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User Info: IamWallaman

2 months ago#11
Relm_Arrowny_87 posted...
Technically he's a main protag. He's just not very good at being one, lol. Edit: Same thing for Marche! XD
I probably should've said mainline protag. :)

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User Info: Trance_Squall

2 months ago#12
Chains make rankings hard. I feel like being a Gen2 Chain holder automatically makes him one of the best holy users around.

The problem is, if you already have Ramza for your Chain, Ceodore loses a lot of value. Ramza has W/E, while Ceodore has imperil utility that will eventually be decent (pretty garbage until De'Diaja). They have comparable DPS options, though Ramza has additional party buffs (esp. crit dmg).

Even Edward has an imperil+Atk buff BSB that he can wrath up to, which makes him one of the better mage chain holders for physical clears.

Without the Chain he's a dime-a-dozen holy DPS with no enStacking.

tl;dr CSB2.0/10
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User Info: raoxi

2 months ago#13
+1 gen2 csb users are in a much smaller group for comparison purposes
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