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User Info: ShadowSeph

3 weeks ago#181
Is it possible to defeat Leviathan with Desch as only DPS AASB?

Thinking of this team
Desch AASB, USB EnLightning Unique!
Shantotto AOSB, USB, LMR1, LMR3
Garnet CSB, USB1, USB2
Ashe USB
Elarra AASB, USB

At first I was thinking of buying Lightning AASB in the Dream select. But now I'm wondering if maybe it's better to choose Shantotto or Ashe? Or should I stick with my initial plan and pick Lightning and try physical?

In that case I have this
Lightning AOSB, USB1, DC LMR
Elarra AASB, USB1
Tyro compete!

So what do you guys and girls suggest?
PSN: ThaHammett
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#182
its like having shantotto and ashe but without lv3 or even lv2 enthunder

really hard

For me, desch is only for speedrunning unless u collect his glint and enthunder lmr

Phys with kain is much easier as he can instantly get enthunder back

remember u only have to deal with 1 recast of enthunder

the 10sec mark is first one then u aasb

he will defuse at 70% hp so recast enthunder and full throttle the boss before ur aasb is gone

Ramuh 3 defusions
Titan 3 defusions
Levia 2 defusions

dunno bout other boss, someone must fill us

just take it as 10sec aasb and csb are on and if we get phase 2 its always a defuse

phase 3 isnt always from what it seems

if u r late on phase 2 u get defused too, didnt count that one because even 1 aasb should be fast enough
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: ShadowSeph

3 weeks ago#183
I forgot that I have Desch's EnLightning Unique! Maybe it's finally useful?

So Zero, you suggest Lightning AASB for the Dream select?
PSN: ThaHammett

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#184

her sync is enough

unless its for levia win then watch ricky vid where he ignis lightning and have both stuff casted, she won as a stand alone

i tried the combo but without ignis

her 20 hit chase at the end of her aasb kept on happening everytime i cast, thats because she gets full atb so she gets more than 8 casts, i got 10 casts

cast 8 9 10 still gave 20 hits + 20 + 20, was like wtf

i still died tho for lack of power, she never got beyond 20k per hit so stay with sync its a lv3 enthunder, give ignis and watch her destroy levia

Her sync can confuse u tho, always remember to cmd2 first then after a turn u do cmd1 then cmd1 right after that dont mistake and do cmd2 again

why would u do something wrong is because we are not used to full atb thing, sometimes i do cmd2 cmd1 cmd2 cmd2

watch ricky and try to do the same

(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: ShadowSeph

3 weeks ago#185
But I don't have her Sync =( or any Sync for that matter
PSN: ThaHammett

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#186
Oh.... i thought u had it

plus do u have csb...?

if not then i dont think i can help

lightning can be the support with her usb1 and aosb at the end

if garnet is the only csb... i didnt try after beating it with ashe and shantotto

Ignis on kain is best choice if garnet is the csb

IC3 lightning should have dmg RM and usb1 on when csb drops

thats after 10sec defuse

remember dragoons hit extremely hard even my noct did well lol

i cant test it for u because kain been avoiding me so badly

plus u dont have his glint that removes airtime so u have to count which is annoying

keep tryin till the few days of dream select
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: ShadowSeph

3 weeks ago#187
Somehow I got all Lightning Chains available XD


Of all those I think Prompto and Garnet are the best for me.

Kain, Shantotto and Desch are all DPS.

Reno and Shelke I've got nothing else for.
PSN: ThaHammett

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#188
Then go with prompto and imperil with that kain lightning tyro combo, healer and entrust to keep alive as they dont need qc u r free to use whatever healer

always remember to dps after 10sec, re enthunder after 70% hp and hit bubbles for top slot, better be prompto with bladeblitz

User Info: DrChia

3 weeks ago#189
Wait, her 20 hit chase happens after every attack once it hits that number?! Wtf lol. I totally take back anything I ever said about her sync and aasb not working well together.
FC: 5472-6255-9417

User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#190
Yea it did but yet i failed because i didnt ignis her lol

i was like how the f it didnt reset? 20 hits 20 hits 20 hits lol

I can show u later the weird combo and add ignis into it... that if levia didnt die already

anyways, if u fail i'll sign u up for giveaway, just need to make sure bout thr date of final day for dream select

so thats mazurka and u, who else is 1 relic away from success?
(edited 3 weeks ago)
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