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User Info: giladapt

9 months ago#1
I know I know, complaint thread about this game #582719472

But yeah this game is absolute BS. Literally every single main stage Pokemon catch rate is never really higher than 20%. This is fine for the vast majority of levels, but some of the really bonkers levels like Machoke and Tyrantrum it's absolutely ridiculous. If the level itself is difficult then the catch rate should be inversely higher.
It should be like it is in the early stages where the vast majority of levels had a base 60% catch rate or something (itemless). That should be how the rest of the game should be.

The ONLY levels that should need items to catch should be Expert and Special stages. Besides that, the vast majority of Main levels should be beatable and catchable itemless, with the really difficult ones having an even higher catch rate to make up for their difficulty.
Go ahead and throw me your usual responses with stuff like "Well the company has to make money SOMEHOW you know?!!11/!!??" but I just wanted to rant because I'm currently stuck on Golurk and I refuse to use items on him.

User Info: ShadowZangoose

8 months ago#2
iirc the 3DS version had better catch rates in quite a few cases

but yeah, trying to catch some Pokémon (and, in some cases, going all out with items only to STILL get a terrible catch rate) isn't very pleasant

User Info: adayum

6 months ago#3
It sucks, but that's what kept me around for 2+ years. You almost learn to enjoy it in a weird way, and when that pokeball clasps shut you feel SO good
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  3. Why is this game so blatantly unfair?
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