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  3. You look on the ground. You find yet another ticket. (CYOA pt.5 or so)

User Info: Zyrook

1 week ago#71
Was torn between a FF-T to chase Ramza's holy CSB or FFV to chase Galuf's physical earth CSB.

Picked V:
1/11 Faris USB
I was wondering about whenever the core banner updates to, and suddenly realized that I can just compare JP's and Global's versions directly. Because core relics come so slowly, when Global's does update, there's a fair chance it'll just be what JP has now.

Global: 8% 6* with 12 6*s -> 0.66833% per 6* relic, 0.46307% per 5* relic
JP: 10% 6* with 16 6*s -> 0.62625% per 6* relic, 0.26800% per 5* relic

If you're very specifically chasing Elarra's or Tyro's current 6*s, the current one is better.
If you don't mind the added 6* relics (I think they're mostly Dr. Mog's, JP's made him a bit of a water mage) or you just really don't want any more 5*s, the updated one might be better.
This of course assumes that they'll be the same. They might not be depending on the timing.
What a fuddy duddy.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

1 week ago#73
Cid valentine usb

User Info: shenlongdark

1 week ago#74
Dr. Mog USB (Dupe)
Wedge USB (Dupe)

For the 2nd straight ticket I had the exact same pull

User Info: Cless012

1 week ago#75
Its looking up today, no dupes this time
1/11 Wedge USB

Its better than before and doesnt really hurt my chances all that much for later pulls on Core. Still wasn't one of the ones I was wanting though, but a non dupe is better than a dupe
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Kalta79

1 week ago#76
I pulled on Core, got a healing LM for Elarra and a dupe for Biggs, but at least that's 50 more level 3 lenses.
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#77
43rd Aasb

Tyro aasb and Elarra bsb dupe from core ha
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User Info: Microcastle

1 week ago#78
Yay! 2/11 USB dupes on the darkness banner :-)

User Info: Losai

1 week ago#79
Hmm so I have Rosa USB2, glint+, lmr, and awakening after this fest.

On the other hand I have Elarra usb1, glint+ and lmr

Worth it to chase Elarra awakening in realm?

Note I already have all of tyro's USBs as well as chain and awakening for dr.mog. seems like I'd only be going for the 1 relic and Rosa currently shines as my healer
I will do one more pull on core for Elarra AASB, Tyro USB 3/4 and AASB then I desperately need fire chain.
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  3. You look on the ground. You find yet another ticket. (CYOA pt.5 or so)
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