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User Info: Shugo702

1 week ago#311

Tyro USB3 (dupe)
Tyro GSB
Wedge GSB
Dr. Mog GSB


User Info: rui

1 week ago#312
herocomplex00 posted...
1/11 Prompto CSB dupe from the lightning banner. Wah wah.
This is what I want :(
Sabishii ka dou ka, atashi ga kimeru koto~Claes
Claim Freda Claes Johannson & Tamami Chanohata

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

1 week ago#313
Ticket day. Fire banner

balthier bsb1 dupe number 15

vivi bsb1 dupe number 34

FF fan since NES
FFRK Gtja Tyro DVG

User Info: testing4

1 week ago#314
rui posted...
This is what I want :(

User Info: sohmwan87

1 week ago#315
ticket on dark banner: hoping for sephiroth aasb/aosb and seifer csb. received kuja uab(dupe), machina bsb(bsb) & kiros bsb. smdh.

game is just losing steam. not getting turned on by pulls anymore.

User Info: raoxi

1 week ago#316
rui posted...
This is what I want :(

User Info: SSJLink

1 week ago#317
I used my ticket for fire, need/want a 2.0 chain

Gilgamesh AOSB
Locke GSB+

Locke is my only fire chain user so that is a pretty good pick up

User Info: FreeMan5407

1 week ago#318
Against my better judgement did a ticket and 15 mythtil pull on realm XV cause i need Prompto chain


Ignis - BSB (dupe), of course , used the lenses less than a week ago
Iris - BSB , doesn't have anything on her, but i don't know if enough for Torment


Aranea - lmr (dupe) was hoping for OSB at the very least have the other available relics


Noctis - AASB a little bit outdated awakening, but can prove useful outside of magicite 6*, besides have his glint crit dmg and dmg lmr, also with enough support he can break the cap against Leviathan
The Witcher 3 , Bloodborne, Devil May Cry 5, The Outer Worlds and God of War are the best games of this gen

User Info: AdmiralAeris

6 days ago#319
Lightning banner
2/11 one disco

Aranea BSB dupe, Desch USB new

At least that was better than the last one... (also my first lightning boost armor not from a selection)
As long as you have a goal, you can fight?

User Info: Uiru

6 days ago#320
This ice draw would have been very strong a year ago. Now I have everything for both of them except their awakenings, which will invalidate most of the rest of it. :p

15 blues
IV: Palom rod LMR
V: Kelger glint
XI: Prishe USB, Ayame USB dupe
XV: Ignis realm chain, Noctis sword LMR, Iris BSB dupe, Noctis LMR dupe
Core: Elarra USB, Elarra LMR
Ice: Squall USB2, Rinoa USB1 *new*
Lightning: Shelke USB
Earth: ??
Dark: Leon glint

VII: Cait Sith BSB dupe / Tifa USB1 dupe, Angeal LMR / YUFFIE AWAKENING, Sephiroth arcane / Elena BSB dupe, Cait Sith LMR dupe *new*
Earth: Wol bUSB, Dorgann/Emperor BSB / Thancred bUSB * 2
(edited 6 days ago)
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