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User Info: ShinUltima

3 days ago#1
Greetings folks. This is an off topic request, if the mods will permit me this grace. There is a contest in my country to name an exoplanet and the star it orbits. The final entry will be chosen by online voting. I have an entry here and I am humbly asking for people to vote for me. I'm asking here because this is one of the very few online places I visit regularly where I'm kinda known. You can find the link here (choices at the bottom):


My entry is the second one, Papa Bois/Mama D'Leau.

The deadline for voting ends in the three days on November 10th, so this thread will naturally be null and void after that time anyway. Thanks in advance to anyone who votes for me.

Mods, I'm asking that this thread please not be deleted before the deadline expires. But I'll understand if you say no. Thanks.
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User Info: Very_Snappy

3 days ago#2
My device doesn’t like that link but I will do it when I get home. Least I can do after all the help you’ve given me and others here!
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User Info: Ktc

3 days ago#3
Voted! Good luck mate! :D :D

User Info: Ibm

3 days ago#4
Voted, hope you win.

User Info: m0rningstar

3 days ago#5
Voted. Good luck
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User Info: sarothias

3 days ago#6
Done Shin
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User Info: Smealiko

3 days ago#7
Voted, let's hope Lady Luck is on your side.

User Info: Summoner_Sage

3 days ago#8
Voted :)
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User Info: CTsChoco

3 days ago#9
Since the thread was named A _____ Request, I was expecting a free chain.

Voted, and good luck.
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User Info: ShadowSeph

3 days ago#10
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