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User Info: ChillGamer

1 month ago#11
Ugh I wish the anima lense shop allowed me to support Firion properly. It only has his dc COMBAT lmr, ffs.

User Info: Shale0

1 month ago#12
Pulling specifically for the elements where I lack gen 2 chains and, not coincidentally, still have 5* magicites left to beat.

Wind: Nine USB dupe, Faris BUSB
Ice: Serah BSB2 dupe, Xezat USB
Holy: Minwu USB2

Nothing helpful there. Minwu *could* be an upgrade to Raines in my Ark team, but it's already sub-30 and I see no need to mess with a proven strategy.
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Pulled on Water for Meia, got Tidus's bUSB.
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User Info: omgItsDermis

1 month ago#14
Did a quick pull on earth after realizing how lackluster I am in it

Ingus AASB, Ingus USB, Thancred BSB (dupe)

Yea yea that’ll work perfectly.

User Info: unknown081

1 month ago#15
Fire 3/11: Yda BSB, Edgar BSB2, Seifer USB
Ice 3/11: Umaro LMR, Celes AOSB (dupe), Squall AASB
Lightning 1/11: Edgar AOSB
Earth 1/11: Leo USB
Wind 3/11: Ricard USB, Zidane AASB, Zidane AASB (dupe)
Water 1/11: Lulu AOSB
Holy 1/11: Yuna USB3 (dupe)
Dark 2/11: CoD BSB2, Gaffgarion LMR

Two new awakening! On physical elements I haven't beat for 5* yet. Can't complain for that result.
Zidane got his DC wind LMR and AOSB and I have quite a few supporting wind like Cloud with USB2 and AOSB and all his LMR and Fuujin Chain or Alph Chain/AASB, maybe I got a decent shot for Hecatoncheir now? (though I think my last attempt got more trouble on surviving than damaging)

Not sure Squall change anything for Syldra though since I only have Laguna's Chain for support and I'm not sure Celes with just her AOSB and no enelement source (not to mention competing on Spellblade with Squall) would help much
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 month ago#16
Earth went better. Not the physical chain I wanted, but I did get an AASB. And technically got a CSB, but gen 1 chain.. (I have both magical earth chains).

Fire: 2/11 - Gordon BSB, Ace USB (dupe); 1/11 - Vivi USB (dupe)
Earth: 3/11 - Ingus AASB, Ingus CSB, Kelgar USB
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I'll probably pull on a lot of these at 10%, but I want to check the banners first. As usual, the elemental pools are pretty humongous though. :/

Here's the banner data, for anyone that needs to see it:
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User Info: pinhead1989

1 month ago#18
I only had enough for a Dark pull-

Sephiroth AOSB (DUPE
Nabaat BUSB

Two things one, is BUSB the abbreviation for a bravery USB? plz forgive my ignorance, after about almost 3 years of playing this game I am just now starting to understand them except I never know the order from wince they came.

Lastly is Nabaats any good? I saw at level 3 attack reduces dark resistance by 4. I was wondering if that was any good?
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User Info: Garetjax333

1 month ago#19
Holy- Leo USB DUPE
Earth- Guy USB DUPE
Wind- Yuna AASB...looks underwhelming. Is this any good? For Odin?
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User Info: raoxi

1 month ago#20
@SevenSeas @jagusto false hope

holy 4/11 locke osb, exdeath usb2, beatrix bsb dupe, agrias aosb dupe
earth 4/11 cinque glint, guy usb, yang aosb, a 4th disco that doesnt show up in my relic history... but it was some bs dupe i think.

7 discos no aasb/csb. case close. one of these days ill score one from these elemental/rop LDs. still zero ffs.
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