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User Info: rui

1 week ago#301
Pulling another Prompto toys, but not what I want.
Which mean another dupe from XV Realm ticket
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User Info: hang00

1 week ago#302
Another wasted ticket on the earth banner.

Maria Glint (dupe)
Tifa LMR (dupe)

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 week ago#303
Fire continues to not like me much.

3/11, but it was Gil BSB (dupe), Bartz OSB (dupe), and Krile bUSB. I have more than enough magical fire characters.
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User Info: herocomplex00

1 week ago#304
1/11 Prompto CSB dupe from the lightning banner. Wah wah.

User Info: omgitstim222

1 week ago#305
Earth chain attempt number 5

3/11 - all discos (this banner poops discos for me) - Rydia bUSB (dupe), Bartz USB1 (dupe), Maria AASB (#3 from this banner lol)

I've gotten rydia bUSB and Maria awakening multiple times from this earth banner, its cool seeing discos but its literally the same ones every time lol
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User Info: SSJPabs

1 week ago#306
Ice banner. 2/11

Vivi LMR (dupe)
Noel USB (dupe #4)

Well that was a waste of a half month.
Too stupid to be BAF2P(BTW)
FFRK: t5PE; FFBE: 875,851,263

User Info: Wagwood

1 week ago#307
Earth banner for some Ramuh help:


Bartz AOSB dupe

This makes dupe #3 so I guess I can combine it for a super dagger haha.

User Info: meteorgun

1 week ago#308
core banner

Elarra's lmr (dupe)
It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do.

User Info: Jack-ums

1 week ago#309
Another wasted ticket. Water banner.

Kimahri AASB (3rd dupe)
Meia wcast LMR

... so, nothing changed. Oh well.

User Info: Smealiko

1 week ago#310
Core banner

Tyro USB3 dupe
Tyro USB1
Biggs glint

That’s not bad, I don’t have to waste lens on Tyro USB1. I’m still hunting for Elarra AASB.

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