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BeckyBoo 1 week ago#1
I go through phases of how much time I give RK these days and I'm curious where folk are with content in general. I'm also curious how far behind I am these days.

Are most players beating DK for every realm? Sub 30? I'm struggling on the former in all all but my strongest realms.

I've beaten everything magictitewise and I've 0 interest in sub 30ing those I didn't.

Do people even speed run anymore?
Netherscythe 1 week ago#2
I keep going through phases every other other day or so where I attempt a W.Odin or DK as I have all the relics you'd need to beat either. Then I lose because of a mis timed something or gimmick I don't quite follow even though I'm using wait mode then go back to just burn stamina and close the app
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My current progress:
- All 6*s/Odins complete, all DBs sub30.
- 15/17 DKs complete (missing XII and XV), absolutely none of those sub30.
- Nexus Anima beaten, both versions, neither sub30. No other Nexus bosses even so much as attempted yet.

I'd been doing more boss clears recently, partially because I felt like it and partially as prep for upcoming missions. Otherwise, I'd be farther behind on DK/Nexus.

Personally I only have an interest in sub30s if there are rewards for it, which is becoming more common now. But they're low priority, and many of them are simply impossible for me at the moment anyway.
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jagusto 1 week ago#4
I've sub30 all DBs for a while now, and gotten a sub30 DK on everything except XI and V.

Nexus/Labyrinth I have only done the first 4 (Kalavinka, Abductor, SandWorm, Iron Giant)

Havent taken a super serious stab at the latest batch, and havent had much motivation until the missions come at the end of this month.
raoxi 1 week ago#5
Haven't been monitoring any sub30s, falling behind a lot.

Woodin - 80%
DBs - 80%
DK - 6/17
Nexus - 0%
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Uiraya 1 week ago#6
I don't think I've sub30'd the DBs yet? Probably just lack of caring, though. Oh, all DKs beaten on release, too.

I have physical S1 laby bosses to do but I'll get to them whenever. Last remaining S2 boss is physical Kraken. I sub30'd magic weak Snow Giant but only because I stole the turn order wholesale from someone else X) Still counts!
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Blaze0fGlory 1 week ago#7
I’ve been on one of the on phases but about to slow down again. Came back and sub30’d all but the XI DK and have clears on all lab bosses. Once I developed some unorthodox ways to sub30 DK it was easy to apply the concept across weaker realms. Lab is just elemental teams with the exception of iron giant so they’re not so bad compared to Cardia content. It was fun for a bit but now there won’t be much to do so it’s time to step back.
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BeckyBoo 1 week ago#8
I've beaten all WOdins bar Wind Weak. Tbh I'm probably just going to save mostly for Kefka DASB as Terra features too.

All DBs beaten, cba checking how many sub30 but I'd guess half.

5 DKs down.

Lab beaten.

DK just feels like a pain in the arse to me so my motivation is low. Lab on the other hand I initially despised, and then went through a phase of just use a marker but I'm semi-enjoying the grind and end bosses now.
raoxi 1 week ago#9
@BeckyBoo u done all the nexus bosses? ur well up to date then! i will try after DKs so i can have the extra nodes
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xypheral 1 week ago#10
i am where i was 1 year ago....lol...basically ever since they announced ff7 the first soldier & ever crisis, i've started my transition plan and last year was basically auto mode while i search for alternative games until the first soldier/ever crisis hits....

that said, my progress is
odin all done (naturally 6* too)
db xi and core left (cos i adopted the 'sub30-once-&-fuhgedaboutit' strategy)
dk some done (this was also where i shifted from the db strategy.....no longer care about sub30..just do it once and shelved regardless of timing....vii remains the only sub30, though i am sure i have the tech to do a few more sub30....)
labyrinth is basically ignored content for me...just 1 record marker a day and manual runs if i see things i like.....
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