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Event starts on 14th February 2020, 1500hrs JST.


- Rain, Fina & Lasswell
- 3 new 5* Accessories

D80/120 MO Boss: Veritas of the Frost
D160/220 MO Boss: Veritas of the Earth
D300 MO Boss: Sol

Rain RM1: Spellblade Damage +15%
Rain RM2: Earth Damage +20%
Rain RM3: Fire Damage +30%
Rain LM1: PHY Damage +10%
Rain LM2: 35% chance to Dualcast Spellblade abilities

Fina RM1: MAG & MND +?%
Fina RM2: MND +20% with Bow equipped
Fina RM3: 40% chance of Attack -> Esuna
Fina LM1: When using White Magic or Support abilities, ?% chance to grant user Quick Cast ?
Fina LM2: When using Support abilities, 35% chance to chase h25 heal to party

Lasswell RM1: 15% chance to counter PHY with Attack
Lasswell RM2: PHY Damage +20% with Katana equipped
Lasswell RM3: PHY Damage +30% with Katana equipped
Lasswell LM1: When using Ice abilities, ?% chance to inflict minor Imperil Ice
Lasswell LM2: 35% chance to Dualcast Samurai abilities

Upcoming Banners:
- Magic User Pick Up
- Physical User Pick Up
3DS FC: 2809-9061-6615
JP FFRK (QT3rB): All utility except Runic and Astra.