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User Info: BeckyBoo

4 days ago#31
Have Vinvent and Gilga CSBs, both with radiant so not sure Balthier is a huge upgrade. I do need fire DPS though and have a near complete Noctis.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

4 days ago#32
Really want Balthier. He made my fire Odin team with bsb. If I can move my csb to my imperil source I’ll be happy. If I land aasb on top even better!
Also gunning for Locke. Noct is great and Sabin can work for me too. I always felt that the way characters are shifting elements is making things harder as they may as well be new. Nevertheless I’d be happy if I scrape together enough of Sephs kit to make him viable in fire.

Basically I need shiva killers.
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User Info: jondias

4 days ago#33
I'm here for Locke. Sabin and Balthier would be nice. And obviously I wouldn't be upset with a Noctis Sync.
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User Info: Goldice

4 days ago#34
Yeah I don't see what's so bad about this banner
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User Info: SouloAscian

4 days ago#35
Both Syncs, though more Noctis. Five though when considering all the available relics for Noctis, Locke and Sabin.
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User Info: Target_Master

2 days ago#36
Thought I'd be pulling here for sure, but I pretty much only want the two syncs and am not really willing to chase them.
Balthier's stuff would be nice, but isn't essential for me at this point in time.

If I pull, it'd mostly be due to boredom.
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User Info: FergTron

2 days ago#37
This really has to be the big catch for me. I’ve pulled three times altogether on the first two banners 5/33 with two dupes, one AOSB, one G+ I didn’t want and a regular glint.

very very tough sledding....
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User Info: dragoonic

2 days ago#38
I think I can probably swing Shiva without pulling here. But this banner has several favorites and if I hit them my life gets easier so I'll give it a shot
Dragoon buffs incoming
Wait, I'm confused about Sabin's AASB, or at least the way SolitareD worded it.

So does he get 3 physical blink from the AASB entry, THEN another 3 physical blink after 3 monk abilities, for a total of 6 physical blink stack?

Sabin's Battle Freak (6* Fist w/ Fire boost; 180 ATK)
[AASB "Firewyrm Barrage", +10 ATK upon Mastery]
15 single-target Fire/NE physical attacks, En-Fire, Awoken Fire Mode, Cap Break Level 1, Physical Blink 3 & Footwork Mode to user (15 x 0.60)
Awoken Fire Mode: Unlimited Fire Hones, Fire Ability Boost & Dualcast Fire
Footwork Mode: Critical Chance +100%, Quick Cast & chases 3 Monk abilities with 6 single-target Fire/NE physical attacks, Physical Blink 3 to user (6 x 1.02, Monk); Disappears simultaneously with Physical Blink
(edited 2 days ago)

User Info: frozentuna

2 days ago#40
More toys for sephiroth, will do a few pulls.
Remaining stash to be saved until his sync is released, which is about 3 months away i think?
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