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User Info: ShinUltima

2 weeks ago#11
I demand 5 Blue Crystals be sent to everyone as compensation.

BTW, that Tutorial Bahamut? No longer exists. Now when you do the tutorial, it just calls up a RW instead (can't remember if you can select a particular one, but I got RW Cloud SSB).
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User Info: Quinciano

2 weeks ago#12
Shale0 posted...
For reference:

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User Info: Cless012

1 week ago#13
Hmm, if they decide to let people keep them, think this will be what finally pushes them to give us blue magic finally?

User Info: Armor King 108

Armor King 108
1 week ago#14
I love this kind of thing.

I doubt we'll get Blue Magic, but it's still special to see...

FFBE finally added Blue Magic, and they did it very poorly...The FFX event that just ended had a "free" (HAH) Kimahri where you could grind the event to unlock keys that unlock battles that if you beat with Kimahri you get a new Blue Magic, it's a lot of grinding, and some of the battles are very high difficulty, like I'm a Day 1 player and they are too hard for me difficulty (I barely play but I have several 7* characters) I was willing to do the grind because I always seem to have a good Kimahri in these games (Kimahri's Awakening in FFRK, and Kimahri's EX in DFFOO) but it just wasn't fun so I gave up.

Also, the generic Doublecast ability works with Black, White, and Green...but not Blue.
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User Info: SouloAscian

1 week ago#15
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
Not sure if you were around for this, but many many moons ago, Global got a useless "Bahamut" ability, which was actually the Bahamut used in the tutorial. Weak, unhonable, stuck at R1. They ultimately just let us keep Bughamut.

Heh, I still have that “prototype” Bahamut. Would be great if that Blue Crystal was a reference to the joke Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) made when he joined the voice acting cast for the FFXV movie, but that’s highly doubtful.
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User Info: CastleMega

1 week ago#16
I wonder why they didn't add in blue magic as a normal ability school. No need to copy the "get hit get ability" thing, just make it like all the other schools

I also wonder why they didn't add heavy into combat instead of making a new school for it, celerity school gets up to date goods, but combat gets the shaft.
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User Info: Rman0099

1 week ago#17
CastleMega posted...
also wonder why they didn't add heavy into combat instead of making a new school for it

Cloud. Already had DC combat and they didn't want him having unrestrained heavy DC damage potential. Cloud ruined the game. Just remember that.
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User Info: Goldice

1 week ago#18
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
That is an impressive screw-up, wow. ...How have they not deleted them from the code yet?

Part of me thinks it was done on purpose. Why even have blue crystals? Blue orbs were unused long before crystals.
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User Info: EchoNull

1 week ago#19
Damn paywalled bulls*** game
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User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

1 week ago#20
So let's start speculating on 6* blue magic.

Mighty Guard: Pro/Shell/Hastega, long cast time.
White Wind: 30% HP AoE heal, long cast time.
Self-Destruct: Instant Cast Overstrike fixed fire damage equal to user's HPx3, kills the user.
Aqua Breath: 3x AoE water damage, minor imperil water each 2 uses.
Quasar: 3x AoE earth damage, imperil earth each 2 uses.
Aeroja: 4x wind damage, minor imperil wind each 2 uses.
Bad Breath: 3x AoE poison damage, minor imperil bio each 2 uses. Can inflict poison/silence/blind on enemies that are susceptible.
Dragon Force: ATK/MAG+50% to an ally.
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