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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#1
Or, rather, the "optional S-Support Version".

The other thread did fairly well, so I figured I'd come up with a non-sappy version. It can involve any support rank, as I doubt it really matters.

As a general rule of thumb, if you do use yourself, use the dialogue of your supports as a medium for sharing a bit about yourself. That's how it usually works between characters in FE games anyway, so it should give other Users insight about you.

C Support

GSO: *Looks around, cautiously*

...All right, good. I think she's finally asleep...or maybe she went on a skirmish with the other Shepards. Maybe now I can finally--

???: Heeeeeeeey, GSO! Over here! *Waves wildly, hopping up and down* See me!? See me!? Right heeeeere!

GSO: Aack! *Facepalms as a certain 1000-year-old Manakete bounces over to him*

Nowi: Relax, I'm totally not gonna tackle you again. That really looked like it hurt last time..plus Chrom really chewed me out for it...anyway, I came to play! Let's go shoot the breeze or something!

GSO: *Tries to ignore her presence as best he can*

Nowi, bright-eyed: ....Oooooooooohhhhh....what are THOSE? *picks up a couple sketchpads nearby* I see pretty colors!

GSO: W-wait! Don't look at them! It's too embarrassing.

Nowi: ....These are drawings...of fairies...?

GSO: ...Er...yeah. I guess I have a...wait, what's with the sour look?

Nowi: I dunno! I guess I never figured you to be...uh...into stuff like this. I mean, I know you have a mad soft spot for Mother Nature n' Magic, but don't these things kinda "don't" exist?

GSO: ...Where I came from, little elven girls that turn into dragons didn't either.

Nowi: Hah? What's THAT supposed to mean?

GSO: *Smiles* It "means" that I like fantasy and nature alike. As a matter of fact, I can think of one game in particular that really had me excited when Fairies were introduced to it.

Nowi: ........

GSO: *Cringes, realizing he said the G word in front of her*

Nowi: Game? What kinda game!? Sounds fun! Lemme see it! How do we play? Does it use your imagination? I bet Owain would KILL to learn about it! Here, lemme get'm for us! HEEEEEY, OW-- *GSO covers her mouth*

GSO: Nowi, please! That isn't the kind o-of game I meant...

Nowi: ....Then what DID you mean, GSO? What kinda game doesn't require other people to play? Sounds really boring...

GSO: ....(Oh, right. I guess people from this Realm don't really know about this just yet...hmm...how do I explain it?)

Nowi: GSO?

GSO: ...The game I was talking about is known as a "video game". Maybe I'll let you hold onto one, if I can find it under all the Chon'sin crap I've got crammed in here.

Nowi: What, like a board game? Cool, count me in. I'll play just about ANYTHING if it puts a smile on my allies' faces. Lemme know when ya find it, okay? Pinky swear you will!

Oh, and, um, you'd better not let Say'ri hear you say that about Chon'sin. She usually shadows Tiki around, and can be really quiet, but she'd tear you a new one if she were in my place...

GSO: ...Oh. R-Right...thanks for the warning.

*Nowi takes off, skipping merrily towards Owain's side of camp...*

GSO: *Sweatdrop* Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned anything. Still...I guess I could use a distraction from this war, myself. Where should I start looking for it, then...

*** GSO and Nowi Have Achieved Rank C.***
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User Info: ToadFan4Ever

3 years ago#2
Cool! It can be a character from any game?
Official canon husband of Ophelia, and canon descendant of Glass the peerless swordsman.

User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#3
ToadFan4Ever posted...
Cool! It can be a character from any game?

Any you can think of.

I generally use Awakening because it's the only game in the series I've played (so far).

I'd go on and use Fates characters too, but, well, trying to look up everyone's personality leads to massive spoilers.
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Xiava (AS), Epsilon (OR) TSV: 1874 (X)
Lucid Dreamer's log for 2015: 30/365; Nightmares: 25. Serebii.Net's 1000 Buneary Champion.

User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#4
B Support

Nowi: Sooo, GSO. It's been a while, so I bet you found that neat game you talked about by now?

GSO: ....Well, ahem, yeah. I did.

Nowi: Yay! No wonder Chrom n' Robin welcomed you to the Shepards! Now let's play it!

GSO: ...Yeeeah. About that...I FOUND the console, sure, but the actual GAME is still missing. Looked everywhere for it, too.

Nowi: Ooh, blehh. You're such a litterbug! Looking for lost stuff is no fun at all!

GSO: What's that? You just said you'd like for me to describe what it looks like so you can help find it? Okay, I will! Thanks!

Nowi: Wha!? Slow down for a sec-- I don't even know what a "console" is!

GSO: Oh, right. Er...here.

Nowi: ....What the...it's so tiny. *Holds it up into the sunlight at an angle* what the heck is it? Futuristic?

GSO: *Flatly* You have to open it from the center, like this. See the two screens inside? That's where the game is...or where it SHOULD be.

Nowi: Really? You mean there's like, a whole mini world trapped in this thing!? That's amazing!

GSO: Haha, something like that. But it's useless without the game cartridge...

Nowi: Don't worry, Nowi will help ya out. I just HAVE to see this in action! I'll ask everyone on the south edge of camp, okay? You look on the north!

GSO: Guess I've got nothing better to do. Sure, I'll do that: meet me back here in a couple hours.

North Camp

Tharja: ...You'd better have a good reason for this visit. There's only two people I allow this close to my tent: guinea pigs, and...well, never mind the second person.

GSO: (...Yeah, I'm going to assume she hasn't seen it. After all, she's so obsessed with Robin she wouldn't even notice a cartridge so small...)

Tharja: ...What was that?

GSO: Nothing! Go about your witchcraft and wizardry. I'd better get going...

North Camp, Pt.II

Frederick: Ah, GSO. You're just in time for Frederick's Fanatical Fitness Hour. I saw your approach from Tharja's abode; she could use the training as well. Fetch her.

GSO: *Tries to ignore his inquiry.* Say, you're a clean freak, right? Notice any odd debris lying around lately?

Frederick: ...I'd hardly call myself a "clean freak". But now that you mention it, I have seen something odd...might I ask what's the matter?

GSO: Just looking for something for Nowi, is all. It's tiny and square, and made of metal... I think. Seen it?

Frederick: ...As a matter a fact, I have-- while I was tidying up your side of camp. And I must say, YOUR side of camp, as cultural as it is, is a blight on my eyes due to all the clutter. You'd do well to keep it tidy at all times.

GSO: ...Thanks, Mom. Just hand it over-- I've actually been meaning to play it.

Frederick: ...I'll have you know I disposed of it. *Ahem* Actually, no...well, I *did* dispose of it, but not in the trash. Our merchant immediately caught eye of it, so I --

GSO: You WHAT!? She'll sell it off!!!

Frederick: ...Well, *maybe* I wouldn't have mistook it for sellables if your area of camp weren't so cluttered. Anyway, there will be plenty time for debate once our exercise is--

GSO: Who even told you to rummage through my tent!?? Who does that!? I've got to find that Trickster!

Frederick, as GSO takes off: H-hold, Outrealm Grandmaster! My Fitness Hour is mandatory!!

*...Sigh*. At least Henry seems to enjoy it. Maybe I should come up with a better incentive to encourage Shepards to stay...

***GSO and Nowi have achieved Rank B.***
FC; 2964 8693 8509 IGN: Xiava (AS), Epsilon (OR) TSV: 1874 (X)
Lucid Dreamer's log for 2015: 30/365; Nightmares: 25. Serebii.Net's 1000 Buneary Champion.

User Info: LostWhisperer

3 years ago#5
Not using myself but the character form you are a late-promoted unit topic. But in this case her class would be assassin.

she's based off my Khajiit character from TES games if anyone wanted to know, that's why her Gaius given nickname is Kitten

C Support

Whisper: hmmm....

Gaius: Hey Kitten.

Whisper: Hello Gaius... Hmmm...

Gaius: Something on your mind? You haven't finished your dessert. If you don't want it....

Whisper: I would not.... Stop a fellow thief... Take what you like.

Gaius: Sweet. But you didn't answer my question.

Whisper: Yes... Your question... Hmmm... I was just.... Thinking... About my... Guild.

Gaius: Your guild? That's right your the leader of that guild of thieves and assassins that hangs out on the boarder. Is everything alright with them?

Whisper: No one has been... Captured in a long while... And all our... Contracts have been completed... It's that... I've never been this far from them... For this long....

Gaius: Ah! So you're homesick!

Whisper: Homesick... Hmmm... That sounds... Apt. I miss them... Hitch's cooking... Itch's dumb jokes... The old man... who sat outside the market every day... and who we thought was dead... until he yelled at us

Gaius: Sounds like you cared about them a lot, Kitten.

Whisper: They... Are my family... Now... Please excuse me... I must go and... Practice... My skills.
C Rank Achieved

User Info: ToadFan4Ever

3 years ago#6
TF4E: Hey-a Merlinus!
Merlinus:W-Whoa! Don't startle me like that, TF! What is it?
TF:Oh, well, I saw Marcus walk out of here with a baked pudding. Can I have one too?
Merlinus: Oh, so you have seen one of my Chez Merlinus and now want to taste one?
TF: Definitely! Oh, and if you have some flan, throw some my way, if you will!
Merlinus: Hmmm...? Maybe we can make flan tomorrow. Ah! Look out a brigand is on it's way here!
TF: Damn! Looks like the pudding is going to have to wait... Ugh...

Obtained C-support
Official canon husband of Ophelia, and canon descendant of Glass the peerless swordsman.

User Info: LostWhisperer

3 years ago#7
B Rank

Gaius: So that should be it... Now don't let me down, pidgin.

Whisper: Why were you... Holding that pidgin down?

Gains: Kitten! When did you sneak up on me?

Whisper: Just now...

Gaius: *muttering* She must actually be a cat, even I can't hear her when she walks. *normal* I was sending a letter to someone.

Whisper: Who...

Gaius: I don't have to tell you.

Whisper: That is true...
You sounded like....Hitch when you where... talking to that bird.

Gaius: Is that a good thing?

Whisper: It is... To me... Though... Being told that... You sound like... An assassin... Might insult someone... Hitch was... Kind to animals... He was kind... For our work.

Gaius: We'll it's good to have morals in our line of work, makes us human.

Whisper: Does it... Make you human? I never thought of morals... Just did what I had... To do... To keel my guild supported....

Gaius: So you did stuff in their best interests? Like good morals?

Whisper: I guess.... Your correct.... Thank you... For the talk.... It helps when thinking of... Hitch and Itch... And the old man...
B rank achieved

A rank

Gaius: Hey Kitten come here a sec.

Whisper: Is their.... Something... You wish of me?

Gauis: Yah, I want you to taste this soup I made and tell me if it's any good.

Whisper: Alright.... *slurp*.... What...

Gauis: Well?

Whisper: It tastes... Just like Hitch's.

Gaius: Remember that pidgin that you saw me send off?

Whisper: Yes...

Gaius: Well I did some searching and found out where to send that pidgin in order for your Guild to find it. They wrote back; Hitch sent his recipe for your favorite soup, Itch also sent some jokes he wrote, and that old man also wrote a letter but the writing looks really angry.

Whisper: Why... did you do that... For me?

Gaius: You and I aren't so different, Kitten. I like doing things that are good for people, you being one of them. So when I figured out you where homesick I wanted to make this seem more like your home.

Whisper: Thank you, Gaius... This has... Made me feel at ease... I don't think... I'll be homesick... Anymore

Gaius: That's good to hear, Kitten.

A Rank Achieved
(message deleted)

User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#9
Guess I could use my character from that late promoting unit topic. I really suck at writing dialogue though.

Eponine C Rank

E: and as they help each other out respect turns into...

P: You skipped a bit in the middle.

E: ! Where did you come from!

P: I've been standing here for a while now. I wanted to say hello, but you seemed distracted. Did I accidentally go silent again?

E: I'm a noble thief. That's not enough to escape my notice. Why were you over here anyway?

P: I've been trying to introduce myself, since I just joined. I've been having trouble getting anyone's attention. I'm Pierre.

E: Eponine. Maybe I can help. The men in town won't be able to stop fighting over you when I'm done.

P: Well It would be good to meet new people. I'm a bit of a dunce at romance.

E: Let's go. I have the perfect dress for you!

P: Dress? I don't see how that will...

C Rank Achieved

Now you can start posting your cringes.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#10
A-Support, Part I

Anna: Hey-heey, if it isn't my favorite Shepard/Customer in arms! Has your undying thirst for natural beauty led to my wares, again?

GSO: You could say that. Except you own something of mine that Frederick gave to you, and I need it back. WITHOUT paying for it.

Anna: Easy, tiger: I have the blood of a merchant, not a con-artist. I had no clue that cartridge Freddy gave me was even yours; honest!

GSO: Good, so you'd be happy to hand it over?

Anna: *Gulp* S-sure...If I still had it.

GSO: ...That...that'd best be a joke. I put over 900 hours into that thing, and it has massive sentimental value...

Anna: Well, um. But...ah...I kind of...sold it...

GSO: .....

Anna: I-I'm soooo sorry, GSO! Really! Ugh...I'm so used to a clean sales record. I shame my sisters by selling my friend's stuff like that...

GSO: I'll need to know who you sold it to.

Anna: ...Just don't get mad when I do, okay?

GSO: I just lost something VERY important to me, so it'd be hard for me to be ANY more outraged than --

Nowi: Hey, GSO! Look what I've goooot! *Waves around his handheld and the game, both of which are fully in play and covered in soot*

GSO: *Anna tries to tiptoe out of the scene, but is pulled back in by her cape* You sold my stuff to a fellow Shepard!? Does Chrom know you peddle off your allies!? That's probably how our war chest's so light!

Anna: Hey, ease off! I told you I'm no con artist-- my sisters would have my head if I went that route! I'd NEVER mooch off our Convoy or our war chest! Really!

Besides, look at that sweet girl now-- that's a happy customer if I ever saw one!

Nowi: ........*Bug eyed, staring into both screens while clicking buttons*

GSO: ......*Anna snatches her cape back from his hands*

Anna: Riiiiight. I, uh, think you two lovebirds need to be alone for a while; s-so I'll exit stage left. Ta-ta for now-- I'm closing up shop! *Anna takes her leave, consoling her poor cape in both hands...*

GSO: .....

Nowi: .....

GSO: .....

Nowi: ...*Suddenly pouts* Gasp! Oooh, no...!!

GSOL What is it? *Nowi shakes the system around; both its screens are now black*

Nowi: Oh, man! I-I think I broke it! ...It was f-fine a for the last few hours, but...*grimaces* I-I didn't mean to!! Honest!
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