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User Info: Charged151

3 years ago#1
Please Read

So The Fire Emblem Fates Character People Like The Most On GameFAQs Is Kinu...odd. Anyway, that concludes that polling series.

I will now be starting a new polling series. We will find out who the favorite waifu on this board is. The question for each of us is thus "Who is your favorite Waifu?" We need to do nominations though first so that everyone who deserves to be in the polls is.

Unlike last time, there is no upper limit to the number of nominations... I will leave this topic open till the activity dies down and then we shall proceed with the polls. However, like last time, every board member gets only one and only one nomination. Failure to abide by this will get all your nominations removed. Someone didn't abide by this last time... :(

Please number your nomination and feel free to explain why you chose your nomination if you like. Also, feel free to write down your nomination and edit in an explanation to save the placement number.

As for my favorite Waifu...

Nomination #1: Orochi
I am a lot like her. I find myself bursting out laughing at the stupidest of things...and often anything at all. She also is perhaps the most well-proportioned Fire Emblem Fates lady and...she is gorgeous...oh so gorgeous...
I...am...the...master...of...ellipses... Ha...ha...ha...

User Info: Apocrypha

3 years ago#2
I'm just going to copy + paste what I posted in the "Loved" nominations.

Nomination #2 Azura

Despite coming off as somewhat flat in the plot, she's definitely fleshed-out in her supports, showing herself to be blunt and drily sarcastic, distant to people she's not comfortable with but warm to those she is. She feels very human--she's not defined by her gimmick of singing, she has her share of insecurities and fears, and she makes mistakes. She has an interesting and sad backstory that she doesn't let negatively color her worldview, and does her best to help the people around her.

User Info: Kinu

3 years ago#3
3: VELOUR!!!!!!!

She's soooooo cute!!! I really love her design. *_* Cute ears, cute tail, cute hood! Top tier waifu material for sure!!!!

Kyahahaha! Let's play~!

User Info: CinderDragon77

3 years ago#4
Nomination #4: Kinu
~touch~touch ~fluff~fluff
Kinu=Touch Fluffy Tail=Best Girl
Waifu Harem: Kinu, Felicia, Nyx, Elise, Orochi and Setsuna.

User Info: Lazward

3 years ago#5
Nomination #5: Lilith

She was robbed in the next top waifu poll series, and deserves her time to shine!
This grass feels funny. It feels like... pants.

User Info: FinalActivity

3 years ago#6
Aqua is my undisputed canon waifu for Kamui, but my personal favorite...

Nomination #6: Hinoka
Tomboys = <3
I've got an immense attraction to girls that can pull off short hair <3 Red hair's also hot as can be!
Also, who doesn't love a kickass, fit girl?? Maybe it's just because of my active lifestyle, but I've always had a softspot for girls like that. *sighs while imagining working out with Hinoka~~~*
And good gravy, those thighs!!
Proud and committed are also personality traits that I hold in high regard, and Hinoka's got them. She's also big on family, and that's always a plus.
And despite her tomboyishness, she's described as the most caring person in the army.
Corrin & Azura: We're so canon, it hurts.
Shigure & Kanna: Right???

User Info: AceDarkValkyrie

3 years ago#7
Nomination #7: Luna

She has had a complex personality since Awakening. She and the other two have become more mature this time. One of the best Awakening 2nd generation, now with even more development. Her tsundere side is cute as well.

User Info: Pupropu

3 years ago#8
Nomination #8: Femui

I don't need any explanation. She is strong and gorgeous.

User Info: Charged151

3 years ago#9
So far, we have the following Waifu's with the following nominators:
1 Orochi, Charged151
2 Azura, Apocrypha
3 Velour, Kinu
4 Kinu, CinderDragon77
5 Lilith, Lazward
6 Hinoka, FinalActivity
7 Luna, AceDarkValkyrie
8 Femui, Pupropu

Keep it coming!
I...am...the...master...of...ellipses... Ha...ha...ha...

User Info: Apocrypha

3 years ago#10
Are Femui and Lilith even allowed as waifus? You PLAY Femui (or she doesn't exist) and Lilith never joins you <-still sad about that
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