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User Info: pwnsausage01

1 week ago#1
Just curious to see what everyone does on the day to day to collect the daily rewards.

Honestly I've just been auto-ing crystal/dream dungeons and, if I feel up for it, clearing a magicite. I really only log on twice a day when my stamina is full/nearly full (usually when I'm getting ready in the morning and then in the late afternoon/evening). I've nearly forgotten about Cardia tbh and haven't collected any significant rat tail rewards in a while 😱

And y'all?
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#2
Nothing. If I login, I do 3 fff9 record dungeons (hitting skip = all 3 done in like 20 seconds)

That's it. Mostly play Omnia. When RK does drop, I do it all on drop
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User Info: sarothias

1 week ago#3
Log on when the daily rewards pop up (6am PST). Auto 1 magicite (just using a HC and getting the 10% clear since I don't need any). Dump remaining stamina into regular dailies for crystals.

Set phone down and come back and auto more dailies with stamina around 2pm or so.

Set phone down and do it again sometime before bed at like 10pm or so.

Rinse and repeat. Only differences being Sunday mornings I auto 4 magicites and get the remaining 6 as 1 per day. Sunday and Thursday night I do logon at 6pm PST and do the new event crap (saved stamina frome arlier) or pull on a banner if I've been waiting for it.

edit: if new content drops i.e. Wodin or Bahamut, I try and do that the day it launches or next day if possible.

double edit: 4 auto torments Wednesday night or if a new Bahamut then wait till Thursday night.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#4
1 magicite 2 minutes

Magia dream d180 team 16h straight

*plays world of warships legends or new released good game to record or crap games to get platinum trophies fast*

User Info: IamWallaman

1 week ago#5
What else to do when waiting on new challenges? Grinding.

One auto-magicite to begin the day, then cardia autos for the rest. Once I meet my magia goals, it'll be back to crystal grinding full-time. (unless laby drops first)

The only deviations are event days (which I finish at drop) and Sundays where I prioritize crystals.
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User Info: MaxweIl

1 week ago#6
  • Log in every event time (8 A.M here in my place) to check out any announcements.
  • If there's none, close the game. If there is, check the announcement and then close the game.
  • Special case, if there's an endgame content release (Odin, DB, Bahamut, etc) I play for like 2 hours trying to beat it, then I close the game.
  • Proceed to log back in on daily mission reset to do three dungeons, whether it's three weekly event dungeons or auto Magicite if the weekly event is already done.
  • Log back in once again on login reset (8 P.M). Do daily pull, collect all daily login rewards EXCEPT mythrils, so that way I can store up some mythrils. It's just my own way of saving.
  • Close the game, sleep, rinse and repeat.
I don't farm daily, I don't farm Magia, and I seldom do weekly Cardia missions.
Been playing this way since 5* Magicite era.
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User Info: pwnsausage01

1 week ago#7
What magicite do y'all farm auto? There's no need to auto 6* magicite for dailies so I'm assuming y'all do 5*.
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User Info: Lavabit

1 week ago#8
M-W: Dark Crystals
Th: Event
F-S: Dark Crystals
Sunday: Weekly Magicite/Event pt. 2

User Info: Lavabit

1 week ago#9
pwnsausage01 posted...
What magicite do y'all farm auto? There's no need to auto 6* magicite for dailies so I'm assuming y'all do 5*.
Manticore with naked Ramza, his ATB LM, and a high level Historia Crystal. Speed 5 gets you a clear in like 10s.

User Info: Shugo702

1 week ago#10
Combination of autoing 1-3x magicite, 0-2 power up dungeons or 0-2 incomplete weekly events for 3/3 daily completion (after pulling daily relic).

For the week:
  • Complete weekly events before expiration, usually when they release.
  • Autorun 4-5 D450 torments before weekly reset depending if there is a realm specific quest.
  • Throw in a few extra magicites before reset if I haven't completed the weekly 10/10.

Magia is very particular, my highest is 337. I don't farm it in general, but I have a "Magia" group saved for completing weeklly event quests that don't have realm specific quests attached. I do not farm otherwise. I also haven't farmed crystals in ~ 2 years. Stamina is full most of the time.
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