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User Info: TifaWaifu

2 weeks ago#1
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to see if I would be able to get some help with 5* Ark.

I recently just got Cid Raines Awakening. Is it viable with his bsb? It doesn’t double cast holy though unless his LM triggers.

My options for a holy team are:

Arc with both Ultras
Ramza Chain
Rem everything but her aasb
Elarra everything but Glint+, aasb

or should I be trying it with a physical team? I heard it could be done.

I beat deathgaze with Celes’ aasb.

Thanks for your help in advance!

User Info: LuBu1975

2 weeks ago#2
Raines ASB should be fine as you suggest as long as you're not specifically after sub30 (which i struggled with even with Rem's ASB). I'd bring Wrath and Memento Mori, Wrath up to 4 bars (or you can Entrust with Ramza) then go MM > BSB > ASB. Should do ok, possibly even better than Rem's due to the chase and instant BSB command 1.

Just remember Raines needs Magic boost not Mind. Rem needs Mind but you'll probably be fine capping her USB without any.

User Info: ShinUltima

2 weeks ago#3

You can probably ignore Raines AASb for this fight, actually. Just use BSSB alone. Ramza CSB, Rem USB/AOSB, Arc USB2 (or whichever is the Holy DPS one), Raines BSSB, and Elarra USB1/BSSB should be enough to win.

One thing to note about this fight is that, if you can survive, you want Ark to remain in savage, because it takes 66.7% more damage. Raines will be capping his BSSB commands easily under chain. But if you use Raines AASB, not only will it be slower, your overall damage might be less, since you'll break Savage and Ark does not go into Savage often.

Your only issue will be Savage Doomsday in Phase 3. That will kill you, so you either need last Stand or Magic Blink to deal with it. Elarra BSSB should be enough.
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