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ZeroQ8 posted...
Maybe we get next week....

I'd imagine we'll get the characters eventually, but who knows on the banner. Would be a massive jump in powercreep right now, so I get it if this doesn't show up until August.
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User Info: ShinUltima

3 days ago#52
We might get this early, but I doubt we'll see it before 5th Anniversary. Maybe in April if there's no Global FFVIIR collab planned.
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User Info: FreeMan5407

3 days ago#53
This banner is only "hot" now, each day that passed it get reduce in value, since we know" phantasm" dungeons are a thing and these relics won't help at all in those, sure it will help against magicite 6*

But so are the million of banners we are getting, with far better characters and relics like Noctis/Locke and Rinoa/Squall banners
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 days ago#54
its only hot till squall and rinoa sync drops even if its 2 weeks before that banner as we wont get valefor till ff8 banner drops anyway

if they plan it after fest then we all be nope saving for squall and rinoa after noct banner crushed the whales and mythril hoarders

User Info: Epyonwings

1 day ago#55
raoxi posted...
that fina medica usb is breakin some new grounds,

spammable h55 entry, regenga, party hqc1, dmg barrier... +brave mode with a lv3 party h55 hqc1?

this is a SSS tier medica. better than her aasb/sync lol

warth-able and brave mode can be driven by support ability... dam god mode unleashed.

I said the same. If she has wrath that makes her a great healer. I will pull on this!
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