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Since the first topic is nearly filled up, putting this here so people can continue to report their pulls.
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User Info: Quinciano

3 weeks ago#2
XI: Shantotto AASB
IX: dupe
X: dupe

so far: 7 dupes, 2 new toys: 1 aasb
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User Info: R4monxu

3 weeks ago#3
Type-0: Cinque LMR2 (hammer dmg)
Tactics: Ramza AASB
XV: Ignis CSB
XIV: Papalymo AOSB
IX: Kuja Glint

What is this thing. ST last stand? Does this thing includes en-dark stack? Or just en-dark?

User Info: zibba1331

3 weeks ago#4
Up next FFIX

T-0: queen LMR (dupe)
XIV: haurchefant USB (dupe)
XIII: fang usb (dupe)
XII: vayne bUSB
FFIX: freya AASB

Nice! That worked out.
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User Info: SaltyZero24

3 weeks ago#5
FFT0: Cinque's Glint+, new
FFT: Orran's LMR, new
FFXV: Aranae's Glint+, new
FFXIV: Papalymo's AOSB, new
FFXIII: Hope's Glint, new
FFXII: Ashe's AASB, new
FFXI: Naja's USB, new
FFX: One of Tidus' BSB (maybe BSB1), new
FFIX: Dagger's CSB, new

User Info: Goldice

3 weeks ago#6
FFIX: Amarant USB (Radiant)
FFX: Jecht OSB (dupe)
FFXI: Prishe USB1
FFXII: Ashe LMR2 (dupe)
FFXV: Noctis Glint
FFT: Orran USB

Oh boy. An amarant USB. Ugggghhh.

This has been terrible
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User Info: yourgoingdown2

3 weeks ago#7
FFIX: Marcus usb and Steiner usb 2. Steiners second usb doesn’t look half bad.
FC: 4570-8435-4244 3DS

User Info: TehReorcdKepper

3 weeks ago#8
FF0: Rem USB1
FF15: Dupe
FF14: dupe
FF13: Nabaat DC LMR
FF12: Balthier RCSB
FF11: dupe
FF10: dupe
FF9: dupe

Wait a minute, this is beginning to look a lot like the last RoP lulz. PURE TRASH. The best item I got from last RoP was Cor AOSB.

raoxi, think you can beat me at this?
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

3 weeks ago#9
All 1x Disco so far.
Most of them rubbish USBs unfortunately, but one hit.

FF Type Zero- Cinque Glint+ (Grand Slam Swing)
FF Tactics- Rapha USB (Miracle of Scorpio)
FF15- Prompto USB- Dupe
FF14- Alphinaud AASB (Starstorm)
FF13- Serah USB1- Dupe
FF12- Fran USB1 (Vanquished Cries)
FF11- Ayame USB (Hagakure Yukikaze)
FF10- Yuna USB? (Grand Summon Overdrive)
FF9- Kuja USB1- Dupe
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Target_Master

3 weeks ago#10
Machina BSB
Ramza USB1
Papalymo OSB (Dupe)
Sarah USB1 (Dupe)
Fran USB2 (Dupe)

Curilla USB1
Tidus USB2
Vivi OSB

Mostly +stats.
Curilla's USB1 is the only thing that might see the light of day.


Side bar, just realized I haven't done a single magicite mission for this month.
Also not 100% sure if I finished all the MP for the Dark Chocobo event.
Interest is spiraling, but still like these 5 mythril draws lol.
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