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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#1
Might as well post this one too. Four days after the FF7 event should be the FF12 event, and that means almost back-to-back Dreams Dungeons. This dungeon is expected alongside the FF12 event on Thursday, October 10.

Your opponent is Etém, a reaper enemy wandering the deeper part of Henne Mines, aka Zodiark's dungeon.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#2
-- FFXII Etém --

5 Members: 50% Stat Break Resistance, 60% Weak to all Elements
4 Members: 60% Stat Break Resistance, 40% Weak to all Elements
3 Members: 70% Stat Break Resistance, 20% Weak to all Elements
2 Members: 80% Stat Break Resistance, Neutral to all Elements, 50% Damage Reduction
1 Member: 90% Stat Break Resistance, 20% Resistant to all Elements, 60% Damage Reduction
0 Members: Immune to Stat Breaks, 40% Resistant to all Elements, 66.67% Damage Reduction


- Physical moves:
Slash (NAT, AoE, ranged)

- Magical moves:
Darkra (NAT, Dark)
Flare (NAT)
Ultimate Scathe (NAT, smart-target, auto-hit [blockable] Sap)
Dream Scathe (NAT, smart-target, ignores RES, auto-hit [blockable] Sap)
Ultimate Darkga (NAT, AoE, Dark, ignore RES, reduces Doom count by 2)
Dream Darkga (NAT, AoE, Dark, ignore RES and blinks, reduces Doom count by 2)

- Gravity moves:
Dream Piercing Graviga (NAT, AoE, ~40% Max HP damage, ignores KO resists and blinks)

- Other moves:
Ultimate Greater Barrier (self-Protect/Shell/Haste/Reflect)
Doom (NAT, AoE, auto-hit 60s Doom)
Greater Barrier (self-Protect/Shell)
Bravery (self-buff ATK)
Faith (self-buff MAG)
Barrier (self-buff DEF/MND)
Magic Barrier (self-buff RES/MND)
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#3
Note, this AI data is slightly incomplete.

Shorthand used here:
?: Indicates a move that can appear in that phase, but is not observed early on.

- Phase 1 (100% ~ 81% HP)
T1: Ultimate Greater Barrier
T2: Doom
T3: Ultimate Darkga
T4: Darkra [slot 3]
T5: Slash
T6: Ultimate Scathe [slots 1/2]
T7: Darkra [slot 5]
T8: Slash
T9: Dream Piercing Graviga
T10: Ultimate Scathe [slots 4/5]
T11: Darkra [slot 1]
T12: Slash
T13: Ultimate Scathe [slots 2/3]
T14: Darkra [slot 5]
T15: Slash

- Phase 2 (80% ~ 61% HP)
T1: Ultimate Darkga
T2: Greater Barrier
T3: Dream Piercing Graviga
T4: Ultimate Scathe [slots 1/2]
T5: Ultimate Darkga
?: Darkra
?: Slash

- Phase 3 (60% ~ 41% HP)
T1: Bravery
T2: Barrier
T3: Slash
T4: Dream Darkga
T5: Greater Barrier
?: Darkra
?: Flare
?: Dream Piercing Graviga

- Phase 4 (40% ~ 21% HP)
T1: Faith
T2: Magic Barrier
T3: Dream Scathe [slots 1/5]
T4: Dream Darkga
T5: Greater Barrier
?: Darkra
?: Flare
?: Dream Piercing Graviga

- Phase 5 (20% ~ 0% HP)
T1: Dream Darkga
T2: Dream Piercing Graviga
?: Darkra
?: Slash
?: Dream Scathe
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#4
-- General tips for Dreams Dungeons:
- Full realm teams if reasonably possible.
- You can bring up to 2 characters on D350 with minimal penalty. Use this to fill holes as needed.
- Debuff the enemy's offenses to make things easier, especially if bringing a full realm team since the break resistance will be lower.
- If you only need the mastery and nothing else: Damage the boss for 10% of its HP, then petrify your own characters. This bypasses the main medal condition.

-- D350 Strategy:
Depending on your party, the main danger here may actually be his Doom. With the Darkgas knocking off a few seconds here and there, you have a time limit of roughly 50 seconds. In the meantime, he'll use a variety of buffs and attacks, mostly magic attacks. This is sort of like a lite version of Zodiark.

You'll want:
- Wall, and preferably Shellga. Possibly also Protectga for Slash.
- Dispel, to remove his Greater Barriers. Particularly his first-turn Ultimate Greater Barrier.
- Magic Breakdown (or its equivalent) to cancel Faith in phase 4 as needed. And MAG debuffs just help here in general. You can also bring Power Breakdown to cancel Bravery in phase 3, but he doesn't use many physical attacks so that seems somewhat less important.
- Dark resists.

Also note the Saps, which could interfere with Last Stands if you bring any. And Etém's DEF/MND and RES/MND barrier buffs, those will boost his defenses towards the end. As far as I know they're unique IDs and unremovable.

(If you're unable to defeat Etém before the Doom count hits 0, you may be able to survive with Reraise, or by intentionally letting individual characters die and then reviving them. It's obviously best if you can just defeat him outright, though.)
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

1 month ago#5
After Etém, there'll be a bit of break from these things. The next Dreams Dungeon is possibly the Core dungeon during the Golden Week fest events, depending on if/when Global gives us that. Otherwise, you can eventually expect the FF9 one again and then FF11, around mid to late November.
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User Info: ZeroQ8

1 month ago#6
damn 2 dreams rightaway lol



User Info: Reb2323

1 month ago#7
Thanks Relm!!!
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User Info: ShinUltima

1 month ago#8
As usual, thanks for all your hard work, Relm.

My XII consists of:

Balthier BSSB1/USB1
Ashe Glint/BSSB
Gabranth LMR1/LMR2/bUSB
Larsa BSSB

XII remains my second worst realm. I have a dismal 1:15:15 clear on D??? Zodiark with Vaan/Ashe/Gabranth/Larsa/Penelo. I more recently got Balthier USB1 and swapped him in place of Gabranth to run more of a fire team, but the damage is still not enough (I've yet to find a way to get to the end without using all 3 RW chains) and surviving is really hard without two healers when you're going slowly.

That said, I should be okay here, I think? No stupid palings to render someone's damage moot, so I should be able to DPS steadily. On the other hand, no chain, so my damage might be rather eh. I have no buff support in this realm. But with double healer and not having nearly the stats of D???, I should be able to beat this with a full realm team.
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User Info: sarothias

1 month ago#9
Reb2323 posted...
Thanks Relm!!!
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User Info: jondias

1 month ago#10
More rubies to throw on the ruby pile! Come December, I might have to stop being a lazy ass about the Torments and actually try to finish the remaining half of the ???s, especially since DeNA has decided to just keep making abilities.
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