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User Info: Jumbo-Cactuar

1 week ago#11
I have no where near enough mithril for this banner

User Info: Keith Kaizer

Keith Kaizer
1 week ago#12
SolitaireD posted...
It still says Dark Muse next to the rating.
I always hope for the best. Experience, unfortunately, has taught me to expect the worst. ~ Elim Garak

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#13
dark muse?

u mean...


User Info: Gainerama

1 week ago#14
Yum, I got 1000 mythril just for this banner alone

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 week ago#15
I've got both Squall and Lightning AASB1 already, so this banner could take a lot of mythril from me

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#16
Gainerama posted...
Yum, I got 1000 mythril just for this banner alone

We fight together!
About 9/14 okay. Rem's Sync looks to be god mode, so I'll make a pull just for that.

This is tricky for me though since I'm missing Rem's, Bartz's, Squall's, and Lightning's earlier stuff. But Rem's still good, and I wouldn't hate picking up decent AASBs/Syncs for the others. However, they won't be game-changing, and their Glint+s and that AOSB feel like total duds unless I get more for them, save for maybe Bartz's. Sephiroth's Sync and Glint+ are another story, since I have his AASB and they just make him even better. (I could really use more AASB+Sync characters in general.)

Lenna probably isn't going to dethrone Elarra, but yeah those are nice SBs. The AASB is basically a Glint+ and the USB gives a ton of effects. Though I'm not sure how I feel about a brave command medica in the heat of a fight. And Yuna, huh... I have Edward's CSB, but Yuna might be slightly better in some circumstances. Either one is vaguely dead weight in the middle of a fight though? Kinda?

So, one pull, maybe two.
What a fuddy duddy.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Icedragonadam

1 week ago#18
Here it is!

Pretty much nearly everything is delicious!
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User Info: LPguy

1 week ago#19
Just a reminder early in the thread: take a breath between pulls. The banner will be up for FOUR DAYS. Don't blow your load in X successive pulls. I firmly believe RNG is not true RNG with this game. Get rid of your bad RNG with a small break between pulls.
You know a banner is a must pull when the worst relic is a gen 2.5 chain.
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