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User Info: fepnascimento

2 weeks ago#271
Wind: 3/11 - Luneth LMR (new), Celes USB1 (dupe), Faris CSB (new)
Fire: 3/11 - Papalymo OSB (dupe), Mustadio USB, Krile BUSB
Dark: 1/11 - Landu USB (dupe)
Ice: 2/11 - Celes USB2 (new), Snow AASB (dupe)
Holy: 1/11 - Fusoya USB (dupe)
Water: 1/11 - Tidus USB2 (dupe)
Earth: 4/11 - Tifa OSB (new), OK AOSB (dupe), Yang AOSB (new), Rude BSB (dupe)
Lightning: 2/11 - Queen BSB (dupe), Montblank USB (new)
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/fnascimento99 PSN = fepnascimento2

User Info: Phagey

2 weeks ago#272
raoxi posted...
@Phagey i think the chance for aasb/mythril is comparable based on the new 10% rate.
Well, I'm putting 15 Mythril on the line to test that luck on the fire banner.
1/11 Kimahri AOSB. Yes, an AOSB for a water character on a fire banner.

No more Mythril. Just tickets from now on. If they want to start crossing elements the chance of actually scoring a relevant AASB just went down even more.
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: SSJLink

2 weeks ago#273
My past 3

Water (2 pulls)
A bunch of dupes, only new was Kimhari enWater LMR

Emperor AASB (um...good thing I have his enEarth LMR....)

User Info: raoxi

2 weeks ago#274
@SevenSeas nice ok aasb there!

@Phagey i say that but then ive yet to pull an aasb from these 15m draws ever... fark... lol

User Info: BigG777

2 weeks ago#275
Last one fire banner. Whoa 4/11 with 3 discos!

Seifer AA (dupe)
Firion AA
Firion brave (dupe)
Jecht LMR

Hmm well Firion AA should be good for holy as I could use another Holy AA.

User Info: ClearAsChalk

2 weeks ago#276
Scrounged up another 15 mythril.
Holy: 5/11!
PCecil bUSB
Yuna glint
Arc BSB (dupe)
Nice! But not sure if they will help with holy weak odin.

User Info: LuBu1975

2 weeks ago#277
Dunno when I last updated here so I'll just list them all now that I'm done.

Earth - Ursula AOSB
Fire - Locke USB1
Water - Kimahri BSB dupe
Wind - Cloud G+ dupe, Terra USB3, Estinien LMR
Dark - Kefka ASB, Sephiroth BSB2 dupe
Holy - Marche BSB
Lightning - Cater USB, Ashe LMR
Ice - Firion AOSB

Dark (ticket) - Gaffgarion bUSB dupe
Dark (ticket) - Kefka USB

Pretty poor showing considering all those 1/11s but at least i got Joker's ASB (and USB with a ticket) to go along with his AOSB i already had. He's pretty formidable now but I still can't beat Odin cos no gen2 Chain that Mages seem to need (hence the ticket pulls).
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: AdmiralAeris

2 weeks ago#278
Did my first elemental pull today...

Earth: (Planning on getting Rydia BSB1 with lenses, wanted to see if it or her bUSB showed up) 1/11 disco

Tellah USB new

Right game, wrong character.
As long as you have a goal, you can fight?

User Info: Ktc

2 weeks ago#279
Ice Banner - 15 myth

Squall AOSB (dupe)
Dr. Mog USB (dupe)
Snow CSB

That Dr. Mog USB showing up everywhere is starting to get on my nerves.

Snow might come in handy sooooomeday if I get other things for him. Atm I only have his Radiant USB and a LS Glint iirc. Otherwise, I have Laguna and Celes.

User Info: Blaze0fGlory

2 weeks ago#280
Fire ticket

krile busb
Cor AOSB (only relic for him)

saw lotr still up

Noct aosb2 dupe, Cor aasb

Sweet. I want his usb and glint now.
FF fan since NES
FFRK Gtja Tyro DVG
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