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  3. Is Ingus any good for Earth?- Present Relic Set

User Info: SilverSoul255

3 days ago#1
So as concerns the free draw with relic set: I have dupes for everyone but Ingus. I've never really considered using Ingus for Earth, but I wouldn't say I have one standout Earth character. I've got Bartz, Rydia, and OK's AASBs, which all hit Earth but aren't exclusive. And I've got Galuf and Red XIII's CSB, so I've got some Earth support. Should I get Ingus for an Earth character, despite not having invested anything in him up to this point, or finish up a set for another character? In particular I'm eyeing TGC's Flame Shield, which I've been chasing forever.

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

3 days ago#2
Ingus is good but Bartz by himself can carry you through the Ramuh fight and he's also useable in 3 more elements.

Ingus also doesn't synergize well with the rest of his realm for FFIII's Phantasm, so it's not a future-proof investment.

Which AASBs do you lack from the selection? Many of them are future-proof.
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User Info: ShinUltima

3 days ago#3
Uh, I'm not sure about Bartz "carrying you throuh the Ramuh fight by himself. Bartz with En-earth BSSB + USB1+AASB is certainly useable for Ramuh, but that's usually alongside a proper earth DPS. Solo Bartz carry sounds, at best, like an exercise in testing the limits of RNG and frustration.


If you have dupes everywhere, why not pick Ingus (he's quite competant with that set) and get TGC LMr with Lenses if you really want it?
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

3 days ago#4
@ShinUltima We just got a significant powercreep boost in the form of Record Boards.
Ramuh could be done with a Bartz/Galuf/Tyro/Ignis/Relm team before it, now it's certainly more feasible. Galuf's chain and Bartz's AASB being the only relics not available from the Lab. A 30% HP bubble with 15000 HP from RB+Magicite is 4500 extra HP.
I would give it a few tries before picking Ingus's set.

User Info: mdly68

3 days ago#5
It came down to Ingus and Squall for me. I picked Ingus though part of me wishes I picked Squall. I have Ingus and Tifa AASBs now. But neither of them have their w-cast LMR. I'm close but I don't think I have the power yet.
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Ignis is awful. Not recommended. I would work on anybody else if I could imo.

I am in the same boat as you FYI. I am still gonna just pick cloud aasb set even tho everything else is a dupe.

as for ignis versus squall... I would pick squall every time. He much better and more future proof.
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User Info: fallout4papi

3 days ago#7
Maybe its just me but Ingus is pretty bad. 1. He's super slow... 2. No way to infuse... at least he has ways to reup en earth in the lens shop. 3. No double cast, and his LM's are pretty bad.

I consider him to be one of the worst options.

User Info: tiamatzer0

3 days ago#8
Ingus was the only set I didn't have any dupes in, so he won by default.
I will say Earth RS on his AASB is a nice piece
Cool, a drag queen fight
Honestly, the Ingus vs. Bartz debate is also something I'm struggling with. Going into this Fest, it was Ingus no question since I had nothing of his in the set. Then I got Ingus's AOSB from LotR, and Dorgann's ASB as well, so he looks less pleasant to go after.
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User Info: Microcastle

3 days ago#10
tiamatzer0 posted...
Ingus was the only set I didn't have any dupes in, so he won by default.
I will say Earth RS on his AASB is a nice piece
Same here. Ingus’s set was a totally new set of relics, while I had everything but Squall’s AASB. Easy choice.

Ingus en-Earth LMR + RS AASB will pair very nicely with Machina’s CSB and Bartz/Tifa.
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  3. Is Ingus any good for Earth?- Present Relic Set
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