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6th Anniversary. Casual reminder that we've been playing this game way too long? This is expected in late March.

The most notable thing here is several relic selections. Either for free, or costing mythril.
Because of the sheer number to keep track of, I'll be adding a quick reference of the available options below.

As a disclaimer, most of this content is currently unconfirmed.

--- Pre-fest ---
- 17x Luck of the Realms banners
17 banners, 5 mythril each, 3x pulls, BSB+/LMR, expected to be a 10% 6*+7* rate.
Note that the cutoff hasn't been particularly good the past couple times, but we won't really know until it drops.

- Transcendent Ruins
The previous Transcendent bosses should return: Nemesis, Ozma, Zeromus EG, Yiazmat, Bahamut Fury, Shinryu+Omega, Omega Weapon, Iron Giant, Proto-Ultima, Shadowsmith, Emperor, Warring Triad, and now Chaos.

- Quality of Life updates
We're expected to get a few notable updates in March: Wait Mode, Straight to Battle, and Lv120 Historia Crystals. I'll cover these further down.

- Dragonking Bahamut
This next tier of Cardia content is expected somewhere near fest. Bahamut is effectively the next difficulty after Dreambreakers. If we match JP, the first ones should be I, V, and IX, followed quickly by VII and X.


--- Fest banners and relics ---
- 3x Lucky Draws
3 one-time, half-price LD banners, on each of the three days before the fest starts proper. One day only for each.
Notably, the format has been changed slightly this time.
1) LBGs, 6* Glint+s, and 5*/6* LMRs. (2G5, should be 8% 6*)
2) LBOs and AOSBs
3) AASBs

- 5x Normal Fest Banners
It's 5 banners, one every 3 days, and each one lasting 4 days.
As usual, Global's versions of these banners may be a little different from JP's.

JP's versions:
#1: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78983817
#2: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78983915
#3: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78983980
#4: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78984055
#5: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78984203

This fest includes another Stamp Sheet.
1 Stamp: 5000 Gysahl Greens
2 Stamps: 50 of each 4* Mote
3 Stamps: 50 of each Major Orb
4 Stamps: 50 of each 5* Mote
5 Stamps: 1 Artifact Stone
6 Stamps: 1 free USB pick
7 Stamps: 10 of each Crystal
8 Stamps: 1 free Glint/LMR pick
9 Stamps: 10 of each Crystal
10 Stamps: 1 free Sync pick
11 Stamps: 10000 Gyashl Greens
12 Stamps: 10000 Gyashl Greens
13 Stamps: 50 of each 5* Mote
14 Stamps: 60 Rainbow Crystals
15 Stamps: 1 free AASB pick
16 Stamps: 10000 Gyashl Greens
17 Stamps: 15000 Gyashl Greens
18 Stamps: 10 of each Crystal
19 Stamps: 60 Rainbow Crystals
20 Stamps: 250 Anima Lens+

Spending 500 mythril would get you one bonus Sync. 750 mythril would get you one bonus AASB.
- For the Sync select, the choices are expected to be the same as last fest's: Bartz, Locke, Cloud 1, Sephiroth, Squall 1, Rinoa 2, Lightning 1, Noctis 1, Lunafreya, Orlandeau, Rem.
- For the AASB select, the choices should be the same as the 6th Anniversary Focused Draw's selection, below.
- I don't know the cutoff for the USB or Glint/LMR selects. But, Altema did list them out on their website, and even catalogued which ones were or weren't in the record lab. You'd need to translate it, but here's the link: https://altema.jp/ffrk/6thfes202009

- 6th Anniversary Free Relic Draw (15 free 10x ticket draws)
This free banner requires tickets to pull. We should get 15 such tickets from login bonuses. Each pull is a 10x relic draw, with 1 5* relic guaranteed.

- 6th Anniversary Present Relic Draw (1 free AASB/AOSB/LMR set)
This free banner is a 10x relic draw, with 1 5* relic guaranteed.
After pulling, you can select an AASB/AOSB/LMR set from the following choices: Warrior of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Paladin Cecil, Bartz, Locke, Tifa, Rinoa, Zidane, Yuna, Ayame, Ashe, Lightning, Alphinaud, Noctis, Agrias, Rem.

- "Forgotten Heroes" free relics
As part of the Forgotten Heroes event in this fest, you may select up to 1 AASB and 1 USB for free.

- 6th Anniversary Focused Relic Draw (pull 2 pick 1 AASB)
This is a regular, full-priced banner. After pulling twice (100 mythril total), you can select 1 AASB from a list.
The banner itself features Edge AASB, Rydia AASB1, Vivi AASB1, and Noctis AASB.
The AASB selection list is large, and includes several notable AASBs such as Cait Sith, Mog 1, Edward, and Edge.

- 6th Anniversary Ultra Abundance Relic Draw
This full price relic draw gives you 11 random USBs from a pool, in exchange for 50 mythril. It can be pulled only once. (Frankly, this banner is terrible.)
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

6 days ago#2
--- Relic pick quick reference ---

*All selection lists here are based on JP's lists, and may be slightly different for us.


- Free AASB+AOSB+LMR set
Full relic details: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78996703
WoL --- AASB + AOSB + enholy LMR
Firion --- AASB + AOSB + dualcast samurai LMR
OK --- mage AASB1 + AOSB1 + instacast2 LMR
PCecil --- AASB + AOSB + dualcast knight LMR
Bartz --- wind AASB2 + AOSB + triplecast spellblade LMR
Locke --- AASB + AOSB + dualcast fire LMR
Tifa --- AASB + AOSB + dualcast monk LMR
Rinoa --- ice AASB1 + AOSB + dualcast black LMR
Zidane --- AASB + AOSB + thief quickcast LMR
Yuna --- AASB1 + AOSB + dualcast summon LMR
Ayame --- AASB + AOSB + samurai quickcast LMR
Ashe --- AASB + AOSB + enlightning LMR
Lightning --- lightning AASB1 + AOSB1 + dualcast lightning LMR
Alphinaud --- AASB + AOSB + enwind LMR
Noctis --- AASB + AOSB2 + dualcast combat LMR
Agrias --- AASB + AOSB + dualcast knight LMR
Rem --- AASB + AOSB + MND boost per hit LMR

- 1 free AASB and 1 free USB from Forgotten Heroes event
- AASBs: Warrior of Light, Garland, Meia, Firion, Maria, Emperor 1, Onion Knight 1, Ingus, Cloud of Darkness, Paladin Cecil, Kain 1, Rydia 1, Bartz 1, Famed Mimic Gogo, Kelger, Terra 1, Locke, Celes 1, Cloud 1, Tifa, Sephiroth 1, Squall 1, Rinoa 1, Ultimecia, Zidane, Vivi 1, Kuja, Tidus, Lulu 1, Rikku, Shantotto, Curilla, Lion, Vaan 1, Ashe, Balthier, Lightning 1, Snow 1, Raines 1, Alphinaud, Yda, Noctis, Prompto, Aranea, Rem, Queen, Cinque, Agrias, Orlandeau
- USBs: Sarah 3, Hilda 1, Aria 1, Rosa 1, Lenna 3, Relm 1, Aerith 2, Selphie 2, Eiko 2, Yuna 4, Aphmau 1, Penelo 2, Vanille 3, Y'shtola 2, Iris 1, Deuce 3, Ovelia 2, Tyro 1, Elarra 1, Elarra 2


- 6 stamps: 300 mythril for 1 USB
- 8 stamps: 400 mythril for 1 Glint/LMR
Too many to list out here. For those interested, Altema's list: https://altema.jp/ffrk/6thfes202009

- 10 stamps: 500 mythril for 1 Sync
Syncs: Bartz, Locke, Cloud 1, Sephiroth, Squall 1, Rinoa 2, Lightning 1, Noctis 1, Lunafreya, Orlandeau, Rem.

- 15 stamps: 750 mythril for 1 AASB
Same as next list below


- 100 mythril on focused draw, pick 1 AASB
Full banner details: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78980587
I: WoL, Garland, Sarah, Wol, Echo, Master, Matoya, Meia, Thief 1
II: Firion, Maria, Leon, Minwu, Gordon, Leila, Josef 1, Emperor 1, Emperor 2, Hilda, Scott
III: Luneth, Arc, Refia, Ingus, Desch, OK 1, OK 2, CoD, Aria
IV: Decil, Pecil, Kain 1, Rydia 1, Rosa, Edward, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Edge, Fusoya, Golbez, Ceodore, Rubicante, Barbariccia
V: Lenna 1, Lenna 2, Galuf, Gogo, Gilgamesh, Bartz 1, Bartz 2, Bartz 3, Bartz 4, Faris 1, Faris 2, Dorgann, Exdeath, Krile, Xezat, Kelger
VI: Terra 1, Terra 2, Locke, Celes, Mog 1, Edgar, Sabin, Shadow, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Strago, Relm, Gogo, Umaro, Kefka, Leo
VII: Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Barret 1, Barret 2, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Yuffie 1, Yuffie 2, Cait Sith, Vincent, Zack 1, Zack 2, Sephiroth 1, Sephiroth 2, Cid, Angeal, Rufus, Shelke, Genesis
VIII: Squall 1, Squall 2, Rinoa 1, Rinoa 2, Quistis, Zell, Selphie, Seifer, Laguna 1, Edea, Raijin, Fujin, Kiros, Ward, Ultimecia
IX: Zidane, Garnet, Vivi 1, Vivi 2, Steiner 1, Freya, Quina, Eiko 1, Eiko 2, Amarant, Beatrix, Kuja, Marcus
X: Tidus, Yuna 1, Wakka 1, Lulu 1, Kimahri, Rikku, Auron, Jecht 1, Braska, Paine, Seymour
XI: Shantotto, Ayame, Curilla, Lion, Aphmau, Zeid
XII: Vaan 1, Vaan 2, Balthier, Fran 1, Basch, Ashe, Penelo, Gabranth, Larsa, Vayne, Reks
XIII: Lightning 1, Lightning 2, Snow 1, Snow 2, Vanille, Sazh, Hope, Fang, Serah, Raines, Noel 1, Noel 2, Nabaat
XIV: Y'shtola 1, Y'shtola 2, Yda, Papalymo, Alphinaud, Ysasyle, Haurchefant, Alisaie
XV: Nocits, Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, Iris, Aranea, Cor, Lunafreya
FFT: Ramza, Agrias, Ovelia, Orlandeau, Gaffgarion, Rapha, Marach, Marche, Alma
Type-0: Ace, Deuce, Nine, Machina, Rem, Queen, King, Cinque, Seven, Sice, Jack, Eight, Cater, Trey 1, Trey 2
Beyond: Lann, Tama, Enna Kros, Serafie, Rain, Fina, Lasswell
Core: Tyro, Elarra, Dr Mog 1, Dr Mog 2
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

6 days ago#3
--- Gifts & Campaigns ---
- Login Bonuses
6th Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus
- Day 1: 1 Realm/Elemental Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 2: 5 Hero Souls & MCI Lodes
- Day 3: 5 MCII & MCIII Lodes
- Day 4: 1 Realm/Elemental Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 5: 50 Major Growth Eggs
- Day 6: 80 of each 3* Mote
- Day 7: 50 of each 4* Mote

6th Anniversary Login Bonus
- Day 1: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 2: 10 Mythril
- Day 3: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 4: 50 Major Adamantites & Scarletites
- Day 5: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 6: 20 of each Major Orb
- Day 7: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 8: 5 Major Arcanas
- Day 9: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 10: 15 of each 5* Mote

6th Anniversary Special Login Bonus
- Day 1: 30 Mythril
- Day 2: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 3: 50 Major Adamantites & Scarletites
- Day 4: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 5: 10 of each Crystal
- Day 6: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 7: 5 Major Arcanas
- Day 8: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket
- Day 9: 50 of each 6* Mote
- Day 10: 1 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Ticket

6th Anniversary Surprise Login Bonus
- Day 1: 5 6th Anniversary Relic Draw Tickets

- Gift Dungeons
14 days of gifts, including 43 mythril (1 mythril each day, except 30 mythril on day 1), and 50 of each 6* mote.
Magia EXP is tripled here. These dungeons also give a lot of regular EXP.

- Feast Dungeons
Orbfest is 5 tickets per day for 10 days, so 50 runs total. The coins obtained here can be exchanged for Crystals or other items of your choice.
Magia EXP is tripled here. This dungeon also gives a lot of regular EXP.
This event is likely to start a few days before the rest of the fest.

- Realm Dungeons half stamina
- Double Gysahl campaign
The usual. We didn't get the realm half-stamina with last fest though.


--- Fest Events ---
- Forgotten Heroes
This is the fest's boss event, including 3 D450 fights. There is a gimmick here: If you bring a full realm party to the D300 or D450 fights, then Terra/Cloud/Lightning joins your party as an AI-controlled 6th member.
Notable rewards include 12 mythril, 90 of each 6* mote, and 15 Gysahl Coins. These 15 Gysahl Coins can be exchanged for rewards from a shop, which include 49 AASBs (10 coins each), 20 USBs (5 coins each), or 5 Artifact Stones (1 coin each). So basically, this event is worth 1 AASB and 1 USB, or alternately 1 AASB and 5 Artifact Stones.

- Damage Contest
Your opponent here is a Fat Moogle. These are Jump Start battles, starting you with full SB gauges, and the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible within 30 seconds. However, there are Cardia-style rules in effect, you'll effectively need 3 or more of characters from one realm.
Rewards include 4 mythril, 50 of each 6* mote, and a bunch of anima lenses, including 100 EX lenses.

- Transcendent Long Gui
The FFXIII Transcendent is the hulking, bulky, powerful Long Gui. You can stagger Long Gui by using 6+ damaging SBs on it. The stagger only lasts for 3 seconds at a time, and it gets harder to stagger it each time, but while it's staggered you'll have opportunities to better damage it.
Rewards include 1 Mythril, a Music Record, and a 6* accessory (ATK+20 & Earth resist) from the easier stage. The Transcendent difficulty is worth 1 Mythril, 55 Lv3 lenses, 100 major arcana, and gil.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

6 days ago#4
--- Quality of Life updates ---
- Wait Mode:
This config menu option grants you the ability to switch between "Wait" and "Active" mid-battle. Wait stops the ATB, and Active allows it to flow normally. You can switch between them with a button that appears during battle.

However, there is a penalty: While using this option, the game will be locked to a special battle speed. It's effectively a "3.5" speed that wastes 0.125s per ATB tick, and with a terrible 14s chain duration. (You can compare this to Speed 1, which uses 0.035s per tick and a 15.68s chain duration. A 14s chain is the same as Speed 2, which makes Wait Mode tied for worst.) Unfortunately, as a result, Wait Mode is basically useless for any content where you would actually need it or want it.

- "Straight to Battle":
When entering a dungeon, this new button allows you to skip the party setup menuing and proceed more directly to the fight. Specifically, it skips up to the stamina confirmation right before the battle loads.
A new config option will be added to allow this to apply to Auto Run as well.

- Lv120 Historia Crystal cap:
The Historia Crystal level cap will be raised to Lv120. The required EXP and passive increases from Lv99 to Lv120 use a similar pattern as from Lv80 to Lv99.
(Note that, to obtain the "Historia Soul 4" items for breaking the cap past Lv99, you'll need first-time completion on each Dreambreaker. 10% clears will do.)

Here's the passives/stats at Lv120:

And the EXP curve:

The passives increase gradually, so Lv110 is a halfway-decent sweet spot to stop on, just like Lv90 was.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

6 days ago#5
Delita and Alma get Record Board access during this fest.

13 new Hero Abilities are expected alongside this fest.

Emperor - Starfall (Black Magic): 3 single-target Dark/Earth/Wind magic attacks, minor Imperil Dark/Earth/Wind for 5 seconds (3 x 3.30, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Black, Earth/Dark]

Luneth - Jump (III) (Dragoon): 6 single-target Wind jump attacks, no air time (6 x 1.10, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Wind, Lightning/Earth]

Arc - Altruist Leviath (White Magic): 5 single-target Holy/Water hybrid attacks (5 x 3.55/4.95, minimum damage 2000, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Holy, White/Summon]

Strago - Aqua Breath (Black Magic): 6 single-target Water magic attacks (6 x 3.50, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Black, Ice/Lightning]

Zack - Rush Assault (Celerity): 6 single-target Wind physical attacks, 2.40/2.00/1.60/1.20 CT with 0/1/2/3 uses (6 x 1.10, 90 SB) [Power, NE/Wind]

Balthier - Fires of War (Machinist): 7 single-target Fire ranged physical attacks (7 x 0.85, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Fire, NE/Wind]

Hope - Last Resort (Black Magic): 6 single-target Holy magic attacks, remove Haste every 2nd use (6 x 3.50, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Black, NE/Holy]

Papalymo - Scion's Fire (Black Magic): 6 single-target Fire magic attacks (6 x 3.50, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Black, NE/Fire]

Ysayle - Diamond Dust (Summoning): 5 AOE Ice summon magic attacks, higher multiplier with fewer targets (5 x 4.15~4.95, minimum damage 2000, 90 SB, 1.80s, 2~6 uses) [Summon, NE/Ice]

Agrias - Judgment Blade (Knight): 5 single-target Holy physical attacks, minor Imperil Holy for 5 seconds (5 x 1.10, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Holy, Power/NE]

Delita - Northwain's Strike (Spellblade): 5 single-target Holy/Fire/Lightning/Ice physical attacks (5 x 1.10, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Power, Lightning/Holy]

Alma - Chant (White Magic): h25 heal to party, grants Heal +10% for 1 turn to user every 4th use (100 SB, 1.65s) [White, NE/Holy]

Queen - Divine Judgment Blade (Spellblade): 4/5/6/7 single-target Lightning/Dark physical attacks after 0/3/5/7 damaging actions (4/5/6/7 x 1.10, 90 SB, 1.65s) [Power, Lightning/Dark]
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

6 days ago#6
It's a bit early to post this, I know. It's still more than a month away. But people seemed to be starting to chatter about it, so I figured I might as well.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: ClearAsChalk

6 days ago#7
Very useful as always, thanks!

Ugh, a difficulty beyond dreambreaker already?

No idea what to choose for forgotten heroes yet.
The standout AASBs seem to be only if they work well with other tech?
Lightning (w/ AASB2), Rem (w/ sync), Sephiroth (w/ USB2), Squall (w/ AASB2), Rydia (w/ sync), Alphinaud (w/ sync), Zidane (w/ sync)?
Any other standout AASBs, either with other tech or on their own?
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: KoD_Krysco_51

6 days ago#8
Thanks for posting this, lots of great info here.

User Info: herocomplex00

6 days ago#9
I'm just under 300 mythril now, so I think I'm on track to be able to do the stamp SASB and 100-mythril AASB selections, meaning lots of choices to make. That's based on people seeming to agree that the banners this fest are pretty good, so hopefully worth spreading around 10 pulls. On selections...

Full set: I have nothing above USB for Rem, so her full-set seems like a strong choice for her AASB.

SASB stamp: I have Locke, Rinoa, Ayame, Lightning, and Alphinaud, so my strongest choices feel like Zidane, Noctis, and Rem, based on hearing about those as power level-defining relics---I've got AASB already for Zidane and Noctis, and likely will get Rem's in another selection, so they'd all have strong kits.

Forgotten Heroes: Best options feel like complimenting someone I've got the SASB for already. Sephiroth's and Vivi's relics don't play together, but having both would give them both a big boost of sustainability. Alphinaud would open up the SASB/AASB combo, and Lightning would get both sustainability for lightning and the two-AASB combo for holy. Rem also in the mix if I don't select her full-set.

100-mythril: Seph, Rem, Alph, and Lightning would all be great options, already mentioned above. I don't have Edge or Vaan 2, so those seem like the two strongest other options, from what I hear.

Currently assuming I'll pick Rem AASB and Lightning AASB1 from the full-set and Forgotten Heroes, plus a very strong SASBs (Zidane, Noctis, Rem) from the stamp, and a very strong/comboable AASB (Edge, Vaan 2, Sephiroth, Alphinaud) for the 100-mythril.

Adding on anything I actually get from the various banners, should be a lot of new toys this event.
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
6th Anniversary. Casual reminder that we've been playing this game way too long?

I am struggling to remember a time when I didn't play this game. Although I've fallen deep into the lazy vet territory now. Hasn't hurt my mythril count though, closing in on 400.

Edit: Also thank you!
FFRK ID: 24F2 - Tyro DVG
(edited 6 days ago)
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