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  3. You look on the ground. You find yet another ticket. (CYOA pt.5 or so)

User Info: darkeric7x7

1 week ago#21
Going at the water banner again, hoping for something better than a lmr or vivi usb2 this time..
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User Info: LuBu1975

1 week ago#22
Use it immediately, most likely on Dark, possibly on Holy since i failed to get Ramza's from the FFT B2. Only want a gen2 Chain for both elements but they just don't want to drop. Meanwhile i'm duping Galuf's every other draw and getting Celes' when i already have Laguna etc, etc, etc.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

1 week ago#23
Fire or ice. I really want cor’s usb and glint now that I have his other stuff. So in a way I’m looking at it like I added 2 relics to the pool.

But fire banners are are on the way and Ice seems to have better odds. Either way I’m not hanging on again.
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User Info: Phagey

1 week ago#24
You ponder the shiny ticket on hand. The cave of flames or the bottomless pool? Last time you ventured to the cave of flames, 15 glittering blue gems on hand, you managed to escape when a booming voice said "Kimahri thinks you should not be here. Kimahri can help with his arcane skill for now but the pool is where you should be." But you know treacherous as it is, many rewards are yet to be had from the caves.

(The last time I paid 15 Mythril for a pull from fire banner, I got Kimahri AOSB, which was about the last thing I expected out of it. I also didn't plan on pulling on fire birb although I may change my mind. )
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User Info: khain37

1 week ago#25
I've been stockpiling until the itch to pull hits, then I spent on Core banner. But I got Elarra GSB+ which was my goal (already have Tyro USB4/Elarra USB2 from this banner now too) so unless I want their AASBs, I'll turn my focus to the elemental banners. Looking to do initial pulls today for the 15 mythril and then I'll assess and go from there I guess. Likely hoard for now.
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User Info: Jack-ums

1 week ago#26
Probably immediately blow on water banner. Still a bunch of prizes there to help me either commit to phys or mag for Ifrit, as I'm currently on the fence. Both teams seem like 90% there, so a little push either way would be great.

User Info: Kalta79

1 week ago#27
I would either go core or dark. Don't have a dark chain but plenty of firepower in that element.
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User Info: FreeMan5407

1 week ago#28
Hoard those tickets until both elemental and realm refresh and aim for either realm VII or XV

VII wishlist

Cloud - SASB obviously, en wind lmr , dc lmr
Sephiroth - USB1, DC LMR
Vincent - AASB
Aerith - AASB, DC LMR, glint+
Red XIII - CSB, AASB, dc lmr
Rufus- AASB
Zack- even his awakening will be useful for Cloud and Sephiroth on his realm T , CSB too cause of the boostga


Prompto - CSB (have his awakening, lighting is my only missing gen 2 chain), DC lmr
Aranea - AASB, glint+, AOSB, (this is the sole reason i want to pull here, have her other goodies)

Ignis - BSB, LMR lensable, but pulling those here mean i could get something else to lense

Gladio - AASB, AOSB
Noctis - this awakening is stll somehow useful
Cor - doesn't care much on this AASB, but is still new and ain't bad

VII have way better probabilities and relics, but no Prompto chain since is my only missing chain, and NO Aranea she will be the perfect partner for Lighting
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User Info: Majjib

1 week ago#29
I can't decide whether I'll use it on the FFXVI Realm banner, or the Bio elemental banner. What a predicament!

User Info: shadestreet

1 week ago#30
I'm not sure what to do with mine. Advice? Been tossing at Core Banner but now have:

  • Elarra USB1, USB2, LMR, BSB (Need ASSB, Glint+)

  • Tyro USB2, 3, 4, AASB, LMR1, AOSB (Need USB1 I can get from Lens Shop and if he has any useful Glints in there?)

  • Dr Mog AASB, AOSB
  • Biggs USB
  • Wedge Glint

Do I keep tossing for Elarra Gear? Is there a 2nd or 3rd best banner to swing at?
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  3. You look on the ground. You find yet another ticket. (CYOA pt.5 or so)
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