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User Info: AdmiralAeris

1 month ago#11
Adding copypasta here:

Sep 1: Rikku Unique3 (+/- ATK)
Sep 3: Montblanc LMR1 (BLK QC)
Sep 12: Relm Unique2 (critfix + haste)
Sep 15: Porom USB1
Sep 18: Shared Rune Blade (VII) -- slow
Sep 23: Shared Tungsten Bangle (XIII) -- medica
Sep 27: Exdeath LMR
Sep 28: Dupe Galuf BSB2 (imperil earth)
Oct 2: Mustadio SSB1 (status)
Oct 9: Dupe Edge LMR
Oct 15: Alma BSB
Oct 16: Firion OSB
Nov 4: Lann SSB
Nov 11: Dupe Edge USB1
Nov 16: Dupe Vivi BSB1 (fire)
Nov 17: Dupe Seifer USB2 (party IC)
Nov 26: Meia LMR
Nov 27: N****s Glint1 (combat)
Dec 10: Shared Heavy Lance (V) -- -DEF
Dec 16: P*****o BSB2 (pentabreak)
Dec 19: Luneth Unique1 (Advance)
Dec 22: Gabranth LMR1
Dec 27: Barbariccia BSB
Jan 10: Tellah LMR1
Jan 17: Shared Raijin's Vest (VIII) -- lightning
Feb 13: Luneth OSB
Feb 14: Aerith Unique2 (+ATK)
Feb 15: Galuf Unique2 (+ATK)
Feb 21: Cloud of Darkness BSB2 (buff+doom)
Feb 28: Scott LMR
Mar 5: Sora Glint2 (ice)
Mar 7: Barret BSB
Mar 15: Cyan SSB1 (interrupt)
Mar 29: Reynn USB
Apr 1: SB-less Al Bhed Jumper
Apr 29: Dupe Squall Glint1 (ice)
May 11: Garland LMR1 (trance)
May 24: Amarant Unique2 (+ATK)
Jun 1: Eiko LMR2 (w-summon)
Jun 11: Meliadoul BSB
Jun 30: Aemo LMR
Jul 25: Decil Unique3 (+ATK)
Aug 1: Dupe Ricard LMR1 (en-wind)
Aug 8: Yuna USB4 (heal+en-holy stacking)
Aug 16: Shared Flame Sword (IV) -- fire
Aug 18: Strago CSB
Aug 26: Rinoa Glint
Aug 29: Krile LMR2 (dualcast)
Aug 31: Shared Fujin's Chakram
Sep 15: Garnet SSB1
Sep 21: Shared Minotaur Plate -- shellga
Oct 5: Raines SSB1
Oct 8: Dupe Ayame LMR1
Oct 27: Dupe Irvine LMR
Nov 12: Gilgamesh Unique1
Nov 14: Edgar SSB
Nov 22: Vivi Glint
Nov 26: Cloud Unique3
Nov 28: Wol BSB1
Dec 3: Rikku CSB1
Dec 4: Dupe Seifer BSB2
Dec 5: Serah LMR1

Also dupe Gaffgarion LMR sometime in Sep 2018.
As long as you have a goal, you can fight?
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: PhantomForteGS

1 month ago#12
Rubicante BSB

Will probably never see use, but at least it was new and can provided lenses if I dupe it.


52 5*
13 6*


Golbez USB1
Vanille LMR1
Cid Raines Unique
Jecht BSB1
FFT Shared Regen
SBless VII Sword
Echo LMR1
Arc BSB1
Cinque LMR1
Pecil BSB1
Mustadio LMR
Edge Unique2
Maria AOSB
Rude SSB (dupe)
Gilgamesh USB1
Aranea USB
FFV Shared Fire/Confuse
Edge USB1
Thancred Unique1
Cid(VII) BSB (dupe)
Locke LMR1
FFXIII Shared Lightning/Paralyze
Seifer BSB2
Decil LMR1
Gogo(V) USB
Lann LMR1
Firion LMR2
Queen BSB
Wakka Unique1
Cloud AOSB2 (dupe)
FFIV Shared ST Heal + Esuna
Alma USB1 (dupe)
Machina LMR1 (dupe)
Cinque SSB (dupe)
Ace BSB1
Bartz Unique5 (dupe)
Aria SSB (dupe)
Josef USB1
Gabranth LMR2
Vivi LMR1
Wedge USB
Quistis BSB
Firion SSB2
Cait Sith Unique
FFVII Shared Protectga
Ingus SSB2
Gordon Unique2
Wrieg BSB
Squall Unique2
Rinoa LMR1
Setzer BSB (dupe)
Biggs GSB
Terra SSB1
Tidus SSB
Cinque USB (dupe)
Desch GSB
Queen OSB
Raijin LMR2
Golbez LMR2
Jack BSB
Vincent BSB2
Rubicante BSB
FFRK RW - Tyro DVG ID - 5isM

User Info: SaltyZero24

1 month ago#13
Ricard's BSB, new.

User Info: SaintTweeter

1 month ago#14
Got that weird Warrior of Light LMR that has a small chance of healing an ally for 1500 and attacking an enemy with 3 holy hits when he's attacked. Strangest LMR ever, love it
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User Info: jayman7

1 month ago#15
Irvine Burst today.
Creator of Jay's Journey, including Jay's Journey Reimagined/Jay's Journey 2: Worlds Apart!

User Info: Palaxius01

1 month ago#16
Cloud LMR1(dupe)

14 6*
53 5*


User Info: Lord Bob Bree

Lord Bob Bree
1 month ago#17
Got a real old one today: A SB-less Gungnir (XII).
The N9 broke, but Advokaiser stayed strong
"I like goldfish." Godric

User Info: roleplayingace

1 month ago#18
Penelo BSB1 (dupe)

User Info: khain37

1 month ago#19
New 5* - Thief SSB.

Current Streak - 0/6 (Days since last disco: 9)

Total 64/467 (17 Disco, 47 Rainbow)

Most Recent: Thief SSB

AASB: 1 (Terra*)
AOSB: 1 (Garland)
USB: 13 (Basch*, Minwu1, Locke2, Edge, Cid VII*, Setzer*, Leo, Firion1*, Reno2, Exdeath2, Rinoa2, Mog2, Gladiolus)
OSB: 2 (Meia, CoD*)
BSB: 10 (Laguna2, Leon, Rufus, Vayne, Bartz1, Beatrix*, Vanille2, Eiko*, Squall3, Hope2?*)
GSB: 4 (Golbez, Alphinaud x2*, Celes, Desch*)
SSB: 11 (Ignis, Rydia, Amarant, Setzer2, Seifer1, Fran1*, Steiner1, Gordon, Beatrix1, Wrieg, Thief)
LMR: 8 (Ovelia, Zack, Minfilia, Sice, Sarah, Cinque*, Marche, Montblanc, Emperor)
Unique: 7 (Aerith2, Kain2, Freya, Steiner1, Quistis, Setzer*, Auron)
Shared/Generic: 5 (Shared Mage Masher IX, Shinra Helmet VII, Diamond Armor V, Organyx VI, IV Healing Staff)
* = Dupes (14)
Main: Tyro (lvl 99) God Wall - FCv2; Alt: Auron USB - Syzo

User Info: Tptranger

1 month ago#20
Tifa EnEarth BSB today. Oddly timely.
FC: 4055-2860-2269
Grass Safari: Quilladin, Ivysaur, Tangela
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