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3 weeks ago#1
In addition, we’d like to share with you the following exclusive information about upcoming events and updates:
■Black Friday Relic Draw Login Bonus
Log in every day for up to 10 days to receive daily Black Friday Relic Draw Tickets!
One ticket is good for one x10 draw of the Black Friday Relic Draw.
Each x10 draw guarantees at least one 5★ or higher relic!

5:00 PM 11/26 PST (1:00 AM 11/27 UTC) - 4:59 PM 12/13 PST (12:59 AM 12/14 UTC)

Happy Black Friday!

■Dream Relic Draws
At 5:00 PM 11/29 PST (1:00 AM 11/30 UTC), the following 7 Dream Relic Draws will open.

◆Dream Relic Draw -Awakening-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Arcane Overstrike-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Ultra-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Overstrike-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Glint-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Burst-
◆Dream Relic Draw -Legend Materia-

Dream Relic Draws are one-time-only x11 draws that can be used with Gems only. After using one, you can choose a bonus relic from a special list of relics.
These Dream Relic Draws last until 4:59 PM 12/13 PST (12:59 AM 12/14 UTC).

This is the first time Awakenings are included as a Dream Relic Draw, so be sure not to miss this chance!

■The Boys are Back/Dressed to the Nines
At 5:00 PM 11/26 PST (1:00 AM 11/27 UTC), The Boys Are Back and Dressed to the Nines events will open. These are special events that give you a chance to get a selection of Wardrobe Records that have appeared in the past.
In these events, new dungeons will be added each day. Completing battles in the first chapter awards Wardrobe Records, and the second chapter awards Orbs, 4★ Motes, and other items that strengthen your heroes.
There will also be limited-time missions that award 3★ and 4★ Motes.
Relive heroes' most unforgettable scenes, and get their Wardrobe Records to match!

■New Soul Break Type and Features
At 5:00 AM 12/4 PST (1:00 PM 12/4 UTC), a new type of Soul Break will be released!

・Sync Soul Break
Syncs are powerful Soul Breaks that grant Sync Mode. While Sync Mode is active, the Attack and Defend commands change to Sync Abilities.
Sync Abilities synchronize with your equipped abilities. If Sync Requirements are met when using a Sync Ability, your equipped ability will trigger immediately after.
The Sync Ability on the left synchronizes with the equipped ability in the left slot, and the Sync Ability on the right synchronizes with the equipped ability in the right slot.

Tifa's Sync Soul Break, Zangan's Infinitude, makes its debut at 5:00 AM 12/4 PST (1:00 PM 12/4 UTC) with the start of the A Stony Request event!

Zangan's Infinitude deals fifteen physical earth and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, temporarily grants the user major Empowered Infusion for earth, Sync Mode, and increases the user's Cap Break Level by 1. The Sync Abilities for this Soul Break are Neo Falcon Dive and Elbow Crush!

Neo Falcon Drive deals six physical earth and non-elemental attacks to one enemy. The damage and critical hit chance depend on the number of times the ability has been used (up to 4 ranks).
Elbow Crush deals three physical earth and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, and increases the damage of the user's monk abilities a moderate amount for three turns.
Try pairing Elbow Crush with the newly added 6★ monk ability Spirited Dispatch to strengthen the user, and Neo Falcon Dive with Ironfist Earth to unleash a ton of damage.

Get the latest powerful Soul Breaks and use them to punish your foes!

User Info: squall56

3 weeks ago#2
・Soul Break Honing
Soul Break Honing is the latest new technique from The Royal Archives. By stacking the records of a Soul Break that is capable of being honed, you can enhance it and unleash even more power. Honing a Soul Break increases its rank, enhancing the corresponding Honing Effect.

You can increase the rank of a Soul Break by obtaining additional copies of the same relic, or by using the new Scroll of Honing item.
*Unlock Soul Break Honing by completing Book of Trials I in the Acolyte Archives.

・Automatic Soul Break Mastery
Heroes will automatically master Soul Breaks or Legend Materia when acquiring relics.
Not only that, but any unmastered Soul Break or Legend Materia relics you currently have (and those you've previously sold or no longer have) will all be automatically mastered.
* Shared Soul Breaks cannot be mastered, automatically or otherwise.

Enjoy this handy new feature!

■FF XI Event
An Arduous Journey begins at 5:00 PM 12/12 PST (1:00 AM 12/13 UTC).

Naja makes her debut in this event!

This event's relic draw features Aphmau's Awakening!

Aphmau's Awakening is called Benediction (XI). It instantly restores a very large amount of HP to all allies, raises any KO'd allies and restores a very large amount of their HP, grants all allies one Shield and Haste, and removes delay from their actions for one turn. It also temporarily grants the user Awoken Automaton Mode!
Awoken Automaton Mode grants unlimited use of white magic and monk abilities, reduces their delay, and causes those abilities to trigger the follow-up Ovjang and Mnejing, restoring HP to damaged allies and automatically healing additional damage they take. The total amount of HP restored depends on the triggering ability's rank (up to 5 ranks).
Even if Aphmau gets Silenced, she can still use monk abilities like the 3★ Chakra to heal the whole party, so this Awoken Mode could really help you out in a pinch!

Other relics include Aphmau's Ultra Soul Break and Ayame's Awakening. There's also Prishe's Chain Soul Break, which can pump up the damage of FF XI heroes.

Plus, the Dreams - Goblin dungeons will be available during this event!
FF XI heroes and equipment will pack extra punch in both events.

Don't miss it!

■FF XIV Relic Draw
At 5:00 PM 12/11 PST (1:00 AM 12/12 UTC), a relic draw featuring relics for FF XIV heroes will open.
Y'shtola's Awakening debuts in this relic draw!

Y'shtola's Awakening, Pulse of Life (XIV), instantly restores a very large amount of HP to all allies, grants them a barrier that negates attack damage up to 30% of their max HP, grants them Last Stand, temporarily grants the user Awoken Guardian Mode, and reduces delay of the user's actions!
Awoken Guardian Mode grants unlimited use of white magic abilities and causes them to trigger twice. On top of that, when healing a single ally with a white magic ability, it grants that ally a barrier that negates attack damage up to 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70% of their max HP (barrier strength depends on the triggering ability's rank).
The barrier effect is applied even when the white magic ability is triggered the second time, so in one turn Y'shtola can heal two allies and grant them a barrier!

Also appearing is her 6★ Glint, Stonega Skin, which triggers instantly and does not deplete the Soul Break gauge. It temporarily raises the Defense and Resistance of all allies a very large amount.
It looks like Y'shtola's popular Unique Soul Break, Stoneskin, has returned in 6★ Glint form!
These new Soul Breaks are sure to come in useful!

Other powerful new relics are included too, such as Yda's Awakening and Arcane Overstrike.

We hope you enjoy this draw!

* Please note that changes may be made without notice.

User Info: DrChia

3 weeks ago#3
Oh hey, they remembered 14! Very happy to see it’s not getting overlooked for a year.

And yay to getting all the GW pulls it seems.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#4
@mazurka hey look its aasb select :D wonder if cloud in it


as for me:

◆Dream Relic Draw -Awakening- meh
◆Dream Relic Draw -Arcane Overstrike- meh if no hope
◆Dream Relic Draw -Ultra- meh if no setzer
◆Dream Relic Draw -Overstrike- dead
◆Dream Relic Draw -Glint- we need 6*
◆Dream Relic Draw -Burst- dead
◆Dream Relic Draw -Legend Materia- I wonder....

User Info: kwonshin

3 weeks ago#5
squall56 posted...
・Soul Break Honing
Could be wrong, but I believe so far all SASB only have DMG/CT, right? What a failure.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

3 weeks ago#6
So that means we cant hone aosb?

User Info: jacksostubbly

3 weeks ago#7
so global is not gonna have the Limit Chain Selection draw, too bad :(
but at least we're gonna have our first Awakening select
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
3 weeks ago#8
Sync Soul Break? While technically it's correct, it just doesn't roll off the tongue well. Synchro would've sounded better. Also, still gonna abbreviate as SASB because of SSBs.
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User Info: BDSMKane

3 weeks ago#9
DrChia posted...
Oh hey, they remembered 14! Very happy to see it’s not getting overlooked for a year.

XIV and XI. A good news letter.
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User Info: raoxi

3 weeks ago#10
omg does this mean we wont be getting the medica banner with 4x healer aasb ....
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