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User Info: aturf

1 month ago#1
Mega Gardevoir returns for another competition. Best of luck to everyone participating.

Score cutoffs from last time included below

Cutoffs for Mobile NA were
S: 158,164
A: 132,793
B: 118,849
C: 100,017
D: 72,220
E: 40,323
F: 29,652
G: 21,531
H: 16,992

The EU cut-offs were:
S: 149878
A: 132736
B: 122057
C: 103974
D: 75562
E: 37138
F: 22612
G: 16214
H: 12783
I: 9839
J: 5069

User Info: aturf

1 month ago#2
Team: Aggron, Muk, Spooky Gengar, Tentacruel
Items: MS, DD, APU
Score: 186,595

Took 3 attempts which is more than I originally wanted to spend but it is what it is. Fortunately I was able to clear out most of the preset blocks to get some combos in under DD, and then disruptions picked Tentacruel/Muk for the most part. Combos were kind of hard to generate though with the board, so many manual matches were Muk. Score that should be safe for S rank though, which is great.

User Info: LusterSoldier

1 month ago#3
Team: Mega Aggron (20), Muk (20, BS, SL5), Salazzle (25, SL5), Tentacruel (15, SL5)
Items: DD
Score: 80921
Rank: 542/4002 (North America)

This score was only good enough for E-Class. I didn't do quite as well last time when my score was almost 130000.

Final rank was around 550, getting me a Level Up, 2 MSUs, and 1 RML.
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User Info: David_Scotland

1 month ago#4
Team: Aggron, Tentacruel, Gulpin, Muk
Items: MS, DD, AP+
Score: 208605
Rank: 4/4500 (S-Rank)

Second attempt as my first go with Silvally only got 130K and yes, that was the exact number of entrants.

The cut-offs:
S: 152857
A: 136210
B: 125415
C: 111103
D: 83678
E: 43560
F: 28382
G: 19162
H: 15075
I: 11685
J: 5953

User Info: aturf

4 weeks ago#5
Mobile NA Cutoffs ~2 hours before the competition ended

S: 164,356
A: 138,749
B: 124,823
C: 106,463
D: 80,204
E: 46,445
F: ???
G: ???
H: 19,924
I: 15,237
J: 8,605

Somehow I missed F & G classes when I was taking screenshots, probably fell somewhere around 30K
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