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User Info: r0ge00

1 month ago#21
This went really well for 90 mythril.

Earth - Ursula BSB dupe - Bleh
Water - Wakka BSB - Also bleh
Holy - Minwu AOSB - Decent. His USB on lenses can be added if needed.
Ice - Ayame AOSB - I've got her BSB and can always add the USB from lenses. Also Ice boost helmet. Pretty good.
Lightning - Lightning AASB, Noctis AASB - Fantatsic! I've got almost everything for Lightning except her AOSB and Knight USB. Noctis has his new AOSB and physical damage LMR.
Dark - Garland AASB, Seifer CSB, Leon BUSB - FINALLY! I can stop trying to pull for a dark chain. I need a gen 2 fire still, but that's not a huge deal. Garland AASB will be fantastic for Odin when I get there. I might even try to get him geared up for Madeen as well to see if it makes that easier. Leon is dark boost light armor, which I sorely needed.
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User Info: SevenSeas

1 month ago#23
Earth: tifa aaab, bartz usb1, galuf lmr, meiladoul (?) Bsb

Water: meia osb (dupe), kimahri lmr1, tidus bsb1

Lightning: garnet csb, steiner osb (!!)

@EchoNull the link in the post above ne did not work just now. It says 'the page you requested does not exist'
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User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#24
Damn, grats!! @SevenSeas Perfect timing for Tifa and the CSB as potential Leviathan prep :D
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User Info: sosostolen

1 month ago#25
@EchoNull the said poll doesn't exist.
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User Info: SevenSeas

1 month ago#26
sarothias posted...
Damn, grats!! @SevenSeas Perfect timing for Tifa and the CSB as potential Leviathan prep :D

@sarothias thanks, man.

Well, tifa's timing can be better (still salty from her sync banner pull), but it is quite a consolation prize after that disgusting 1/11 lmr =)

As for garnet's, any new csb is welcome. Though, i have 0 lightning based aasb :(

@raoxi i am drawing on the elements that i feel i still need some urgent help with currently. IMO, for 15m, this is a bargain, worst case, we got more lens.. so .. yay??
FFRK (started: 24 Feb 2016)
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User Info: Wagwood

1 month ago#27
Did three pulls, two paid and one ticket.

Earth: Galuf AOSB

Earth ticket: Ignus USB and Urusla BSB

Holy: Celes AASB and Beatrix BSB (dupe)

These pulls were quite nice! The AOSB will hopefully see us as he is my chain holder. The AASB is now my only Holy AASB even if it isn't the best one so it will be very useful. All in all, great pulls.

User Info: elijahkun118

1 month ago#28
What’s the cut off on this?
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User Info: shadestreet

1 month ago#29
Took a swipe at Lightning since I can't yet clear that Odin... though I have no excuse not to.

Dupe Rapha USB. Piece of s***.

Well, water weak odin is going to be tough so I had to draw there too.

Dupe Strago BSB.

Oh for f***s sake.

User Info: zibba1331

1 month ago#30
ice: 1/11 laguna USB2 (dupe)
holy: 1/11 delita USB1 (dupe)
water: 1/11 strago OSB
wind: 1/11 ultimecia USB1 (dupe)
dark: 3/11 queen OSB, emperor AASB (dupe), YYYEEEEAAAASSSSS sephiroth AASB
earth: 2/11 ingus CSB, rydia AOSB (dupe)
lightning: 1/11 ashe GSB (dupe)
fire: 1/11 zell USB (dupe)

all worth it for that sephiroth AASB.
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