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XII is now my worst realm, and there's no foreseeable XII event, so I think I should take a swing here.

Banner 1: 1 dupe (Vayne LMR)

:D Vayne AASB, Larsa AASB, Vayne bUSB, LArsa USB2
:) Fran AASB, Vayne AOSB, Balthier CSB
:| Vayne Glint+, Larsa Glint+, Fran USB2, Fran W-Cast LMR
:/ Larsa LMR, Fran En-Ice LMR
:( Vayne LMR (dupe)

Banner 2: 4 dupes (Vaan AOSB, Gabranth bUSB, Penelo LMR, Gabranth LMR)

:D Ashe AASB, Penelo USB2, Balthier USB2
:) Balthier AOSB, Balthier W-Cast LMR, Vaan W-Cast LMR
:| Ashe USB2, Gabranth CSB
:/ Vaan Glint, Ashe LMR3
:( Vaan AOSB (dupe), Gabranth USB2 (dupe), Penelo W-Cast LMR (dupe), Gabranth W-Cast LMR (dupe)

Penelo might be superior to Larsa, and Banner 2 might be 2xG5, but Banner 2 has 4 dupes for me including two of the discos and only one AASB, so that's out.

Banner 1 has excellent Vayne/Larsa tech. Larsa is niche, but it's also a niche that I currently don't excel in (my best Astra source is Tyro USB1, which is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes not having it tied to a healer, not to mention lack of Esunaga, is a bit of a drawback), plus both his USB2 and his AASB would be vastly better healing for Torment than what I currently have (Penelo/Larsa BSSBs). Vayne is a) a character that I like, b) would be excellent for Torment, and c) is an excellent dark hybrid in general (who gets a free chain even!) who should be immediately be helpful for D.Odin and possibly beyond.
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