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User Info: SolitaireD

1 week ago#1
How many do you really want?

Note: "Quick ATB" means half, and in some future SBs I will denote it as "200% ATB"

All stats are L20 (L30 for SASB, L25 for AASB/AOSB/CSB/USB/GSB+) before realm synergy.
Credits to Discord's Community Development team for SB and relic details.


Sephiroth's Kusanagi (7* Katana w/ Dark boost; 209 ATK)
[SASB "Demonic Lord", DMG/CT]
15 single-target Dark/NE physical attacks, Lv.3 En-Dark, En-Dark Stack, Sync Mode & Cap Break Level 1 (15 x 0.60)
Attack (Darkness): 6 single-target Dark/NE physical attacks (6 x 0.90, Darkness)
Defend (Darkness): [Critical Chance +100%, Critical Damage +50% & Cap Break Level 8] for 1 turn to user, Instant Cast (Darkness)
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10701000/20191227_GURKoYR41e0.mp4)

Bartz's Mirage Sword (7* Sword w/ Wind boost; 209 ATK)
[SASB "Ethereal Bond", DMG/CT]
15 single-target Wind/NE physical attacks, Lv.3 En-Wind, En-Wind Stack, Sync Mode, Cap Break Level 1 & Ethereal Bond to user (15 x 0.60)
Attack (Wind): 6 single-target Wind/NE physical attacks, multiplier increases with each use (6 x 0.85/0.90/0.95, Spellblade)
Defend (Wind): Single-target Wind/NE physical attack, Quick Cast 2 & Dualcast Spellblade 1 to user (1 x 0.90, Spellblade)
Ethereal Bond: After using 3 Sync abilities, grants En-Wind to user
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10500100/20191227_IMBNNtJ4cng.mp4)

Rem's Mythril Daggers (7* Dagger w/ Holy boost; 136 ATK / 145 MAG / 207 MND)
[SASB "Saintly Huntcraft", DMG/CT]
15 single-target Holy/Dark/NE white magic attacks, Lv.3 En-Holy, En-Holy Stack, Sync Mode, Cap Break Level 1 & Quick ATB to user (15 x 1.60)
Attack (Holy): 6 single-target Holy/NE white magic attacks (6 x 3.10, White Magic)
Defend (Holy): 3 single-target Holy/NE white magic attacks, High Quick Cast 1 to user (3 x 3.10, White Magic)
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/16000500/20191227_J6MD0_OlBC0.mp4)

Lightning's Hyperion (6* Sword w/ Holy boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "Elegant Drive", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Holy/NE physical attacks, En-Holy, En-Holy Stack, Awoken Holy Mode, Cap Break Level 1, Quick Cast & Graceful Influence to user (15 x 0.60)
Awoken Holy Mode: Unlimited Holy Hones, Holy Ability Boost & Dualcast Holy
Graceful Influence: After using 2 Holy abilities, grants En-Holy & Holy Damage +10% to user
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11300100/20191227_Tdgpsvz7P4U.mp4)

Squall's Dragon's Heart (6* Sword w/ Fire boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "End of Flame", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Fire/NE physical attacks, En-Fire, Awoken Fire Mode, Cap Break Level 1, Quick Cast, Fire Damage +30% & Fated Burn to user (15 x 0.60)
Awoken Fire Mode: Unlimited Fire Hones, Fire Ability Boost & Dualcast Fire
Fated Burn: When status is removed, chases with 10 single-target Fire/NE physical attacks & AOE Fire/NE Overstrike physical attack (10 x 0.67 + 1 x 5.70, Spellblade)
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10800100/20191227_9GDB4dK8R6M.mp4)

Lenna's Robe of Lords (6* Robe; 19 MND / 122 DEF / 186 RES)
[AASB "Spreading One's Wings", +10 MND upon Mastery]
Regenga, Protect, Shell, Haste & High Quick Cast 2 to party, Instant Cast, Awoken Dual Job Mode to user
Awoken Dual Job Mode: Unlimited White Magic/Dancer Hones, Dualcast White Magic/Dancer & chases R1/2/3/4/5 White Magic/Dancer abilities with 500/1000/1500/2000/3000 HP Stock to party
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10500200/20191227_744QnJAiEms.mp4)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

1 week ago#2

Yuna's Alchemist Yuna (6* Gun; 115 ATK / 135 MAG / 177 MND)
[CSB "Fanciful Ballad", +5 MAG & +5 MND upon Mastery]
Activates Holy Chain (99) & 50% Holy Field, Instant Cast, MAG & MND +30%* and Holy Damage +20% to party
*ID: 623
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11000200/20191227_9PzA6q-GfRY.mp4)

Lightning's Goddess's Bangle (6* Bracer w/ Holy boost; 42 ATK / 125 DEF / 24 MAG / 122 RES / 23 MND)
[AOSB "Glittering Feather", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
20 single-target Holy ranged physical attacks & single-target Holy Overstrike ranged physical attack (20 x 0.55 + 1 x 8.00)
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11300100/20191227_9l3M3TTKOKA.mp4)

Lenna's Mystery Veil (6* Hat; 35 MAG / 112 DEF / 44 MND / 165 RES)
[USB "Princesses' Prayer", +10 MND upon Mastery]
h55 heal, Regenga & High Quick Cast 2 to user, Instant Cast, Brave Mode to user
Condition: Use White Magic or Dancer abilities
Level 0: Single-target h25 heal, Instant Cast (White Magic)
Level 1: h25 heal to party, Instant Cast (White Magic)
Level 2: h55 heal to party, Instant Cast (White Magic)
Level 3: h55 heal & Last Stand to party, Instant Cast (White Magic)
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10500200/20191227_NRhfKsxi1KE.mp4)

Sephiroth's Soul Armlet (6* Bracer; 42 ATK / 125 DEF / 24 MAG / 122 RES / 23 MND)
[GSB+ "Fervent Shadow", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
En-Dark, En-Dark Stack & Instant Cast 1 to user, Instant Cast & Zero SB Cost
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10701000/20191227_N7kuqKa1jAs.mp4)

Rem's Defender's Daggers (6* Dagger; 122 ATK / 130 MAG / 176 MND)
[GSB+ "Tenacious Stand", +10 MND upon Mastery]
Last Stand to party, Instant Cast & Zero SB Cost, Instant Cast 1 to user
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/16000500/20191227_XxOEWt5zDhk.mp4)

Lightning's Dark Muse (6* Light Armor; 19 ATK / 152 DEF / 152 RES)
[GSB+ "War God's Resolve", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
En-Holy, En-Holy Stack & Instant Cast 1 to user, Instant Cast & Zero SB Cost
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/11300100/20191227_QmcpGvrcMdw.mp4)

Bartz's Behemoth Knife (6* Dagger; 171 ATK)
[GSB+ "Quest of the Four", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
En-Wind, En-Wind Stack & 250 SB Points to user, Instant Cast & Zero SB Cost
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10500100/20191227_BhFQ99zlXxg.mp4)

Squall's Red Cap (6* Hat; 19 ATK / 112 DEF / 35 MAG / 165 RES / 34 MND)
[GSB+ "Fated Force", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
En-Fire, En-Fire Stack & Instant Cast 1 to user, Instant Cast & Zero SB Cost
(SB Animation: https://ffrk-movie.static.sp.mbga.jp/soul_strike/10800100/20191227_W_6xY1-DX9o.mp4)

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: SolitaireD

1 week ago#3
Banner 3 Overview

Kusanagi/Soul Armlet:
Sephiroth SASB vs AASB/USB2 has been one of the most debated topic amongst the JP community.
Consensus is that SASB is a very powerful alternative.
Some players have tested and SASB's damage won by a small margin.
For SASB you just need to cast 1 SB and alternate commands. Easy execution, no need to juggle, higher En-Dark.
While AASB/USB2 technically only cost you 1 SB as well, it takes longer to set up.
This is the reason why this SASB is the only non-ATB one that's ranked at the top.
SASB = AASB/USB2, but imagine having both. Perfect for fights beyond Odin where you need sustainable DPS.
Glint+ is perfect for those who are using AASB/USB2 because it saves you 1000 Anima Lens & 500 SB Points to use USB1.
Personal Rating (Kusanagi): 11/10
Personal Rating (Soul Armlet): 7/10

Mirage Sword/Behemoth Knife:
As a known Bartz user, this Glint+ is godly.
For a character who needs to use multiple SBs, free SB points is awesome.
Now for the Sync, it's mostly for Dreambreaker.
Wind is Bartz's best element so it is good to reinforce his best DPS, especially with AASB1+2.
As for those without Bartz, it's a great opportunity to get relics for one of FFV best DPS.
Personal Rating (Mirage Sword): 9/10
Personal Rating (Behemoth Knife): 10/10

Mythril Daggers/Defender's Daggers:
Just like Lightning & Noctis in the previous 2 fests, Rem SASB is the ultimate jackpot of this fest.
Speed is everything in the next metagame. You can stack as much Cap Breaks as you want, but you still need speed to get the most out of them.
This is how DeNA is preparing us for the upcoming powercreeps, where boss HP can double 6* Magicite and you are still expected to sub30s.
Rem SASB halves ATB charge time, and you have her AASB/USB1 to third her casting time.
Pair with AASB for an additional Cap Break & ability cast.
She has a strong 6-hit HA, which is plain unfair when compared to Minwu's.
WHT attacks have higher multiplier than BLK/SUM, and it is unaffected by Full Break.
Glint+ for insurance/speedrunners I guess, not necessary.
Personal Rating (Mythril Daggers): 20/10
Personal Rating (Defender's Daggers): 5/10

Dragon's Heart/Hyperion:
These two are right up there with Rem's Sync if you have their first AASB.
When combining both AASB1 & AASB2, Lightning & Squall can now triplecast their HA, quadcast with LM.
It is also easier to cap damage than SASB, since HA has higher multiplier and using it directly lets you reap the full benefits of Ability Boost.
Squall can go either Ice or Fire with AASB1+2, but only at L1 En-Element unless you waste precious turn to cast a Stack SB and it's not worth it.
Unfortunately Squall AASB2 by itself is not really remarkable. His upcoming SASB2 has ATB gimmick but this AASB returns there too.
Meanwhile Lightning AASB1+2 can only be Holy, since AASB2 constantly refreshes En-Holy.
On the bright side, Lightning is actually very powerful in Holy as her AASB2 increases damage every other turn and her USB3 speeds up the party to amp up overall DPS.
Personal Rating (Dragon's Heart): 7.5/10, 15 with AASB1
Personal Rating (Dark Muse): 10/10, 15 with AASB1

Goddess's Bangle/Dark Muse/Red Cap:
With so much boosting from Lightning AASB2, she will have an easier time to cap damage than other characters with 20+1 hit AOSB.
Both Lightning & Squall Glint+ are mainly for the Instant Cast 1, En-Element and Stack are pointless when running both AASBs.
Personal Rating (Goddess's Bangle): 6/10
Personal Rating (Dark Muse): 3/10
Personal Rating (Red Cap): 3/10

Robe of Lords/Mystery Veil:
Lenna gets back in the healing game with these new relics.
AASB2 is a great fight opener and her USB4 is even better, pretty much Elarra's USB1 + Last Stand.
For those who have been using Elarra mostly as a Dancer, Lenna can be a strong replacement.
But sadly being similar to Elarra means Lenna will hardly be considered.
Regardless, many of you will pull in this banner anyway. Lenna won't be a dud and is valuable for Dreambreaker.
Personal Rating (Robe of Lords): 7.5/10
Personal Rating (Mystery Veil): 8/10

Alchemist Yuna:
Speaking from experience, it is highly difficult for Yuna to juggle more than 1 role without battery.
It is hard to maintain Chain while having to also spend SB bars for DPS or healing.
As an attacker, her AASB has no damage boost, En-Holy comes from USB4/Glint, and Ability Boost from USB2. Plus an AOSB.
As a healer, her Haste is in USB1/5, Last Stand in USB1/4, etc.
So if you don't have to rely on Yuna for damage or healing, she is a viable Chain user.
Personal Rating: 7/10

Conclusion: Like any other top banners, even if everything else but Rem SASB suck, you should still give it a try for that grand prize.
Thankfully this banner is the absolute reverse of sucking and all relics are new.
All DPS relics are endgame worthy and Lenna is good to have.

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: OutsiderX

1 week ago#4
It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

1 week ago#5
Just to add that Yuna has an En-Holy Unique (1 SB bar), still a gauge nightmare however.

Im thinking 2 pulls, hopefully turn around a not-so-great fest. (Or not).

User Info: LPguy

1 week ago#6
Banner 3 in all its glory = CONFIRMED

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#7
Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who will sync dupe me overall?

u know the drill!

20 Pulls till rem drops then i escape

(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: herocomplex00

1 week ago#8
SolitaireD posted...
Dragon's Heart/Dark Muse:

I think this Dark Muse should be Hyperion, right?

User Info: SolitaireD

1 week ago#9
herocomplex00 posted...

I think this Dark Muse should be Hyperion, right?

3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.

User Info: Goldice

1 week ago#10
All the myth budgeted

(But really 250)
New England Patriots: Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII Champions
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