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User Info: Simonides

3 months ago#1
Hi everyone, I started picking this game back up during the Black Friday free pull period (having done a few free pulls here and there intermittently over the last 6 months as well). I am trying to figure out the best path forward to start catching up.

I stopped playing near the beginning of the 4* magicite period before Hades/Siren came out (sub-30ing the first 6 was my last "accomplishment "). I've since dispatched Siren and Hades on power creep from my recent pulls so 5* magicite is unlocked now.

I picked up a few record rubies from the time-limited events over the past few weeks as well as the FF11 Torment (tried it since I already had the party formed for Goblin). I've found that I can generally defeat the first 2 difficulties but can't scratch the highest level - that said, Core (Ullr Schwartz) and FF11 are quite likely my absolute 2 worst realms but I don't think it's smart to pull on the existing FF11 banner with Fest right around the corner.

I am thinking the best path is to tackle other Torment realms 2 lower difficulties and craft more 6* abilities and see what I end up picking up relic-wise during Fest. I am not keen on blazing through all the Realm/Record dungeons that are unfinished but rather am taking it little by little. I have about 100 mythril and have been doing ROP draws and a few elemental/realm banners, so I don't have a ton of pulls saved up for Fest and need to be selective there. I'd like to remain almost completely F2P but I'm not necessarily against dropping 1000 gems for one of those Full Throttle select packages. That said, I'm not willing to shell out $30 for a CSB.

An interesting question is: which 5* magicite should I go after first? I was thinking the physical water one since I read he is pretty easy and I have decent lightning tech (Prompto chain, Reks USB, all of Lighning's and Sora's stuff up to their AOSBs) so I could focus on my hones/magicite decks for that. An alternative is going after Ice Magic since I also have a Gen 2 magic chain (Vincent) + good DPS (Terra AASB / Papa AOSB+USB) but I read he is hard. Aside from those 2 options, which 5* magicites are considered on the "easier" side?

I have enough Anima lenses for 1 T1 and T3 selection apiece... what should I get? I am thinking Tyro's super-wall USB for the flexibility but wasn't sure if there is something else that's more useful. I may have gaps as far as healers... the only USBs I have are Rosa's first one, Porom's Last Stand one and Sarah's buffing one. Should I prioritize say, Aerith or Elarra's USB (or even Aphmau since I have absolutely nothing for her) over Tyro's? As far as T1 selections, is there anything else worthwhile besides Edge or Kelgar? I don't really feel like having to legend dive more ninjas since I already have Shadow and Yuffie for Darkness & Water respectively.

As far as new mechanics, could somebody please explain artifacts, rainbow crystals and crystal water? There may be something else new that I'm leaving out.

Aside from that, any other general advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

3 months ago#2
Lenses- Elarra USB1

2nd level of Torment sounds smart.

You will be able to do the highest level Dreams (Goblin, Ullr etc) with 3 on-realm characters (Usually a healer, entruster and someone else) with Vincent chain+Terra AASB. It will be a bit harder without a decent realm healer/5* magicite, but definitely doable.

Easiest 5* magicite is generally considered to be Quetz, but you could start elsewhere with your relics

User Info: sarothias

3 months ago#3
Simonides posted...
I am thinking the best path is to tackle other Torment realms 2 lower difficulties and craft more 6* abilities and see what I end up picking up relic-wise during Fest.
Do this to stockpile some rubies. Also note that if you bring out of realm characters the bosses gain more resistance, lose some vulnerability to elements and take less damage. For the first two difficulties however it's not really an issue so bring in 2 out of realm characters if needed is acceptable. E.G. A CSB user plus a relevant DPS (AASB or whatever). A lot would take Zack + Cloud as an example while letting the realm people handling healing, chain raising and be a battery for example.

Simonides posted...
An interesting question is: which 5* magicite should I go after first?
Famfrit (physical water) is easy indeed. That said, 5* magicites started with lightning and really are not that hard as well. If you can start there, then I would. The magical fight can actually use Edge SSB and no healer to last stand your way through the whole fight if you just watch the script and have decent earth magic dps.

Manticore is considered a bit tough but you should still be fine considering the gen2 CSB + Terra AASB if you wanted to try it.

edit: Keep in mind btw that Syldra (ice magicite) after Manticore is probably the toughest of the 5*s so even if you beat Manticore you may still want to skip Syldra for a bit >_> Typhon the 5* Wind Magicite is tough as in it is a true DPS race.

Simonides posted...
I have enough Anima lenses for 1 T1 and T3 selection apiece... what should I get?
I'd hold off on Tyro USB3 (Godwall). In the end it's a QoL for 5* imo. Really nice but unneeded since you can RW wall and most 5* magicites you just need Protectga or Shellga, not usually both. If you were to get a USB I would choose Elarra or Aerith. Personally I would go with Elarra. She has bard access so can carry ACM (allegro con moto) for all mage teams. She basically solo healed almost all 5* magicites for me. Aerith is good to but favors physical due to the HQ3 physical her USB2 provides. That only benefits physical users whereas Elarra's speeds up two turns for everyones actions, be it offensive, support etc.

Simonides posted...
artifacts, rainbow crystals and crystal water?
Artifacts: From various gifts, weekly events, rewards we get artifact stones. You can redeem artifact stones for elemental weapons (physical or magical you pick) or realm weapons. Artifact elemental weapons always have the elemental bonus and have a high ATK, MAG or MND stat (around 300 or so at max level. Give or take). Realm weapons only get elemental boosts when used in realm (for all elements though per weapon). Easy way to think of it atm in game is realm artifacts for torment, elemental for everything else. I would prioritize elemental though as they are perfectly fine for torment!

Crystal Water: Rewards mostly from Record Dungeons (6 monthsish can be purchased with greens) that boost stats for your characters you use them on. ATK, MAG, MND, DEF, RES, HP

Rainbow Crystals: Shatter weapons, armors, accessories grant rainbow crystals. these are used to level up your artifact weapons. The cost versus gain rises sharply later on. Typical advice was stopping around artifact level 35 to ensure you have enough rainbow crystals going forward for future artifacts. If you whale it really makes no difference. They have been giving lots of blades to shatter as rewards from events to help boost our rainbow crystal supply. If you are really just coming back then yeah, I'd stop at 35 for a bit till you get back into the hang of things then assess your usage amount yourself :)

Ummmmm hope that helps a lil bud. Oh and welcome back! @Simonides
If you have any other questions or want feedback feel free to ask.

P.S. Saw the last couple vids. GG on the holiday music :D
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User Info: BeckyBoo

3 months ago#4
I'd use my free draws on the core banner and if you don't snag Elarra then she'd be my purchase. Far superior to Aerith.

Agree on focusing on Torments for rubies, followed by Magictite. Where you start is up to you really. As always having the corresponding Magictite will make your life easier.

I'd also recommend using my deck for a quick way to catch up, it's relatively minimal farming and very efficient.

Though my main thought is, whyyyyy?

User Info: zibba1331

3 months ago#5
Elarra USB1 and tyro USB3 are great lens picks...but as beckyboo said you could also focus the realm/elemental tickets on the core realm banner. The pool is small so you should be able to clean up there.

I do think tyro USB3 is worth it, its the engine of all my auto 5* teams. Yes can usually RW it but its a really good club to have in the bag IMO.
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User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

3 months ago#6
Whatever you do... don't pick me up, dood.
As far as 5* Magicite goes, the Lightning Magicite is generally the easiest, though depending on what you have, you could theoretically start anywhere. Generally, the most important thing is the ability to break Savage mode (though in the cases of BK, Belias, and Ark, your DPS is stronger when it's up). You can always ask for help if you have trouble of course. Fest definitely has some good tools to get (Lightning's SASB in particular is the top prize of the entire Fest).

Also, welcome back!
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User Info: Reb2323

3 months ago#8
This will be no help at all but...Welcome Back!!!
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User Info: drg3

3 months ago#9
If you haven’t caught up on the record dungeons, they give out a lot of lenses, as well as the useful crystal water.

Crystal water is similar to magia, but limited supply. stat bonuses. HP is by far the best of them, 1200 to a character.

Artifacts are given by stones and upgraded by rainbow crystals. They are the best weapons in the game. Elemental ones are generally more useful than realm ones as synergy isn’t that frequent. Rainbow crystals come from destroying equipment, accessories or rosetta stones for them. Rosetta stones are largely made obsolete by artifacts.

As you start to gain awakenings, they will make the associated 5* magicites and torments much easier. And, as always, chains are king.

You can get some rewards for as little as 10% success vs the top torments. The ruby abilities are quite good, but don’t waste them on motes.
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User Info: LPguy

3 months ago#10
Just read a couple of your posts on some old threads a few days ago, good guy, welcome back to the game, it's more FtP-accessible than ever with the free daily and all the offered bargain pull opportunities and G2x.
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