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User Info: aturf

6 months ago#1
The landshark returns for another competition! Disruptions include rocks, barriers, and Blastoise+Gyarados+Swampert. Mostly rocks though. Best of luck to everyone participating!

EU Cutoffs from last time included below
S: 167993
A: 149519
B: 134224
C: 108817
D: 66529
E: 34679
F: 22705
G: 17672
H: 14287
I: 10941
J: 5789

User Info: aturf

6 months ago#2
Put in my full-item run with M-Aggron, P-Kyogre, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini and got a score of 198K. Definitely a very fortunate run as 60K points went up in the last few moves on some nice TC-boosted combos. Score should be safe for S rank.

User Info: David_Scotland

6 months ago#3
Team: Gyarados, P.Kyogre, Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu
Items: MS, AP+
Score: 186333
Rank: 27/4080 (S-Rank)

I changed my team this time round as before I used Shiny Gyarados but I have maxed normal Gyarados since the competition's last appearance.

This was my third run as my first go got 174K and a second attempt with Aggron only managed 140K.

I have now got an S-Rank in every repeated competition except Manectric which is a C-1 RNGfest which I only try once.

The EU cut-offs were:

S: 179177
A: 157122
B: 145558
C: 123673
D: 79406
E: 43935
F: 28210
G: 20834
H: 16887
I: 13152
J: 6920

User Info: aturf

6 months ago#4
Was waiting to see the EU cutoffs to verify, but cutoffs this time seemed to be a lot higher than last time. Mobile's S rank threshold was 184K-ish, and A rank was mid 150K (a big jump for S and a less big jump for A).

User Info: David_Scotland

6 months ago#5
As stated before, the higher scores seem consistent with previous runs however the decreasing number of entrants 4080 vs 6242 last time pushed the cut-offs up.

Also the number of entrants last time was still seeing the bump from people looking for something to play during lock-down. Those people are more likely to have fewer coins and less leveled pokemon and so would score lower. They would also be more likely to stop playing.

The mobile thresholds are probably also up because of a reduced number of entrants.

Thus comparing percentage cut-off values is only meaningful when combined with the total number of entrants.
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