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User Info: Rman0099

1 week ago#291
Today 5star Gordon GSB.....wait...its just a debuff?
they still MAKE pure debuff relics?
Space for rent........
FFRK- Character SB List: https://goo.gl/C3Nktf

User Info: sarothias

1 week ago#292
Rinoa's earth based BSB. Not a dupe and +10 MAG to one of my SASB holders. I'll take it!

1: Squall OSB (dupe)
2: Gau Unique
3: Echo SSB
4: Deuce BSB (dupe)
5: Relm USB
6: Poison Rod V (shared SB)
7: Kimahri USB
8: Seven LMR
9: Lenna Unique (dupe)
10: Ysayle SSB
11: Penelo SSB (dupe)
12: Papa OSB (dupe)
13: Steiner USB (dupe)
14: Kimahri USB (dupe)
15: Vaan USB2 (dupe)
16: Balthier BSB (dupe)
17: Wakka BSB (dupe)
18: Ruby Cuirass (II - Shared SB)
19: Montblanc BSB
20: Regal Gown (VI - no SB)
21: Almasy Twin lance (dupe)
22: Zorlin Shape (IX - No SB)
23: Seifer SSB (dupe)
24: Rem BSB (dupe)
25: Beatrix Unique
26: Sephiroth USB1
27: Maria OSB
28: Reynn LMR (DC)
29: Ifrit's Kris (SBless)
30: Shinra Helmet (SBless)
31: Sarah Unique
32: Diamond Plate (Shared SB)
33: Umaro SSB
34: Auron BSB
35: Rem SSB
36: Noctis OSB (dupe)
37: Red XIII SSB
38: Golbez SSB (dupe)
39: Matoya BSB
40: Noctis OSB (dupe)
41: Jack BSB (dupe)
42: Tidus AOSB (dupe)
43: Eiko LMR (DC WHM - dupe)
44: Curilla USB
45: Yuffie SSB (Dupe)
46: Cid (IV) BSB
47: Yuna GSB
48: Yang LMR
49: Fujin's Chakram (shared)
50: Yuna GSB (dupe)
51: Gladiolus GSB (dupe)
52: Chameleon Robe (Dupe - SBless)
53 Rude BSB (dupe)
54: Garland Unique (dupe)
55: Wakka SSB
56: Shared SB
57: OK LMR +MAG (dupe)
58: WoL LMR (heal ally and deal 3 hits on damage taken)
59: Master USB (dupe)
60: Exdeath Unique (dupe)
61: Exdeath GSB
62: Faris GSB
63: Echo BSB
64: Elarra BSB (dupe)
65: Aria BSB (dupe)
66: Rydia USB2 (dupe)
67: Sazh Unique
68: Wol BSB (dupe)
69: Fujin DC LMR
71: Ashe Unique
72: Rinoa BSB (earth)
FFRK - Rem's AASB Code: 9DXU

User Info: Cryptogram

1 week ago#293
I drew my first AASB on my Daily today, first one!

Friend code: F3bo (Currently Elarra USB1)

User Info: Palaxius01

1 week ago#294

16 6*
58 5*


@Cryptogram congrats! Also got Fran AASB as my first Awakening from the dailies.
(edited 1 week ago)
Oh, hey, I finally got a disco after 3 months! ...Oh. Wait. I know that robe.

Minwu USB2, dupe. My 4th one.

Well, I went ahead and combined three of them just now. It's my highest RES armor by 21 points. So that's something, I guess. I got a major augment on the combine too, which is... huh. Didn't even know that was a thing.

- Daily results
Year 1: Lulu unique, shared Sanctum Gloves, Larsa SSB, Ultimecia BSB, Seifer LMR, CoD BSB1, shared Behemoth Knife, Vaan SSB (dupe), Minfilia USB, Golbez unique, Noel USB1, Rinoa SSB (dupe), Cinque SSB, Rinoa SSB (dupe), Luneth unique, Sarah LMR, Edge unique (dupe), Gladiolus SSB, Lenna BSB2, Ursula AOSB, Hope USB, Laguna CSB, Arc unique (dupe), shared Genji Helm, Zidane unique, Thancred SSB, Marche SSB (dupe), shared Gold Armlet, Vanille USB3, generic Ice Gloves, Faris SSB (dupe), Josef SSB, generic Sniper, Machina LMR, Faris BSB2 (dupe), Seven LMR, Terra BSB2, Machina LMR (dupe), Lenna USB1 (dupe), Vivi unique

Year 2:
8/29 (Draw 369): shared Heat Lance
8/30 (Draw 370): Shantotto Glint
9/5 (Draw 376): Vanille Glint
9/9 (Draw 380): Terra SSB (dupe)
9/16 (Draw 387): Fang unique
9/21 (Draw 392): Laguna SSB
10/3 (Draw 404): Exdeath LMR (dupe)
10/4 (Draw 405): Locke CSB
10/6 (Draw 407): Fran unique
10/18 (Draw 419): Setzer LMR
10/22 (Draw 423): Scott BSB (dupe)
10/29 (Draw 430): Terra LMR
10/31 (Draw 432): Montblanc SSB
11/9 (Draw 441): Jecht LMR
1/1 (Draw 494): Zidane SSB
1/2 (Draw 495): Fang BSB (dupe)
1/6 (Draw 499): generic Gaia Gear
1/11 (Draw 504): Zack unique (dupe)
1/14 (Draw 507): Minwu USB2 (dupe)
What a fuddy duddy.

User Info: Summoner_Sage

1 week ago#296
My daily drought is finally broken! That was the longest gap so far. 48 days between this current relic and the last. Not a disco but it's an enelement glint!

Day 5: Rosa BSB
Day 10: Beatrix SSB2
Day 31: Sabin Unique2
Day 51: Reynn BSB (dupe)
Day 54: Jecht BSB1 (dupe)
Day 62: Amarant SSB
Day 71: Hope OSB (dupe)
Day 88: Papalymo OSB (dupe)
Day 96: Warrior of Light AOSB!!!
Day 121: Kimahri SSB
Day 128: Penelo Unique
Day 137: Rapha BSB
Day 142: Alphinaud SSB
Day 147: Terra BSB1 (dupe)
Day 154: Braska SSB2
Day 155: Gladiolus SSB
Day 156: Krile USB1 (dupe)
Day 158: Heat Lance (X) (shared)
Day 173: Celes AOSB!!!
Day 174: Poison Rod (V) (shared)
Day 175: Rubicante SSB
Day 179b: Cid SSB (dupe)
Day 198: Tifa LMR1
Day 204: Elena BSB
Day 206: Gladiolus SSB (dupe)
Day 215: Minfilia LMR2
Day 217: Fujin Unique
Day 235: Curilla LMR2
Day 236: Gau LMR
Day 239: Firion BSB
Day 248: Sabin USB
Day 250: Maria BSB (dupe)
Day 259: Ricard SSB
Day 264: Strago BSB (dupe)
Day 271: Cid Garlond USB
Day 279: Rydia USB3!!!
Day 288: Jecht Unique2
Day 303: Thancred Unique2
Day 304: Relm USB (dupe)
Day 311: Holy Rod (VI) (shared)
Day 327: Lenna USB3
Day 329: Tellah Unique
Day 339: WoL CSB (dupe)
Day 340: Vanille BSB (4th copy)
Day 348: Beatrix LMR2
Day 350: Burning Fist (VI)
Day 351: Locke BSB2 (dupe)
Day 356: Quina USB
Day 364: Aranea USB (dupe)
Day 365: Fujin's Chakram (shared)
Day 377: Vincent CSB (dupe)
Day 388: Kelger AOSB
Day 392: Noel LMR2
Day 396: Locke USB2
Day 399: Strago AOSB
Day 400: Terra SSB1
Day 409: Laguna Unique (dupe)
Day 414: Hope LMR1
Day 420: Golden Spear (VI)
Day 427: Lenna LMR (dupe)
Day 433: Seymour LMR2 (dupe)
Day 435: Setzer SSB1 (dupe)
Day 441: Terra LMR1 (dupe)
Day 451: Zell LMR2
Day 456: Aerith Unique1
Day 504: Kuja Glint
"How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist.."
Zenith || Winterfrost || FFRK - 3mNf

User Info: khain37

1 week ago#297
Been a few days since last update. 0/5 since last post.

Current Streak - 0/6 (Days since last disco: 10)

Total 67/504 (18 Disco, 49 Rainbow)

Most Recent: Selphie LMR

AASB: 1 (Terra*)
AOSB: 1 (Garland)
GSB+: 1 (Zack)
USB: 13 (Basch*, Minwu1, Locke2, Edge, Cid VII*, Setzer*, Leo, Firion1*, Reno2, Exdeath2, Rinoa2, Mog2, Gladiolus)
OSB: 2 (Meia, CoD*)
BSB: 10 (Laguna2, Leon, Rufus, Vayne, Bartz1, Beatrix*, Vanille2, Eiko*, Squall3, Hope2?*)
GSB: 4 (Golbez, Alphinaud x2*, Celes, Desch*)
SSB: 12 (Ignis, Rydia, Amarant, Setzer2, Seifer1, Fran1*, Steiner1, Gordon, Beatrix1, Wrieg, Thief, Braska)
LMR: 8 (Ovelia, Zack, Minfilia, Sice, Sarah, Cinque*, Marche, Montblanc, Emperor, Selphie)
Unique: 7 (Aerith2, Kain2, Freya, Steiner1, Quistis, Setzer*, Auron)
Shared/Generic: 5 (Shared Mage Masher IX, Shinra Helmet VII, Diamond Armor V, Organyx VI, IV Healing Staff)
* = Dupes (14)
Main: Tyro (lvl 99) God Wall - FCv2; Alt: Auron USB - Syzo
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: SaintTweeter

1 week ago#298
oh right
Dupe Aeris USB 2 today
boku wa SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS atashi wa
thanks for taking 100 years to localize EOV, atlus usa, you jerks
Drew my second aasb. Maria’s which is new.
FC: 4570-8435-4244 3DS
Nothing in 2020.

Dry January indeed.
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