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User Info: aturf

7 months ago#1
Hi everyone!

Like the title says, I think the time has come for me to move on from Shuffle. My motivation for the game has been slowly waning over these last few months, but fell off a cliff ~1 week or so ago. I don't think I'll be totally done (as in "delete app from phone") until I have my level 30 Pikachu, but I'm well past the point of playing the same stages with the same supports and finding it fulfilling. This also means I'm done posting ESCALATION/COMPETITION threads, again as at this point I'm pretty sure we're all copy-pasting the same teams from previous cycles (if GameFAQs had an API I could have tried an automated thing like Reddit has but alas).

Four years of playing daily leaves me with some fond (and some not-so-fond) memories, and I'm grateful to the people of this board (past & present) for all the help and suggestions that they've been willing to provide. I will share that I always seemed to catch on to meta trends a bit late; I got my Risk-Taker Machamp ready just as people were going crazy about Nosedive Meloetta-P, and then got Meloetta online just in time for Buzzwole to become the new hotness. My greatest shuffle regrets are my level 30 SL5 Quirky+ Xerneas (cookied) and that I never put together a good Ice-type team (cries in SL5 Vanillish). My greatest shuffle moments were getting a Level 15 SL5 Spinda and those puzzle stages I was able to finish without looking up the solution.

I walk away from this game with my main contribution to this board being 2 cycles of posting ESCALATION/COMPETITION topics (thank you to everyone who posted in them for inflating my GameFAQs user statistics), and am satisfied with that. Having said all that, best of luck to everyone as they continue shuffling and in everything beyond Shuffle!
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: djmintlaw

6 months ago#2
Always sad to see another player Shuffle off. With you gone I'm pretty sure no one will create Competition or Escalation threads each time going forward. Wish you well on your future gaming endeavours.
I plan to keep posting in the weekly Victini and recaps threads, though once they hit the max posts I won't create new ones. Board is certainly on its last legs.

User Info: adayum

4 months ago#3
It's bitter sweet when the addiction finally leaves your mind forever. I miss it sometimes.
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