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User Info: Uiru

2 weeks ago#211
Almost had it :/

Managed to skip the aoe -10 in phase 1, did not skip the aoe -5 in phase 2, which I'm pretty sure is why that run failed. Got one of my arcanes off in time but not the other; don't you hate it when a skill is awoken when you click it and not when it casts :p That might have made a difference, too. Feel pretty close, though! This is a run I stole from reddit where you let Desch and "Palom" (Shantotto) build gauge and imperil until they die, then "Elarra" (Rosa) awakens them with awakening.

I like this team because there's no entrusting :p Wouldn't mind if they deleted entrust from the game and then balanced around it being dead and gone, tbh. They deleted status resistance and all enemy attack types other than NAT easily enough :p

User Info: Uiru

2 weeks ago#212
Got my first Leviathan two days ago!

#2 was just now. :p

Let's hear it for taking twice as long to get the second one.

My current working theory is that I must have just gotten every Ashe doublecast the first time. My new refinements involve holding Ramuh until much later, holding the initial chain for an extra turn, and not spacing out Ashe's SBs (the original called for glint -> usb1 -> ct -> ct -> awakening, f*** that noise). I bought Garnet's USB1 for the original plan but it's still getting used here, mostly for the mind boost. Also Dark Ixion lulz; suck that extra 30xxx damage :p

edit: oh btw, using a level 65 Ramuh really sucks :D :D :D but f*** doing that again :D :D :D
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User Info: IamWallaman

2 weeks ago#213
For the first time since T2, I'm current with all content. (minus MAG versions of 6* which aren't as important after getting your maxed magicite)

Sora (GSB, USB, AASB) LS, StormSS - Attack=Jump (to avoid T8)
Elarra (USB1) Reraise, Salsa - MM
Tyro (USB3, USB4, AASB) battery - DMT
Prompto (CSB, USB) Plasma, Tempest - AS
Lightning (GSB, USB1, AASB, AOSB) Flash, Ripping - Celerity+

Have to push Phase 2 before or right after the revival to avoid losing Sora's enLit. In this run, I got diffused before I could push Phase 3 so had to use my last GSB cast mid-AASB. This was a close clear but had bad RNG so the other victories should come easier with a little luck.
FFRK RW: mqB5 - Tyro DVG (683! MND)

User Info: Uiru

2 weeks ago#214
Yes, this is much more stable now. Fourth Leviathan GET! No reraise, only one manual bubble target, Lv. 65 Ramuh (I don't recommend this)

Desch: Plasma Shock, Vortex / Ace Striker / BSB, USB
Rosa: Dispel, Curada / Dr. Mog / G+, USB2, awakening + LMR2/3
Garnet: Allegro, Dark Ixion / BSB2, USB1, chain
Ashe: Chain Thundaja / glint, USB1, awakening, arcane + LMR1
Shantotto: Hell Thunder, Lunatic Thunder / USB1, arcane
RW: Wall
Mags: Lakshmi +BW/SW, Madeen +HP/HP, Madeen +Mag/Mag, Quetz +DW/EL

No room for additional Leviathans :p These margins are tiiiiight! Characters get to invisible HP bars a few times.

The big trick is to have Garnet recast Wall when Desch and Shantotto are at 1 second left, then have Rosa immediately pop awakening once they drop. Until then, both of them just spam their first slot move, building gauge. Shantotto starts wall, Garnet starts Allegro.

Desch: Upon revival, Desch should have full meter. Use USB twice, then hold bar until the phase 2 transition, use BSB (any enLightning skill will do) and then Vortex, using USB whenever it's up. Desch uses the first Ramuh at 30 seconds.

Rosa: Use G+, Curada, USB2, then Curada until it's time to hold turn for awakening. At that point, use Curada until it's time to Dispel in phase 2. At this point, she is no longer awoken. Use USB2 to counter the sap attack and then use it again a turn or two later when her drowning timer is at 1. If you're lucky you'll get to use it to counter the P3 Flood, but if not, you still might make it.

Garnet: Allegro, Ixion twice, Allegro, chain, then hold turn for Wall. She should be able to drop USB1 right away after that. Ixion until you have enough meter for chain again, Ixion until BSB2, then cmd2 since you're probably out of Ixions at this point. Use Allegro one more time when she has one use of R4 Ixion (it will have been a while since Desch used USB at this point).

Shantotto: The original plan called for Palom, but Shantotto works too. Wall, Hell Thunder until death, USB, then Lunatic Thunder until enLightning is stripped (use USB). Use Lunatic Thunder until it's time for arcane. If she still has turns after that, resume using Hell Thunder. R5 is obviously recommended for these.

Ashe: The star of the show is also the simplest. Chain Thundaja six times, g, usb, awakening, Chain Thundaja. Manually target the first bubble to get enough air to not die. If Rosa is stingy with doublecast/medica procs she might die along with Desch and Shantotto; it's not necessarily a dealbreaker if this happens. Use arcane at around the same time Shantotto does; the p3 stop won't be the end of her but the chain won't last that long. A few of my kills were in overtime with the chain gone, hah.

Your greatest foe here will be Ashe blowing all her doublecast luck in the early game when they don't matter. You're going to want a few procs once awakening is going. Once I got this down it wasn't guaranteed but the third and fourth copies went down a loooot easier than the second one did.

I wanted to style and get the fourth copy from the physical version but my physical lightning game is looool. My only lightning dragoon is Noctis (pause for laugh track) and my only physical awakening is Reks, who has no other sources of enLightning. Kain has, like, BSB and arcane. Best option for physical chain would probably be Reno, with USB1 and nothing else. Lightning has a lot of stuff, including arcane, but no awakening. But oh well. I should be in a much better position for Ifrit, especially with Leviathan done.

User Info: Palaxius01

2 weeks ago#215
Leviathan Cleared. Everything went a lot smoother after a couple of tries. The faster I was able to push through phase 1, the easier it became. Currently the magicite that I spent the least time with so far.

RW: Mage
Magicite: Ramuh+Quetz,Garuda,Madeenx2

Chain Thundaja+Valigarmanda

Elarra USB1/LM1/Mako
Passionate Salsa+Reraise

Garnet CSB/LM2/Ace Striker
Dispel+Allegro Con Moto


Sudden Thundara+Lunatic Thunder

Ashe was able to extend doom timer of 2 bubbles with Vali, then dps. Recasted Tyro USB3 with Reraise (only used on Shantotto) after doom triggered. Then CSB,AASB were cast to burst all the way through phase 3. Garnet used dispel on start of phase 2 then used ACM and BSB2. Elarra spams dances and USB1. Shantotto uses bsb to reactivate enlightning.

User Info: Runawaywojo

2 weeks ago#216
After the horrors of Ramuh it was nice to smash one to pieces. To speed up phase 1 I had Ashe and Shantotto kill themselves right after the 5—doom so they'd reraise earlier, meanwhile Tyro is casting a second USB3. From here it was just pump out as much damage as possible. My lightning mage team is total overkill for this so there's nothing really unique here.

Shantotto - AASB/AOSB/USB/Triple LMR
Elarra - USB1/Bard LMR
Garnet - CSB/USB1 Imperil BSB
Tyro - USB3/Instant LMR

People aren't high on Ashe's sync due to the OSB type Atk Cmd, but I liked it because it ALWAYS broke the cap to reduce the rage even when conditions are not ideal.

Time to grab three more then think about Ifrit.

Time: 40.74
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Vincent6

1 week ago#217
Only Levi was missing to be up to date with all the content if this battle is quite simple without using manual reraise relying on Elarra AASB + attack some bubbles to breathe from the rest has no mystery.

Tyro : USB3 (LMR)
Shantotto : USB , AASB , AOSB (LMR1)
Elarra : USB1 , AASB
Ashe : Glint+ , USB1 , AASB
Garnet : BSB2 , CSB

Clear : https://i.imgur.com/wah3k2t.png

Setup : https://i.imgur.com/AP6z5zm.png
"I think, therefore I am" -Descartes
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User Info: Sinzar_

1 week ago#218
Got my first ever kill on a 6* esper just now:

Kain -- Impulse Dive, Hurricane Bolt -- GSB+, USB, AASB
Prompto -- Plasma Shock, Tempest Snipe -- GSB+, CSB
Elarra -- Curada, Dispel -- USB1, USB2
Tyro -- Entrust, Wrath -- USB3, AASB
Lightning -- Ripping Plasma, Running Start -- USB1, GSB+, Sync, AOSB
RW: Mage
Esper: King Behemoth


So happy! Having a 6* esper will help with the Odin's I still need to beat and have trouble with their rage. Also it should let me do the Radiant strat on Ramuh for even more kills, and it might even help me get a Titan kill in.

User Info: fepnascimento

1 week ago#219
Well, had the tools, had to do it. Magical.

Ashe: Dark Ixion, Chain Thundaja - Glint+, USB, AASB, AOSB, lightning+
Garnet: dispel, Vali - BSB, CSB - Battleforged
Elarra: passion salsa, AcM, AASB, USB - MM
Tyro: entrustbot - USB3 - Dr Mog
Shantotto: Vortex, Lunatic Thunder - USB, AASB - Scholar boom

Titan (HP, spell ward), Quetz (double dampem, mag+), Behemoth King (triple empowder), 2 Madeen (heal+/HP+ and mag+/at+)
Fabula Mage

Gave up reraise strat very soon, also realized that although slower, putting DPS on slots 1 and 5 was better cause I couldn't go through phase 1 before curse of the deeps was cast so just Elarra AASB and reapply enthunder and godwall then throw everything)
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/fnascimento99 PSN = fepnascimento2

User Info: JDX22

1 week ago#220
Proud of my team for this. Repeatable and safe 23s, granted with lots of wins from fest pulls. And I really enjoy taking Tyro to a fight without Godwall.

RW: Fabula Guardian
Main: Ramuh | Lightning+ l15 / Health+ l8
Sub1: Madeen | 2x Deadly Strikes l10
Sub2: Madeen | Healing+ l15 / Mind+ l20
Sub3: Quetz | Water- l10 / BWard l8
Sub4: Titan | BWard l8 / SWard l8

Shelke: Ripping Plasma / Entrust | 2x Celerity + Haste/IC3 | DMT
Elarra: Warrior’s Hymn / Dispel | Bard Heal + Heal+ | MM
Desch*: Tempest Snipe / Plasma Shock | Lightning+ + 2x Lightning | GST
Tyro: Wrath / Entrust | Book+ + IC2 | Ace Striker
Lightning: Running Start / Lifesiphon | 2x Lightning + Haste/IC3 | Lightning+

*Desch with physical build

General Idea:

Shelke: Entrust Lightning, RPx2 and hold for a hit then CSB. RP, hitting the bubble when necessary. Re-up magicite when necessary, holding a turn. AASB after the de-element, BSB to hit bubbles, RP

Elarra: Glint+, Magicite, hold to AASB, WH until gauge, USB Crit+, WH, Dispel in P2, USB1 when can, continue

Desch: RW, PSx2, hold to de-element and Glint+, AASB, PS if imperil is less than 3 otherwise TS. If late in the battle and imperil is low, USB.

Tyro: Wrathx2, AASB, Wrath, Entrust Lightning, Wrath, Entrust Shelke, Wrath, Entrust Elarra, MEH?!?! Basically had no plan from there.

Lightning: LSx2, RS, USB1, RS, AASB, SASB, C2 into C1 cycle, AOSB near the end of P2 when rage was low

Room to improve for a sub20. Shelke AASB was useless, she got one turn doing damage. Likely don’t need Lightning’s USB1 just for enelement and could go right to AASB. That would let Tyro entrust Elarra earlier for crit+, or Shelke to BSB earlier.
FFRK: e19o
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