all but wiped out by the Fuuma and the Whisper, the Whisper joined with Nohr as they saw potential
opportunity. Not to mention that Hoshido, still remembering what the Saizou had done to the Fuuma, were
unwilling to acquire the Whisper's services. Especially since the remaining Saizou have fallen in line and
are much more tame now under the thumb of the Hoshidian Royalty.


The Explorers Guild
--Unconcerned with the current conflict the Explorer's Guild continues its mission of discovery and the
never ending search of knowledge. Both sides come to the Explorers Guild to purchase maps, rare artifacts
and the such. It's rumored that the infamous Anna once was a member but quit due to a feud with Master
Explorer Draj over ill-gotten wares.

User Info: Rizeroth

3 years ago#7
wow i'll give you an A+ for effort. nice world building.
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "i'm possible".

User Info: Rizeroth

3 years ago#8
i don't see some characters though like camilia and azura.
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "i'm possible".

User Info: Big-Wicket

3 years ago#9
I feel like more effort went into this than to the entirety of the plot of Fates.
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User Info: Rizeroth

3 years ago#10
Big-Wicket posted...
I feel like more effort went into this than to the entirety of the plot of Fates.

haha! touche
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "i'm possible".
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