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  3. Took Down Titan. Now what?

User Info: ps271fearless

1 week ago#1
Who do I replace with him to get three more? I had Syldra as primary for Imperil. Two Typhons and two Madeens rounded out the team. Remove Syldra and let Zack do all the Imperil work?

How big of a difference does Titan make in regard to damage dealt/reduced. Level 50.

User Info: Netherscythe

1 week ago#2
When I swapped out titan for my syldra my time decreased by 6 or so seconds, I didnt depend on him for imperils though, zack did that for me

User Info: LuBu1975

1 week ago#3
You should put it in the main slot so it'll help with savage mode. It helps with offence and defence (10% i believe) so definitely worth it.

User Info: GlaringBadger

1 week ago#4
It's not bad, but at level 50 I missed some of the secondary passives that were on Syldra.

User Info: sarothias

1 week ago#5
Main slot him. Breaks savage consistently plus you can summon him to break down one of the walls if needed.
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User Info: NinjaSlash206

1 week ago#6
You'll have to re-do some of your turn orders since you want more bar for Zack to imperil. But breaking the walls is easy easy now.

As for party stats, I found there to be negligible difference dropping Syldra for a Titan main.
Reduced stats are made up by 10% bonus to damage and damage resist from Titan.

User Info: Ibm

1 week ago#7
for me using a lv50 titan just wasnt succesfull, i tried many times, then went back to 3x original clear, loss of stats to big

User Info: ps271fearless

1 week ago#8
Took a few tries, but ended up swapping Syldra to secondary and taking out one of the Madeens, using Titan as main. Elarra kept dying, and Syldra was the resistance and extra health boost I needed to survive.

I’m excited to try Lightning next now that I have Titan.

User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#9
Now u report back to erwin

User Info: antifocus

1 week ago#10
I used it as sub, replacing one of my defensive Madeens.
After getting 4 and level 99, I fed it HP boon and healing boon and used it as main.
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  3. Took Down Titan. Now what?
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