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User Info: towelrack

3 days ago#11
All I had for a chain was Ingus, and that plus his BSB2 and USB worked fine for Ramuh. Yes, I had other real good infused dps for the fight (gotta pull making decisions based on your whole team of course, and what content you're at, etc. etc.), but Ingus really isn't thaaaat terrible.

That said, there are better options for a set if you need something else...
fallout4papi posted...
Maybe its just me but Ingus is pretty bad. 1. He's super slow... 2. No way to infuse... at least he has ways to reup en earth in the lens shop. 3. No double cast, and his LM's are pretty bad.

I consider him to be one of the worst options.

I also have ingus AASB and i agreed with this statement...slow, bad LM, and most importantly, no double cast (other than the double cast from AASB).

If you getting him anyway though, be sure to get his USB also from the lens shop if you dont have it yet.
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User Info: SilverSoul255

3 days ago#13
Think I'm gonna pass on Ingus

User Info: FreeMan5407

3 days ago#14
SilverSoul255 posted...
Think I'm gonna pass on Ingus

What other AASB you don't have from the present list?
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User Info: fepnascimento

3 days ago#15
Got Ingus set cause the others had dupes. Now sub 15 on FFIII Torment, really cant complain.

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lulz @ subpar players thinking they can replicate the Bartz solo DPS + Galuf Chain. Yes, it's possible.

But good luck a) being skilled enough to do that, and b) praying to the RNGram thottie for perfect RNG.

The overwhelming majority of people will pull their hair out and quit just trying to make it out of 1st phase Ramuh with that set up, and that's just the first hurdle. The win requires stupid amount of RNG favor in 2 phases. Good luck.

Just get the Ingus set. His AASB + USB combo is very much viable for Ramuh clear.

User Info: Kenlimkenlim

3 days ago#17
Really depends on which other AASBs you do not have. A new/better AASB with 1-2 dupes might be better than a completely new Ingus set.

Having said that, his main issue would be a lack of DC LM and enEarth glint. While his BSB and USB in lens shop both provide enEarth, glints makes things much more manageable. He is certainly viable as a secondary DPS, especially with his earth Radiant Shield, but I wouldn’t pick him if you lack any of the other better AASBs available. I would even go as far to say any of the other AASBs would be better, simply because they are on stronger characters.

User Info: SilverSoul255

3 days ago#18
FreeMan5407 posted...
What other AASB you don't have from the present list?

Don't have Cloud or Squall or Shantotto or Tidus. I'm really up in the air about what I want. I have a bunch of other stuff for most elements. For those elements (Wind, Lightning, Ice, Water), I've got AASBs for Sora, OK, Bartz, Prompto, Ultimecia, Lulu, Kimahri, Strago, Ashe, and Rydia. That's why I wanted to give Ingus a good look before I tried to pick from the others.

User Info: SaintTweeter

3 days ago#19
I had dupes on all the others, and no FF3 awake. Literally only reason I chose Ingus. He's pretty unremarkable otherwise, and was a very random character to put in this selection.
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User Info: antifocus

3 days ago#20
I am tired of just X can beat Y and citing that YouTube channel. That guy can do it doesn't mean anyone else can or want to do it.
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