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User Info: aturf

7 months ago#1
Mega Charizard X returns for another competition. Best of luck to everyone participating!

EU Cutoffs from last time (thank you @David_Scotland ) are included below
S: 879022
A: 735784
B: 611003
C: 449907
D: 228654
E: 35618
F: 21593
G: 15885
H: 11928
I: 8301
J: 3995

User Info: aturf

7 months ago#2
Team: SMCX, Kyurem-W, Zygarde-50, Dragonite
Items: None
Score: 63,787

This was a weird run because I got around the score I expected with this set-up, but Zygarde & Dragonite refused to cooperate and helpful disruptions spawned SMCX. Combos were nice when they came along, and Kyurem-W had enough opportunities that it helped. Doubt I'll be putting in any more runs as this score should hold E/F class.

User Info: aturf

7 months ago#3
It's ~2hrs before the competition ends and here are the rankings for Mobile NA

S: 984,354
A: 807,672
B: 699,084
C: 544,070
D: 330,357
E: 104,140
F: 32,732
G: 24,523
H: 19,568
I: 14,634
J: 6,629

User Info: David_Scotland

7 months ago#4
Team: Shiny Mewtwo X, Zygarde-50%, Dragonite
Items: All
Score: 671606
Rank: 150/4634 (C-Rank)
RNG luck: Nope

The EU cut-offs:

S: 965229
A: 816988
B: 707429
C: 540959
D: 331222
E: 59089
F: 26037
G: 19384
H: 14685
I: 10534
J: 4939

User Info: LusterSoldier

7 months ago#5
Team: Shiny Mega Charizard X (15, SL5), Zygarde-50% (20, TC, SL5), Dragonite (20, SL5), Zygarde-Complete (15, LDE, SL5)
Items: DD, AP+
Score: 232300
Rank: 700/4247 (North America)

Changed up my team from the previous appearance. I had better results using an LDE instead of a high AP beatstick. My best turn was with 1 move remaining where that turn lasted a while due to lucky disruptions triggering more combos, with some of those combos somewhat large. This was good enough for E-Class, but I had no chance to reach D-Class since that was over 350000.

Final rank was around 705, getting me a Level Up, 2 MSUs, and 1 RML.
Luster Soldier --- ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~
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