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User Info: Lord Bob Bree

Lord Bob Bree
1 month ago#31
Setzer's Death Tarot. If only all the debuff SBs I had for him were useful anymore....
The N9 broke, but Advokaiser stayed strong
"I like goldfish." Godric

User Info: BigG777

1 month ago#32
Disco today!


Awesome relic for someone I have nothing for.....
42 days.
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: mazurka

1 month ago#34
Week 61: 2☆ 2☆ 3☆ 3☆ 1☆ 2☆ 2☆
Week 62: 2☆ 4☆ 3☆ 2☆ 2☆ 2☆ 4☆
Week 63: 5☆ 1☆ 2☆ 2☆ 3☆ 2☆ 5☆
Week 64: 2☆ 3☆ 5☆ 3☆ 2☆ 2☆ 3☆
Week 65: 3☆ 3☆ 5☆ 2☆ 3☆ 2☆ 2☆
Week 66: 0☆ 4☆

Total 5☆: 46/468 (number of those that are useful: 4)
Total 6☆: 14/468 (number of those that are useful: 7)

5☆ obtained: raines lmr, aphmau bsb (dupe), Edgar Unique trash, Balthier BSB (dupe), raines lmr AGAIN, Tellah Unique, Squall SSB (dupe), Meia SSB, Serah LMR, Freya SSB, Serah LMR AGAIN, Ignus LMR, Tidus unique trash, Gau's SSB, Garland SSB, shared trash, Fran SSB, Kuja BSB (dupe), Arc unique trash, Setzer SSB (dupe), Yuna DC LMR (dupe), Curilla LMR, shared trash, Maria enEarth LMR, Meliadoul LMR, Minfilia BSB (dupe), Irvine BSB, Zidane QC LMR (dupe), Marcus BSB, Prishe LMR, Decil BSB, Galuf unique trash, Balthier enfire lmr, Decil GSB, Raines lmr2, Decil LMR1, Curilla LMR again, Zeid BSB, Wol BSB, Seven BSB, Deuce LMR, Master SSB, Shared Shellga (trash), Steiner unique trash, Kuja EnDark LMR, Sarah unique trash, Amarant unique trash, Shelke BSB

6☆ obtained: Edgar USB, Rinoa USB3, Shantotto CSB, Shantotto CSB AGAIN, Aemo USB,Lenna USB1, Tidus AASB, Tidus bUSB, Rinoa USB1, Firion OSB (dupe), Emperor USB1, Noctis OSB, Warrior of Light GSB+, Lenna USB1 AGAIN

User Info: khain37

1 month ago#35

Current Streak - 0/1 (Days since last disco: 10)

Total 64/468 (17 Disco, 47 Rainbow)

Most Recent: Thief SSB

AASB: 1 (Terra*)
AOSB: 1 (Garland)
USB: 13 (Basch*, Minwu1, Locke2, Edge, Cid VII*, Setzer*, Leo, Firion1*, Reno2, Exdeath2, Rinoa2, Mog2, Gladiolus)
OSB: 2 (Meia, CoD*)
BSB: 10 (Laguna2, Leon, Rufus, Vayne, Bartz1, Beatrix*, Vanille2, Eiko*, Squall3, Hope2?*)
GSB: 4 (Golbez, Alphinaud x2*, Celes, Desch*)
SSB: 11 (Ignis, Rydia, Amarant, Setzer2, Seifer1, Fran1*, Steiner1, Gordon, Beatrix1, Wrieg, Thief)
LMR: 8 (Ovelia, Zack, Minfilia, Sice, Sarah, Cinque*, Marche, Montblanc, Emperor)
Unique: 7 (Aerith2, Kain2, Freya, Steiner1, Quistis, Setzer*, Auron)
Shared/Generic: 5 (Shared Mage Masher IX, Shinra Helmet VII, Diamond Armor V, Organyx VI, IV Healing Staff)
* = Dupes (14)
Main: Tyro (lvl 99) God Wall - FCv2; Alt: Auron USB - Syzo
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: MajorMahalo1

1 month ago#36
Meia Glint popped out today. First relic for her. En-Stacks are nice to have.
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User Info: Phagey

1 month ago#37
Dry streak hits 15 days today.

User Info: ffrkowaway

1 month ago#38
61/472 Basch LMR

Somehow just my second holy+ armor with ATK

So far:

CSB (1): Laguna (dupe)
AOSB (1): Terra 1
USB (8): Faris 3, Amarant 1, CoD (dupe), Cyan 1, Ysayle, Cinque, Tama, Ashe 2
OSB (1): Raines

LMR (8): Montblanc 1, Raijin 1, Gaffgarion 1, Galuf 3, Delita 2, Laguna 1 (dupe), Selphie 2, Basch
GSB (2): Garland, Riku
BSB (14): Auron 1, Bartz 1 (dupe), Garnet 2, Minwu 2, Maria (dupe), Gladiolus, Squall 2 (dupe), Ysayle, Vanille 2, Serah 1 (dupe), Beatrix 2, Kelger, Aphmau (dupe), Thief
SSB (11): Leon, Larsa 2, Aria, Ignis (dupe), Fusoya, Laguna 2, Barret (dupe), Montblanc, Mustadio 1, Jecht 1, Montblanc (again)

Unique (9): Mog, Lenna, Setzer, Edgar, Quina, Red XIII, Zidane, Freya, Tifa
No SB (6): Black Hood (IX), Dark Gloves (IV), Soldier Breastplate (VII), Blitz Sword (VIII), Shinra Helmet (VII), Danjuro (XII)
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: EchoNull

1 month ago#39
24 day drought broken at the beach!

69/472 (14.62%)
472: 5* Serah's Beachwear [13] (new Serah dualcast LMR, and +ice ... light armor?)
0 days since last Relic; dry streak record this year: 25
33 days since last Disco; dry streak record: 189
FFRK: D6vf Garnet Chain ~ Orbs: https://goo.gl/9ERBYu ~ SBs: http://goo.gl/SO1Iyc ~ Spreadsheets: https://goo.gl/SYKysf

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

1 month ago#40
30 Days
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