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User Info: MrFirestar

1 week ago#61
FFI banner, hoping for Meia AASB.

1/11: Garland AASB

Another dark AASB for my team. It's getting quite crowded.
FFRK: WgfM (Vincent AASB)
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User Info: R4monxu

1 week ago#62
Type-0 banner, 4/11:

Queen Glint+
Queen BSB

All new, one of them a hard want. I was pulling here for Rem AASB, AOSB and Glint. Now that I have one of them I wonder if I should still use them tickets here. There are some consolation prizes I still value (Rem USB1, Rem LMR3, Deuce USB2).

Funny thing: right before pulling here, I got a type-0 relic from daily (Jack LMR), so I count this as a 5/11.

User Info: zibba1331

1 week ago#63

Ice banner, 1/11 for steiners USB i didnt have (the delay removing one). I like that but i am not a steiner guy.

Tell ya what, it isnt serah CSB.
E's zicd rana cu E fuh'd kad vehat.

User Info: sarothias

1 week ago#64
Water banner:
2/11 - Rikku BSB1 (dupe), Lulu AOSB (dupe)
FFRK - Rem's AASB Code: 9DXU

User Info: ClearAsChalk

1 week ago#65
1/11 Laguna BSB (dupe). Meh. Should have gone with ice.

User Info: Gmagn

1 week ago#66
Have done core banner each time, finally got Elarra AASB today now I just need her glint
3DS FC: 2019 - 9639 - 8069

User Info: eeth

1 week ago#67
Holy banner - 3/11

Rem AOSB dupe
Hope CSB 2.0
Biggs USB

Huge win, needed a 2.0 Holy CSB for a while (was stuck with WoL's...), immediately killed Holy weak Odin and nearly sub30 with ugly RNG.

User Info: Tptranger

1 week ago#68
Went for water again...

2/11, Rydia Awakening, Paine EnW LMR

The game has decided magic clear for Ifrit. Strago CSB/AA, Rydia USB/AA, Meia USB/AA/OSB. Should be more than enough.
FC: 4055-2860-2269
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User Info: Antonok

1 week ago#69
Antonok posted...
Trying to stay away from the Dark banner this time but may cave cause you'd think with Seph AASB, Rufus AASB, Seifer chain, and Aria AASB I'd be able to beat Madeen but nooooo. I just suck that much.

With that said, probably go immediately to a water pull just so I don't get tempted to pull on the dark banner again.

And Water was the absolute correct choice!

4/11 - All Discos
Tidus USB (Dupe)
Yuffie AOSB
Wakka AASB
Tidus AASB

User Info: jondias

1 week ago#70
Fire, 5/11

Irvine BSB1
Locke OSB
Braska USB
Vivi USB
Auron AOSB
Tough.... Don't blame us. Blame yourself or God.
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  3. You look on the ground. You find yet another ticket. (CYOA pt.5 or so)
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